pet friendly furniture

pet friendly furniture


Today I am going to write an article about pet furniture, and I suddenly think of my two little buddies. YELLOW and BLUE. My good friends. YELLOW is a sensible medium-sized dog, and I raised him since my childhood. He is not an expensive dog, but I like him. He is pretty smart. It was a great time, we were together for 13 years and I'm grateful for his company.

Oh, and our BLUE, he's a lovely Chartreux. My mother likes BLUE a lot. He is quiet and always likes to lie in the sun. Of course, I amm the same as him. Sometimes he stomps on my arm with his front PAWS, which is cute, and I like the way he takes me off guard.

I used to build little Pet houses for BLUE and YELLOW. However, BLUE seemed to like biting my arm, so I had to have him sterilized, well...It made me feel like the world would be at peace forever.

  1. I'm sure everyone feels the same way I do. We care about our pets and want to make.
  2. their lives as comfortable as possible. But we often find that when we carefully prepare little pet houses or toys, sometimes they don't like them. Maybe we went about it the wrong way. They may not have advanced senses like humans, and they have their own criteria for this.

1-1. Placing pet house near the owner

Actually, pets don't necessarily like the luxury Dog Houses which you bought. He might enjoy cardboard boxes or a little pet house made of rags. One wonders, how can rags make houses? They might just symbolize bringing a piece of cloth close to you, and of course, that's what they call the best cat bed or retriever dog kennel. It's the same way that pets like to play around with you with their favorite toy in their mouth.

1-2. Dog Mansion where you feel safe

Most pets feel insecure, in their senses, they think they are your children and they need your protection. Cats will choose to give up the Little Pet House you bought for them when they rest at your place of rest. Sometimes the best cat bed you buy for them doesn't smell like the owner, and it makes them feel extremely unsafe, they get scared, they don't stay there. They need a place to rest with their own body smell, which is their habit for thousands of years.

1-3. Warm comfy bed

Pets are very enjoyable, and when they choose a place to rest, they will choose a warm and comfortable place. I have a cat and a dog at the same time, and I have bought different houses of pets for them. But BLUE doesn't like his Little Pet house and runs to YELLOW's Retriever Dog Kennel to sleep during his daily breaks. At first, I didn't know why, but later I found that the place where YELLOW had rested was very warm, and BLUE was a clever guy. He thinks that's the best cat bed. A wonderful choice is the Winter Dog House, which can be a heated pet house and is also a pet insulated dog house.

1-4. Maybe they'll choose a sunny place

As we say, pets are very enjoyable. `BLUE and YELLOW love to bask in the sun. Sometimes they even put their little pet house in the sun.

1-5. It is best to smell something familiar to yourself or your owner

As we mentioned earlier, pets are very sensitive to their own or the director's smell, they like to rest here, and they will even lie on us. I enjoyed the time. In order to make them like their little pet house, I will put their hair or clothes in the new pet house. That way, they can accept their new home more quickly and don't have to spend a lot of time exploring new places. And, of course, the more unacceptable way to mark their new territory is by spraying urine.

2. How to choose a Little Pet House for our pets?


I remember that when I was choosing a kennel for YELLOW, I had many choices, so I didn't know which style to choose.

Heated and cooled dog house, soundproof dog house (noise-canceling dog house), elevated dog house, insulated outdoor dog house, barn dog house, modern indoor dog house, dog house with stairs, insulated pet house, dog house with ac and heat, etc. I was debating whether put YELLOW indoors or outdoors.

Here are my thoughts

2-1. When selecting a retriever dog kennel, the size of dog beds should be suitable for dogs that can freely turn around and lie down when entering the retriever. The size should be slightly larger than the dog.

2-1-1. when we're choosing the size of the blanket, we should focus on the size.

Prepare a soft dog bed with a blanket for your dog. Remember to pack his old blanket so he can quickly accept his new home. If you don't want your dog to see his new home far away or be exposed to the rain or winter wind and snow.

If it's too big, the dog will bite it off. Chew proof dog bed is an important feature. A dog bed with a removable cover is also important because it can defecate or urinate in Spaces that are too small. And the blanket is too small can cause it to move, leading to the exit from the retriever Dog Kennel being blocked. It would be very troublesome for a dog to catch a cold with half of its body exposed.

When you choose to keep your kennel indoors, you can choose a special kennel spot for your dog in the corner of the living room. Take him through his new home. Maybe your dog will stay quiet and watch his little pet house. Don't worry, try it a few times and he will explore the new space with you. When people he didn't know came to visit, he stayed quietly in his PetSmart Dog houses.

2-1-2 Focus on comfort and warmth

There are lots of Kennel fabrics for choosing, in fact, most of the fabric on the market is pure cotton, flannelette, or acrylic fiber. Sponge, cotton as filler. Among them, the comfortable and warm effect of pure cotton is the best.

2-1-3 Selected dog houses should accommodate washable dog beds or be easy to disassemble

For medium and large dogs, it is recommended to buy a wooden dog kennel, which has the characteristics of strong and easy to clean dog bed covers. Next is a cotton kennel. But don't put anything else, as this will make cleaning inconvenient. For small dogs, it is recommended to buy a Little pet house, which is large enough and does not affect the overall appearance of the interior.

2-1-4 You need to clean the dog house. This is very important

You need to clean it at least once a week, just as carefully as you would clean your own house. If you live in a damp environment, you should dry your kennel every 2 weeks or once a month and disinfect it.

3. Let your cat can’t leave it


What does a cat think is the best cat bed? Sometimes we might think that cats don't have a fixed place to rest, they just like warm, quiet, dark places to rest. This is an illusion. If you follow my instructions, you will find that your cat can also accept a fixed place to rest in the cozy cat bed you prepared for him. So you don't have a lot of cat hair on your couch.

3-1 Choosing a cat house depends on how old your cat is

Pick the best cat bed, depending on your cat's condition. Cats can be lactating cats, sick cats, or Kitty cats that have just left their mother.

3-2 Of course, you can also make your own best cat bed, wooden, Rattan, wicker and plastic.

These materials are easy to clean and disinfect. You can put some soft cotton mattresses in this Best cat bed, but if it's summer, you don't have to do anything at all. Breathability is the most important thing, and cats prefer a wicker bed for a comfortable day's sleep.

3-3 Choose a stylish one

For the overall harmony of home decoration, the shape of little Pet House is also important to the overall beauty of our home. There are many options. For example, Cactus cat Bed can be regarded as the best cat bed. Its green color makes people feel deep in nature. And the shape is perfect for scratching and pedaling. Your sofa will be protected from damage.

4. How to put a cat house

Just like people don't like being pushed around, cats are selective about their cat beds. Usually, we observe that cats like to sleep on desks, which may indicate that cats like high places. When we buy or make the best cat bed, we can consider a cat Tree bed, Cat Bed Swing, cat hammocks, and elevated cat bed. This will save you time to clean your desk.

Meanwhile, a cat house should be in a quiet, dry, warming place where you don't get too much attention. It's best to keep the cat's nest in sunlight. In addition, the high cat's nest keeps the house dry and clean.

Cats are insecure animals and can be frightened by thunder or rain. So when choosing the location of the cat nest, we should also consider the problem of distance from the owner. Try to place it next to the host's resting place.


5. How to clean the cat's litter

The best cat bed has many advantages. Cats can rest in a fixed place. We don't have to worry about a room full of cat hair. It's easier to clean the cat's nest than it is to go up to the top of the cupboard.

In addition, except cleaning the hair, we also need to clean the residual house in little pet cat dander, clean when just clean up the hair is not comprehensive, should be some appropriate spraying disinfectant, and then the cat litter water cleaning, clean disinfectant clean, remember that this is must-do, cats are very sensitive to smell, if you don't clear detergent, Your cat will leave forever that she once thought best cat bed. Spraying disinfectants can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria and parasites.

In the process of raising pets, we need to replace the teacher often and will change down the bedding timely sterilization treatment.

6. How to choose a rabbit house


Besides cats and dogs, rabbits are also the best house pets. They are very clean and relatively petite animals. When choosing their nest, we should pay attention to the following points:

6-1. Rabbits like dry conditions, which are especially important for their health. Rabbits are afraid of water, and things like urine and feces can make their nests wet, so rabbits can get sick easily. So when choosing a nest, we must choose a well-ventilated nest.

6-2. Little Pet House that is easy to clean. Now that we've decided to keep them, we have to keep the environment clean and tidy. It is necessary to help them clean the cage. It is recommended that hay MATS be placed under their cages so that they can be replaced in time to keep their living environment clean and dry.

6-3. Stay away from fierce animals. Do not easily put your rabbit cage in outdoor, this will be your rabbit safety poses a great risk. Rats and cats will probably kill your rabbits.

6-4. Select Heated Rabbit Hutch for your rabbits. Don't let the cold attack the rabbit's ass. He would have diarrhea, which would lead to severe illness and death.

7. Some common sense you need to know about raising rabbits.

7-1. Rabbits can't bathe.

Like cats, rabbits are clean pets, especially rabbits under 6 months old. Their resistance is still very fragile, and the change of temperature will have a great impact on their health. We'd better use dry powder to clean their dirty areas, but remember not to wash their bodies with water.

7-2. The rabbit's drinking fountain

Use a passive water fountain for rabbits, not cats or dogs. The rabbit's mouth is different from that of a cat or dog, and they can only drink from a ball fountain.

7-3. The rabbit's Little pet house must have footpads

Rabbits have no pads on their feet, and their toes are easily inflamed by prolonged contact with Bunny Cage.

7-4. Clean rabbits' nails regularly

Like cats and dogs, rabbits' nails need to be trimmed regularly.

7-5. Clean stink glands for rabbits

Bunnies have stink glands on their butts, and they need to get rid of them with cotton swabs. Remember to be careful, this area can get hurt easily.

7-6 Clean the rabbit cage regularly

As we have mentioned many times above, rabbits are very clean animals. Cleaning the rabbit cage regularly will keep the rabbit away from skin diseases, and changing the floor mats regularly.

Generally, pets prefer to sleep in small spaces, which are more comfortable for them, so a Little pet house is more suitable for them. They will choose a space that is tight and close to the host, they will feel safer, they are like our children. Each animal has different characteristics and we can choose according to our needs.

For cats, we can choose the best cat Bed and cat climbing frame, which not only does not affect the appearance, but also can make the room full of three-dimensional sense, and can conform to the characteristics of cats like to climb up high.

Dog Kennels are made of different materials based on your dog's size and environment and are easy to clean, ventilate in summer and keep warm in winter, helping our dogs live in a comfortable environment.


We can choose some cute and easily padded cages or haystacks, which are their favorite.


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