indoor furniture
indoor furniture

How to choose suitable indoor furniture?


Home is where we spend the most time. How can home provide us with a comfortable environment, and how can we make the warmth and comfort of home better?


A set of desirable gray living room furniture is a must. If you are shopping for interior furniture for your home, we suggest you consider our Naches.


We've prioritized comfort and style at great prices, whether you're looking for an upholstered two-seater that you can tip over at the end of the day, a coffee table to give you a break on Sunday morning, or any satisfying chairs for any purpose you need, our selection of living room and bedroom furniture has covered your need. If you don't know much about choosing furniture, here are some practical suggestions for you to choose furniture step by step:


1. Determine the color of furniture from personal character and preferences;

2. Choose the suitable material;

3. The bedroom should pay more attention to functionality and practicability;


Then next, you can take a look at the furniture we recommend for you from these aspects:


 1. Choose living room furniture from color, material, and function


Imagine that you want to spend some quality time alone or with your family on a leisurely holiday afternoon. A group of gray living room furniture that reflects the Nordic style will make you feel more relaxed.


We are Naches, and we are a company that sells furniture, not just furniture. We hope we can give users a natural "feel of life." At Naches, you can find indoor furniture that suits you more effortlessly.


1-1-1 Suitable for a quiet, simple style of cold tone furniture

Please take a look at our living room furniture first, and we can provide you with as many styles as possible. First up is gray living room furniture, gray as a hue that better embodies Nordic style – a more minimalist, sleeker, and more relaxing home design concept. You can choose from our gray living room furniture set, which gives you a living room sofa, end table, living room armchair, dining room table and chairs, TV table, and storage cabinet in one go. Of course, you can also buy it separately, such as a living room sofa or a leather armchair.


In addition to gray living room furniture, you can, of course, buy other colors you like, such as white armchairs brown or blue living room sofas.


Cool colors always give people a relaxed feeling. White looks very clean and can make the interior brighter. With gray, blue, and black furniture, the whole room's color will be coordinated and more fashionable.

1-1-2 Which personalities and regions are warm colors suitable for?

Warm color has the effect of expansion and crowding, giving people a feeling of closeness and snuggling. The color is mild, lively, and friendly, making people happy and excited.


Color can bring people the feeling of "light and heavy." White and yellow give people a light sensor, while brown and red give people a heavy sense. Generally speaking, the calm, bright tone is more lightweight, while the warm dark tone is more serious.


1-2-1 What are the materials of furniture worth noting?

Suppose the gray living room furniture only provides a choice of colors. In that case, our Naches products have more options in terms of materials. Here I can give you some practical suggestions.


For example, in our leather living room furniture, which sells very well here, you can choose leather armchairs, leather barrel chairs, or leather sofa sets of different materials.


You can choose from a leather sofa and armchair to affordable artificial leather according to your personal needs. Our high-quality leather living room sets are only tailored for a high standard of living.


Italy's cutting-edge appearance and style make the whole product conform to the current popular fashion elements. Different decoration styles, armchairs, and sofas of different colors can be selected to achieve the ideal color matching. It adopts natural latex high plastic elastic sponge to give you a five-star hip experience at the first-class level.


At the same time, we adopt an ergonomic design in design, which highly fits your body shape and makes you feel the best-relaxed state. Our leather furniture has a good waterproof effect and is incredibly convenient to clean.


1-2-2 Characteristics of furniture made of different materials.

In addition to leather furniture with a sense of quality, you can also choose sofa, armchair, swivel chair, end table, tea table combination, dining table, TV table, and other products of other materials here.


For example, fabric furniture, our fabric chairs, fabric sofa, and other products loved by young people are made of cotton and linen materials, which are of high quality, do not pill, and are more wear-resistant.


At the same time, the rattan chair is a novel product. We have a rattan armchair, rattan sofa, and other living room furniture to choose from.

Rattan furniture with a log color will not seem inappropriate for friends who like gray living room furniture. Especially in hot summer, rattan living room furniture has a good ventilation function, making you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Of course, a living room must have tea tables, TV tables, lockers, and other furniture. We have small round tea tables, rectangular end tables, solid wood tea tables, and dining tables, as well as marble and glass tea tables.


The furniture made of marble will give people a solemn feeling. If your sofa is made of leather, we suggest choosing a marble tea table and dining table.


In terms of color, you can choose the Nordic style gray living room furniture, white or black furniture, or Japanese style of logs with leather or woven cloth, or select the living room furniture sets with different colors to decorate your colorful life. For example, our living room TV stand has the cool colors of gray living room furniture series, which complement the colors of mainstream living room armchairs, living room sofas, and tea tables.


TV cabinets also have different materials such as solid wood, glass, and marble, and their sizes are also diverse.

1-2-3 How to choose the function of furniture can make your home clean and tidy.

Like lockers, some tea tables and TV cabinets also have storage functions, with drawers of different sizes. This design is to save your desktop space as much as possible.


For example, you can put teapots, solid drinks, tea, remote controls, plugs, and other items into the drawers of the tea table and TV cabinet in the living room.


 2. How to choose good solid wood furniture?


In recent years, solid wood furniture has been more and more loved by consumers because high-quality solid wood furniture is more durable and because solid wood, as a material, well reflects a natural and elegant feeling.


Our gray living room furniture series and other furniture series have solid wood furniture, such as chairs, sofas, tea tables, end tables, lockers, and so on.


These solid wood furniture are particularly complex in technology. Generally, large wood boards need to be spliced. The wood boards are directly from natural white oak or walnut and cherry imported from North America.


No other wood is added and pressed boards are not used to ensure the most authentic logs. Then the workers will cut to the nearest millimeter. There will be a gap of less than one millimeter between different parts of the whole furniture because the wood board will expand and contract with heat and cold like other materials, leaving a gap between different pieces of the furniture, which is not only conducive to the expansion and contraction of the wood board but also more beautiful. Later, the mortise and tenon process was carried out.


As a traditional Chinese architectural technology, mortise and tenon can make buildings and furniture used for decades or even hundreds of years without using a nail.


Finally, paint the solid wood furniture to make it look brighter and wear-resistant. In the use of paint, we also fully use high-quality paint resistant to formaldehyde and benzene to ensure your health in an all-around way. Are you excited about such a piece of well-made solid wood furniture with excellent texture?


The above furniture has different sizes and styles. What should a piece of good furniture look like? The size is suitable for my home, the desktop is spacious and flat, the sofa and chair are relaxing, and the whole is firm enough. Then you can meet these requirements in Naches.


3. How to choose suitable Bedroom Furniture?


Speaking of the bedroom, each of us spent a third of our life here. Its importance is worth paying enough attention to the bedroom furniture.


Like the living room furniture, if you want to pursue the overall simplicity and relaxed color style, we still recommend you to consider the simple style bedroom furniture matched with gray living room furniture.


3-1 Which color of bedroom furniture is the most popular?

Of course, we also have many other styles. As a bedroom, many people's experience is different from that of the living room. They hope that the bedroom can be a warm place, so in this case, some warm color furniture will be more suitable for your bedroom.


For example, you can choose cherry wood beds, tables, and chairs to make the vintage red of cherry wood warm your heart for the solid wood furniture mentioned above.

3-2 How to choose the bed in the bedroom?

A bed is undoubtedly the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. What should a good bed look like? It should have moderate softness, which can make you relax enough without damaging your back.


Its material must be soft and comfortable to meet the needs of lying down for a long time. Whether it is our double bed or single bed, we can meet these needs in terms of quality.


Moreover, the mortise and tenon structure makes your bed more firm. Our exquisite welding technology will not make you feel shaking if it is made of iron.

3-3 What furniture should be contained in a comfortable bedroom?

There is no doubt that the bedroom is not always used to sleep. Suppose you also have the habit of watching TV reading magazines and books after getting up or before taking a break. In that case, we recommend you choose our comfortable chairs for the bedroom.


As a chair in the bedroom, it is low enough to keep almost the same height as your bed. There are also choices in color to adapt to gray living room furniture, which distinguishes style by color.


The material can also be the leather chair or fabric chair, rattan chair, so that there are enough choices. In addition, you can also put the rocking chair in your bedroom. Our wooden or iron rocking chair has an armrest and sponge pad in the woven cover, which is very soft and comfortable.


After careful design, the range of shaking back and forth is also very appropriate. You can sit on it and enjoy quiet time.


You can also transplant the TV cabinet in the living room furniture set to your bedroom. Of course, you can also configure a bookshelf for your bedroom. Gray living room furniture can be matched with cold color bookshelves, and warm color furniture can be matched with mahogany or ebony bookshelves.


After getting up in one step, you may also want to solve all the things and equip the bedroom with a dressing table to make your dressing more convenient. Almost all of our dressing tables are multi-functional, including dressing mirrors equipped with LED lights and cabinets of different sizes, which are suitable for you to store cosmetics.


The multi-functional bedroom wardrobe + bedside table combination has instantly improved the quality of life. Our bedroom cabinet combination is in line with our gray living room furniture style and other styles: Fresh white home style, simple solid wood furniture style, elegant mahogany or ebony. You can easily choose the appropriate combination of bedroom wardrobes according to the main color of your bed and bedroom. The wardrobe has grids and drawers of different sizes.

You can store some important things in the safety drawer with a password lock. The vertical grid is used to store coats, the square grid is used to store underwear and light clothes, and the bottom cabinet can be used to store shoes and bags. While ensuring a reasonable price, the bedside table also provides you with a comfortable size. You can have enough space to place desk lamps, water cups, important photos, and some favorite books on the bedside table.


 4. How to create a Working Space at home?


Nowadays, more and more people like to create a small workspace in their home, which can deal with some work temporarily, or read books and write articles.


However, not everyone's home has enough space to set up a study room alone, so choosing a set of high-quality home office furniture can also set up your own home and workspace satisfactorily.


4-1 Office desks and chairs at home

We offer a variety of office desks and chairs. You may like to buy a set of high-grade wooden tables for yourself. It adopts solid wood technology and uses high-quality steel or wood as table legs. It is very firm and full of texture.


 It is matched with a rotating office chair with a leather cushion, just like our leather sofa. The ergonomic design makes you sit for a long time but not so tired. You can also lie back and have a comfortable rest. You can also buy a set of modern office desks and chairs for yourself. The chairs can even be E-sports chairs, which can rotate and adjust the height. We insist on using the most reliable air rod to make your lift chair strong and durable.


The differences between office desks and chairs lie in their more comprehensive functions. Our office desks are equipped with charging boxes or socket boards, with 2 ~ 6 groups of sockets of different models, which are suitable for any of your electronic products.


There is a device under the desktop to store wires so that your office space can be clean and not messy. We have office desks without desk lamps and filing cabinets and ones with desk lamps and filing cabinets. All office desks with desk lamps are made of wood, and the color is a log color. The desk lamp adopts the light source of inert gas so that both the light emitted by the desk lamp and the light reflected by the desktop can be bright and protect your eyes. At the same time, the appearance is fashionable and generous. You don't need to buy a desk lamp for yourself.

File cabinets have different sizes, including double-layer file cabinets, three to four-layer file cabinets, and some have the function of safe. You can safely store your important data.


Add the above office desks and chairs, coupled with a variety of green plants, and your private office space will be built. No matter what style of furniture you like, gray living room furniture or another style. It's not just a tiny office space. It can make your office efficient and turn your work into enjoyment.


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