Wooden Dog Bed-Give It the Most Comfortable Experience

Nowadays, it is more and more popular to keep pets. The most common pets are dogs and cats. If we keep a dog, we will prepare a nest for it because the owner's home is not the dog's home. Its home should be a safe space that truly belongs to itself and is not disturbed. A wooden dog bed can realize the dog's yearning for a home. In addition to choosing a suitable kennel for dogs, dog owners have some problems to pay attention to.

Why do dogs dig on beds and couches

The first reason is that the dogs in primitive society had no fixed residence, and it was difficult to obtain food. Therefore, food was the most precious thing for the dogs, so they had to dig a pit and bury the food in the soil so other species would not find it. When they wanted to eat, they could dig it out again.

The second reason is that the heat dissipation area of dogs is relatively small when the weather is too hot. In addition to the heat generated by their exercise and the blessing of their hair, they always try to find a cool place to cool off when the weather is hot. So dogs like to dig pits in a cool place in summer. Also, because of boredom and loneliness, dogs digging the earth can kill time and consume energy. Especially some dogs locked up at home have no other activities except eating and sleeping daily. Everyone feels bored!


What's more, dogs with ADHD are born, so as long as there is a place to dig, they will enjoy playing, even the potted plants at home. Another possibility is that they want to "escape" from prison. If the dogs are locked in the yard, they can see the outside through the door or the fence. Once something they like appears and want to go out but cannot, they will have the idea of digging holes. For example, when you see your dog friend, who usually plays very well, passing the door, the dog at home wants to fly out. The wooden dog bed has many interesting styles that can replace the owner to accompany the dog to play, making the dog less boring.

 diy dog bed

Why do dogs scratch their bed?

The dog scratched the bed desperately to attract the owner's attention. Dogs are very smart and observant animals. When their owners are in bed, they scratch the bed constantly and make sounds to attract their owners' attention. Sometimes they will also grunt to get their owners' attention. This way, the owner can meet his own needs, such as letting the owner play with him. Ultimately, because the dog is bored, he can buy a Wooden dog bed to accompany him.


Why does my dog pee on my bed?

Pee in bed because it thinks it is its place. If the owner scolds or snubs the dog, the dog will retaliate and go to bed to pee; if you buy a wooden dog bed, even if the dog pokes on it, it is easy to clean up.


Why is my dog shaking in bed?

Dogs will shiver when they sleep because they feel cold, which may be caused by wind and rain or wet kennels. At this time, they should be well protected against cold and keep warm. It is necessary to thicken the mattress for the dog, change it frequently and keep it dry. Do not put the dog in a ventilated place to prevent cold wind. Dogs 6-8 weeks old are most likely to get cold. It is better not to buy puppies in winter.

Dogs will also tremble because they have not been dried after bathing. They must be dried after bathing. In addition, dogs usually sleep in a light state, and only in a night of deep sleep can the dog's body tremble. Dogs, like people, dream. When dogs are in a deep sleep, they dream and tremble. This is a normal phenomenon. At this time, the dog's body shakes, indicating that it is sleeping soundly, so don't disturb it. A wooden dog bed gives dogs the warmest and most comfortable experience.

 dog bed with cover

How to stop my dog from peeing on my bed?

Then it would be best to teach your dog how to defecate at a fixed point. The specific method is as follows: Select a place: First, the owner should prepare a convenient place for the dog, which must be far away from the food point or the nest where the dog lives, and also prepare for the training of the dog to defecate in the future.

Control time: The owner must control the time the dog defecates. Generally, the dog will defecate within 30 minutes after eating or waking up. Make good use of this time to lure dogs into urinating at designated places. Reward: When the dog has finished defecating at the designated place, give it a reward or encouragement. Slowly, the dog will know that it is good to be convenient at the designated place and will develop the habit of defecating at the designated place. During this training, the dog may be in a bad mood, but as long as the owner insists on being ruthless, he will successfully urinate and defecate at this site. The wooden dog bed has a product with a urinal for dogs. You can choose to buy it.


How to wash a dog bed

As far as a Wooden dog bed is concerned, the ground can be flushed with water several times first, then dripped with the appropriate amount of Willow or Jieeryin or dew, brushed with a brush, and flushed with water. Get a gasoline burner on the wall and burn it on the wall of the doghouse so that all viruses and bacteria can't live. However, after disinfection, it is better for dogs not to move in immediately but to keep ventilated. They can move in after four or five hours. If a thicker disinfectant is used, it is better to move in a day later. In addition, the simple disinfection method for dogs is to expose the kennel and dog sheets to the sun, which can also achieve a good disinfection effect. Of course, keeping the kennel ventilated, breathable, and dry at ordinary times is also necessary. It is also necessary to clean the dogs, such as taking a bath regularly. Wooden dog bed In general, cleaning is relatively simple and safe.

 wooden dog bed

What is the choice of a wooden dog bed?

Dogs' requirements for the kennel are the same as our requirements for the bed. Because it is hot in summer, they like to be cool, so they can use a mat-like mat. In addition, they need to provide sufficient water to prevent dehydration caused by hot weather. In cold winter, they need to be well insulated. You will place a thick blanket or cushion in the thickened kennel, providing wind protection to prevent it from catching or catching a cold. So we should choose a kennel for dogs according to the season. A wooden dog bed can meet the temperature requirements of dogs.


The most important thing about the kennel is that it should be of the proper size. Just like we buy clothes, it doesn't matter if it is bigger, but they should not be smaller. At the same time, we must buy better materials! The size of the outdoor dog's kennel should be about 1.5-2 times the size of the pet dog's body. When standing up, there should be at least 10 cm space between the top of the head and the roof, and you can turn freely in the kennel. The wooden dog bed has many sizes to choose from. At the same time, Wooden dog bed also has outdoor type according to different needs.


The size of the outdoor dog's kennel should be about 1.5-2 times the size of the pet dog's body. When standing up, there should be at least 10 cm space between the top of the head and the roof, and you can turn freely in the kennel. When building a nest for a newly bought puppy, it is necessary to predict its size when it grows up. You should determine the size according to the adult dog's needs, and it is better to keep it unchanged as long as possible. Doghouses do not need to be equipped with doors. The entrance and exit should be large enough for adult dogs to pass through.


If it is too large, dogs will be easily disturbed. The wind and rain are also easy to invade. Try to choose wood made of environment-friendly materials, and take protective measures such as moisture-proof and insect-proof measures. These conditions for wooden dog beds can be satisfied one by one. The location of outdoor dog beds is also particular. The outdoor dog beds are usually built in the corners of courtyards and balconies, and most of the courtyards face east and south. For the convenience of management, the dog house can be made into a hood with four walls and one roof.


When necessary, you can pick it up for cleaning or repair. Try to choose wood made of environment-friendly materials. At the same time, take protective measures such as moisture-proof and insect-proof measures. If necessary, replace the mat in time. In summer, use a mat; in winter, use a cotton mat. The indoor dog kennel may be less particular, but it should not be careless. In particular, you should take the seasons and indoor environment into consideration. Too small a kennel or mat will make dogs sleep uneasily; Too large a kennel or mat will make it full of vigilance, defense, and lack of security. So dogs prefer a kennel of appropriate size. You can choose a suitable Wooden dog bed size for your dog.


The newly arrived pet dog may be hesitant about the strange smell because it is not the smell of the original kennel. At this time, you can let the dog stay in the cage sent earlier or put some items with the smell of the previous kennel around the new kennel to induce it to get used to the new kennel. A wooden dog bed will give dogs familiar taste and home taste so that dogs can quickly adapt.


Dogs like clean and comfortable kennels. Even though they pull the poop, they prefer to stay away from it. Therefore, placing a dog bowl or toilet near the kennel is unwise. Please keep it away from the kennel so the dog can sleep safely. In addition, you must replace the cushion in the kennel frequently and clean the tray under the kennel frequently. As mentioned above, a Wooden dog bed is better cleaned than others.


According to the size, a Wooden dog bed can be divided into a small dog bed, a large dog bed, and an extra large dog bed. According to the price difference, a Wooden dog bed can be divided into a cheap dog bed and a luxury dog bed. According to different purposes and styles, a Wooden dog bed can be divided into a human dog bed, outdoor dog bed, cool dog bed, and covered dog bed.


To sum up, a suitable kennel will help the dog's physical and mental development as the best space for a pet dog to rest and relax. Therefore, when helping the dog choose a kennel, the owner must consider the dog's own needs. Even if you pay a lot of money, if you don't like it, it is useless even if it is good. So the appearance and price are. Next, comfort is the most important. A wooden dog bed can play with dogs. A wooden dog bed can give dogs comfort. The wooden dog bed is easy to clean. The best dog bed is a wooden dog bed. The wooden dog bed is the best choice.

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