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What is a bar stool?

A stool used at a bar or bar table

At first, the stool is mainly used in bars. The stool has been used increasingly and is widely used in fast food restaurants, tea restaurants, coffee shops, jewelry stores, cosmetics stores, and other venues, representing passion, fashion, and popularity. We put on more and more people like in the home such a few stools, let the home more full-bodied modern breath. There are many types of modern bar stools on the market, for example, Outdoor bar Stools, Wooden Bar Stools, and Farmhouse bar stools.

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How to choose a wooden bar stool?

1. Comfortable, and can sit for a long time

Keep good body curve, in addition to a wooden bar stool, can never forget is to sit comfortably, and should sit comfortably, the cushion is extremely important, of course, to keep elasticity out of shape not easily, and because of the effect of muscles to support body is extremely important, so I have to give good cushion natural body appropriate support, this, in turn, can reduce fatigue.

2. The wooden bar stool seat must conform to the third degree of the human body curve

Surface type seat can increase the bottom and thighs, hips, and stool of the contact area to an average pressure dispersion, not focused on a point because slightly tilted at the same time, also has the effect of unstable pelvic, avoid sitting when sliding forward, in addition, the round of design, can also reduce knee medial friction and contact, is beneficial to health.

3. Degree of wooden bar stool

The purchase chance is also greater if the wooden bar stool collocation is particularly high. For example, the wooden bar stool can be moved by the user's body to make different adjustments because the user can not have only one sitting position. If it is restricted to death, the stool is useless. Fast, light, and accurate height adjustment device. Everyone's need for height is different, but because the table height is fixed, whether the wooden bar stool can adjust the height well becomes one of the important conditions.

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What are the materials for the bar chairs?

1. Insulation board

It has a lot of colors, styles, and textures. Insulation boards are easy to buy, flexible, and make your countertop usable and beautiful. Insulation boards are very economical, especially if you decide to design and manufacture your counters yourself. For example, most Kitchen Bar Stools are made of insulating panels

2. Solid surface

It's also a great choice for bar stools and tables. Like insulation, it comes in a variety of colors. For example, Bar Stools black, Gray bar Stools, and White bar Stools. The solid surface mesa or face appears rich, smooth, and gorgeous. They are easy to clean and are not easily eroded by water.

3. Granite

Choose different colors and styles of granite. Granite is large compared with alternatives, and granite structure is a little more complex. Of course, all are natural. If you go to your local supplier, it can be fun to walk through their warehouse and look for the broken plate you want.

4. stainless steel

These Modern Bar Stools are extremely durable. In most of the facilities, they convey a modern and industrial design feel. It has a few drawbacks. When properly installed, it feels very cool and firm, but fingerprints and water stains on stainless steel are easy to see, making it difficult to maintain a nice look.

5. Marble

Marble is a natural stone like granite but has a richer and more beautiful appearance. It feels good, too. But marble has all the disadvantages of granite, such as its fragility. Generally speaking, marble cracks more easily than granite.

6. ceramic tile

It's clean, durable, and has many choices in design, but it's not used as an insulation board. The tile surface is uneven, and if your drunk friends keep picking up and dropping off your expensive and fragile cocktail glasses on the uneven Bar stool chairs, it may cause a lot of trouble.

7. wooden

Wood is, of course, the most classical countertop material. Teak, walnut, cherry, and even oak can make attractive countertops. Wooden bar chairs are flexible in design. There are many choices in wooden bar stools.

8. Epoxy resin

Use plenty of cool epoxies and clean resin products when making home bar countertops. Most of them use dry ornaments. Epoxy is useful in a sports-themed bar to display your trading cards, photos, pennants, etc., and keep them forever.

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What are the features of a wooden bar stool?

 The wooden bar stool's biggest advantage lies in the wood grain, which changes the natural color, like nature itself. Since solid wood is a breathing organism, it is recommended to place the wooden bar stool in an environment suitable for temperature and humidity.

At the same time, it is necessary to avoid placing drinks, chemicals, or overheated objects on the surface of the wooden bar stool to avoid damaging the natural color and luster of the wooden surface. If the resistance of the material, when the dirt is large, suggest using a diluted neutral detergent with warm water first scraped a wooden bar chair, try again with clear water clean, remember with a soft dry cloth to wipe the remnants from water damage, after being completely wiped, then use maintenance wax grinding wooden bar stool, even if you're done, only pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, To make the wooden bar stool last.

How to install the wooden bar stool?

Step 1: Master the structure of the wooden bar stool

The wooden bar stool has three parts: a seat cushion, a lift bar, and a rootstock.

Step 2: Assemble the bar and rootstock

The wooden bar stool is installed in a similar way to an office stool. The connection between the bar and the saddle is the large end of the bar inserted into the hole in the base.

Step 3: Install the seat cushion

Align the hole at the bottom of the bar pad with the pressure bar, rotate it a few times to reinforce it, and then adjust the bottom handle to see if the pressure bar adjusts its height properly.


How to clean some special bar chairs?

1. Bar chair with electroplated base

Could you not put it in a damp place? Do not wipe it with a damp cloth, especially not with soapy water or detergent water. The base part should avoid contact with hydrochloric acid, salt, salt, and other substances, do not put it in the soot roasting place. Electroplating the base part of the rust situation can be using a brush or cotton yarn dipped in oil coated on the rust about 10 minutes later, and then wiping back and forth several times can remove rust.

2. Cloth bar chair

Cloth chairs are usually maintained daily dry towel beat, vacuuming at least once a week, without its attention to removing the dust between the structure. We can clean cloth surfaces stained with dirt cloth stained with water from the outside to wipe or use fabric cleaner according to the instructions.

Avoid the body with sweat, water, and mud dust sitting on the sofa. It is recommended that you subcontract lining cloth chairs, which are divided into washed by hand and machine wash, should ascertain from the furnisher, because some of them may have special cleaning requirements. All cloth covers should be cleaned by dry cleaning, do not wash, do not bleach.

What are the methods of bar tables and chairs? The size and shape of the tables and chairs in the bar are adapted and changed with the location, business form, and architectural style. Before choosing tables and chairs, customers in the target market should also be considered. Wooden Bar stools should be of fine artistry and quality. For example, a Wooden bar stool is ideal for this guest.

If the target guests are business staff who have been busy on the hard floor all day, then modern tables and chairs, such as wide and comfortable chairs or sofas, will create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere; A comfortable couch or couch is ideal if you want to party all night. If the operator wants to increase customer turnover, the best use is rigid plastic chairs and plastic table tops.


In addition to the type of table, should also pay attention to the height and slope of the table and chair; to encourage customers to talk and increase the comfortable atmosphere, the height of the table and chair must be appropriate.

Because of the different management styles of the bar, the size of its tables and chairs is not uniform. Here, the following data are obtained for the general specifications adopted by most bars: the height of the table is generally about 75cm, and the seat's height should be about 45cm. A variety of common table tops: one-legged small round table diameter 50cm, the general table according to the size of 80cm,90cm,100cm,120cm, and 130cm, etc., the square table is generally 110x60 or 110x65cm


What is the importance of space design?


Space design is the fundamental content of bar design. In the bar space's design, the appropriate scale of the bar interior space can make people feel comfortable. Few people and space confuse people about what to do, and more people crowded space fret.

At the same time, a good space design and decoration often can let a person lead to Lenovo while satisfying the requirement of use function, giving a person a high level of enjoyment in art. The structure can be based on other factors in space art to create a distinctive space image. Decoration and decoration should obey the space, starting from the space.

The position of metope and virtual reality, the height of partition, the rise and fall of the ceiling, the rise and fall of the ground, and the factors such as color and material sense used are the basis of design conception.

The design of daylighting and lighting, the choice of type and shape of lamps and lanterns, the decoration and arrangement of furniture, greening, and small ornaments are the basis of the design concept as the factors inducing space and forming illusion space at the same time. Decoration and decoration also play a role in adjusting the spatial proportion and revising the spatial scale.


In considering all the factors of the bar space design, the most central problem is that the bar must be designed according to the characteristics of the management, the central intention of the management, and the characteristics of the target guests.

For high-grade, high-consumption guests and the design of the elegant bar, its space should be square as the main structure, using spacious and tall space. The bar chair design should also be based on the principles of spaciousness as much as possible.

The service area is divided by the number of seats per capita; the elegant, luxurious bar occupies an area of 2.6 square meters per capita. For the stimulation and entertainment bars designed to seek stimulation, venting, and excitement for the target guests, the space design and layout should give people a sense of casual, and we should pay special attention to the location and size of the dance floor. It is listed as the key factor of space layout.

To seek talks, we should reflect parties, tryst designed target customers for warmth type bar, its space design in a similar circle or arc and at the same time is optional for the principle, the ceiling can be low, per capita space can small a few, but for each table have corresponding isolation, chair design can be a few taller.

How do I disassemble the wooden bar stool?

  1. First, lift the stool upside down off the ground. Strike the bottom of the large head of the air rod with a hammer, separating the air rod from the foot of the stool under the combined action of gravity, inertia, and the impact force of the upper part of the stool.
  2. Grab the gas bar to make the wooden bar stool off the ground, and hit the metal tray (base) at the bottom of the cushion with a hammer to separate the air bar from the metal tray at the bottom of the cushion.
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