How to choose a white folding table that we are satisfied with it?

How to choose a white folding table that we are satisfied with it?

10 points you can consider


1. What is the folding table?

As its name suggests, a folding table is a table, but it is not an ordinary table. It belongs to folding furniture. Its table legs can be folded against the table. When it needs to be used, put down its table legs. This design makes the table more convenient to carry, increases storage area, and saves space. For example, white folding tables, Wooden fvolding tables are standard in life.

black folding tables

2. What are the types of folding tables

2-1 Color

Folding tables have a variety of colors, among which folding table black and white folding table are more common and widely used because they are simple and atmospheric, suitable for various types of places and spaces. However, some folding tables are ideal for a relaxed environment due to their bright colors, such as pink and purple folding tables.

2-2 Texture of material:

wooden folding table: this kind of fold-out table is made of wood materials, including a fir strip table, walnut table, camphor table, etc. wooden folding table is usually used at home.

Plastic folding table: This folding table is made of plastic, commonly used as ABS engineering plastic and aluminum alloy tripod. The folding plastic table is suitable for outdoor use. It is usually used for simple dinner outdoors or simple office use.

Aluminum alloy folding tables and chairs: The folding table is made of aluminum alloy. This folding table is lighter than that made of solid wood, with good quality and strong bearing capacity. It is not easy to deform and has a long service life. It is mainly used outdoors.

2-3 Purpose

Household folding tables: most of them are suitable for family life. It can not only save storage space but also expand its use. 

Folding table with strong appreciation: mostly solid wooden folding table, beautiful and atmospheric.

Outdoor folding table: it is mainly used for an outdoor picnic. For example, a fold camping table is trendy.

Conference folding table: it is mainly used for meetings and exhibition halls, and the white folding table is more suitable for this occasion.

black table

3. What is the market prospect of the folding table?

With the rapid development of the economy, land resources are becoming more and more scarce. To make rational use of and effectively use the limited space and area, folding furniture is becoming more and more popular in the market. The folding table is an important part. In the meantime, Due to some series of problems caused by environmental pollution, people pay more attention to using goods in life. Therefore, solid wooden furniture is also more and more loved by consumers, and a wooden folding table is a good choice.

4. How can I choose the best folding table?

4-1. Size: The size of the folding table should be selected according to the user himself and the size of the used space. For example, according to the user, it can be divided into kids folding tables and chairs and adult folding tables. If the area is small, choose a small folding chair. At the same time, when purchasing, you also need to consider the location of the folding table and select the appropriate size according to the site.

4-2. When purchasing, open and close the table and change the angle to test whether the comfort and firmness are good. The folding part of the optional folding table should be opened and completed easily.

4-3. Most foldable portions of the folding table are made of metal, so when purchasing, pay attention to whether there is a gap at the welding place; Whether the coating is uniform and soft, and whether the performance of the spring is good; Test whether the bayonet is firm and observe whether the chute is astringent; For wooden folding tables, watch whether the wood has signs of decay.

4-4. Style of folding tables and chairs: When choosing a folding table, you should choose it according to the room's decoration style. Under normal circumstances, it is safer to choose a folding table with room style and color. If you want to select a color contrast design, you can use tables and chairs with opposite color combinations, such as black folding chairs matching a white folding table.

white folding tables

5. How do you clean a white folding table?

As the white folding table is not resistant to dirt and difficult to clean, the following are some cleaning and maintenance skills.

5-1. When cleaning the tabletop of the white folding table, it should be cleaned with a semi-dry rag, sprayed with detergent, and then wiped with a dry rag.

5-2. When cleaning the white folding table, try not to use disinfectant, gasoline, and other cleaning agents, as well as the washing liquid, steel ball, and grinding tools of the grinder, because such tools will damage the tabletop of the white folding table.

5-3. To maintain the white folding table, all kinds of oil stains on the legs of the steel pipe table can be wiped with a dry rag. Do not scrub the surface of the steel pipe with rough and sharp materials, especially for the mirror light; use a soft cloth that is not easy to fall off. This protects the top of the white folding table.

5-4. When maintaining the white folding table, the table should be waxed every 1-3 months, which can increase the service life and be beautiful and waterproof.

5-5 Table leg maintenance: The legs of the folding table are generally made of steel. When cleaning the legs, if you don't wipe them dry, they will rust after a long time. Therefore, wipe the water on the surface of the steel pipe in time, and then spray wax or maintenance oil. If the legs are stained, pat them dry with a dry rag. Pay attention not to scratch the surface. Do not scrub the steel pipe surface with rough and sharp materials.


6. How to save room space

6-1. Use the upper space

make full use of the height of the room, make use of the excess size of the room, form a compartment with the ceiling, and adopt the folding storage mode to increase the storage space.

6-2. Use the lower space

Make full use of the space under the bed and cabinet to improve the height of the bed. Drawers and low cabinets can be designed in the area under the bed. Under the sofa seat is also a place that can be used.

6-3. Using elastic space

There are many space-saving and multifunctional furniture on the market, such as folding beds, folding tables, and folding dining tables.

6-4. The use of visual effects can minimize the color of the furniture. 

The use of simple atmospheric colors can expand the space visually. For example, the use of a white folding table can not only increase the storage space but also bring the expansion effect visually.

6-5. Flexible use of dead corners

Making good use of dead corners often has unexpected and ingenious benefits. The stair treads can be made into movable boards, and the steps can be made into drawers as storage cabinets. In addition, the stairwell can also give full play to the effect of space utilization. The side close to the wall can be used as a display cabinet, and the lower part of the stairs can be designed into shelves and drawers for storage.


oak red folding table wooden

7. How to clean the wooden table? 

7-1. Toothpaste cleaning and protection

If the tabletop of your wooden deck is white, the desk's surface will turn yellow after a long time of use. It is not easy to clean it by simply wiping. You can dip toothpaste with a tablecloth and wipe it hard on the surface, which can remove the yellow stains on the desk's surface.

7-2. Tea cleaning method

If the surface of your wooden table has been painted and it is easy to damage the surface by simple wiping, you can wrap the tea residue with gauze and wipe it hard, or clean it with ice water, which will make the surface of the table cleaner.

7-3. Lemon cleaning method

If the table is burnt or scratched, you can gently wipe it with half a lemon and then wipe it with a rag dipped in hot water. The material of the rag should be soft. Finally, wipe it again with a dry rag.

7-4. Soap cleaning method

When cleaning the wooden table, use a rag or soft sponge, wipe it with soapy water, wait until the table is dry, and then brush it with furniture oil wax so that the table will be smooth.

7-5. White vinegar cleaning method

When cleaning the top of the wooden table, the stains that are difficult to remove can be wiped with a proper mixture of white vinegar and water and a rag.

8. Where are folding tables and chairs suitable for

Folding tables and chairs are portable, portable, and stackable tables. 
Initially invented for military use, folding chairs are special seats for military commanders on the battlefield. With the development of the times, folding chairs have many applications in life.

For example, folding chairs in a small household can save space and increase storage space. In addition, factories, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants, Gymnasiums, and other places are also suitable.
It is very inconvenient to carry ordinary tables and chairs in most outdoor places, so folding tables and chairs are primarily used in areas where outdoor chairs need to be taken.

Folding chairs are used in various training institutions, schools at all levels, public places, hospitals, and other places, providing short rest and meeting most temporary needs.

9. How to buy the best dining tables for your home?

9-1 Style matching

The marble dining table is suitable for modern, light luxury, minimalist, and other fashionable decoration styles. A solid wood dining table can be selected whether it is a calm decoration style or a simple modern decoration style.

9-2 Space requirements

If you are in a room with a narrow space, you can use a folding table to accept the play. For example, a white folding table and a black dining folding table are good choices.

9-3 Home safety

If there are families with children, it is recommended to use solid wood dining tables because children are generally lively. After all, the material of solid wood dining tables is softer than other types of dining tables, which is not easy to cause bumps and injuries to children.

9-4 Cleaning and care

Because the dining table often has oil stains, the glass dining table and marble dining table are easier to clean, are very resistant to dirt, and are not easy to penetrate. If the wooden dining table is stained with water, it should be cleaned and dried in time; otherwise, it is easy to penetrate it and perish.

10. What are the advantages of folding tables and chairs? 

10-1 Folding tables and chairs are small in size, saving a lot of storage space. If the room's length is limited, the combination mode of folding tables and chairs can be adjusted according to the space demand to facilitate the needs of users. When it is not used, it can be folded, and the room space can be used for other conditions, which can help make more effective use of space.

10-2 It is convenient to carry. The unique design method of folding tables and chairs is very light and compact, which is very convenient to carry. For example, the outdoor, if the standard tables and chairs are not suitable to carry, this kind of folding tables and chairs can be used.

10-3 The safety is relatively high. Most chairs have sharp parts. After folding tables and chairs, they lean against places that are not easy to collide, which saves space and won't hurt people.


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