Today's young people are under tremendous pressure to work

With the rapid development of society, young people's requirements for material life are getting higher and higher. Still, young people have just entered the culture, and the pressure they can bear is not what ordinary people can take. The stress at work is something that many people can't imagine.

The office has almost become the most critical area of their day. Therefore, a comfortable office environment is vital; it can relieve stress and enhance our enthusiasm for work; a comfy office chair has become an intense pursuit of the office personnel. For example, a velvet office chair is a good choice.

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What is an office chair?

 Office chair refers to various chairs equipped for work convenience in daily work and some social activities.

What are the types of office chairs?


Material composition: leather office chair, PU leather office chair, cloth office chair, mesh office chair, plastic office chair, etc.

Types of use: boss chair, work chair, staff chair, supervisor chair, conference chair, guest chair, executive office chair, home office chair, game office chair, ergonomic chair, etc.

Usage: office, open staff office, meeting room, reading room, library, training classroom, laboratory, staff dormitory, staff canteen, etc.

Color type: some office chairs are cute and lively, suitable for women, such as pink office chairs and cream office chairs. Some office chairs are simple and elegant, such as black office chairs and white office chairs.

In addition, some unique office chairs, such as velvet and massage office chairs, are ergonomic and comfortable.


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How to maintain the office chair?

  1. handle with care and pay special attention to avoid the collision.
  2. after sitting for a long time, the passive parts and edges should be often patted to restore them to the original state, for example a velvet office chair. After sitting for a long time, you need to pat it gently and reduce the depression caused by the concentration of sitting force.
  3. Leather and velvet office chairs shall be placed away from heat sinks and shall not be exposed to direct sunlight. They shall not be disclosed in solid light.

      4. do not rub vigorously during standard cleaning to avoid damaging the skin. For leather office chairs and velvet office chairs that have been used for a long time or have been contaminated 

accidentally, wet towels can be used to wipe them with soapy water of appropriate concentration. Then wipe it with clean water and dry it with a clean towel.



      5. during use, the center of gravity shall be in the middle of the air pressure rod as far as possible to ensure that the air pressure rod can be lifted and rotated quickly and flexibly; After long-term use, the office chair should always check whether the screws on the mechanism are loose. If they are open, tighten them in time.



     6. it is strictly prohibited to sit on the armrest of the sofa and office chair or place heavy objects. The office chair shall be maintained regularly in strict accordance with the instructions to prolong its service life.



     7. do not put the office chair under the sun for too long, which will cause some plastics to age and produce hydrogen embrittlement.





How to clean the office chair?


1: First of all, of course, it is necessary to understand the materials of office chairs. However, the legs of office chairs are generally made of solid wood and iron, and the stool surface is made of leather or cloth. When cleaning, the cleaning methods of chairs of different materials are different.

2: If it is a leather art office chair, it is best to try it in an inconspicuous position when using leather art detergent to see if it fades. If there is discoloration, dilute with water; When it is foul, you can use lukewarm water to let it dry naturally.

3: The feet of the solid wood office chair can be wiped directly with a dry cloth and then with some detergent. Do not wipe them with a damp cloth, then dry them in the sun. That will accelerate the decay of the solid wood.

4: The general cleaning method for cloth stools is spraying detergent and wiping gently. It can be cleaned with warm water and detergent if it is foul. Don't wipe with a brush, especially on the velvet office chair. In that case, the fabric will quickly look old.

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What should we pay attention to in-office decoration?

1. Office decoration style

There are many styles, but not every class is suitable for you. Techniques are generally related to the industry

2. Office decoration color selection

The color used in the office space is crucial. The color can affect the mood of the people in the space environment. If the employees in the office environment are not focused, impulsive, and have fluctuating emotions, the enterprise should pay attention to the design of the office environment. The color should be selected according to the Office staff. If the number of people is small and the office area is not large, you can select some goose yellow for decoration when choosing the decoration. This wall color can make the space look bright, and it will not look cold but warm and natural. Different colors have different effects

3.Office decoration materials

At present, functional and environmentally friendly decoration materials are pretty popular. No matter what decoration materials the owners use, they must pay attention to environmental protection and quality requirements. Whether they are noble, luxurious, or simple, the decoration requirements of enterprises have different effects, and the materials they use are also other.


What criteria should a good office chair meet?


It must have the essential function of an adjustable height device and arbitrary rotation.

The depth and width of the seat shall be correct. The front edge of the chair shall be kept in a circular arc. At the same time, a fiber cloth surface with good air permeability shall be selected.

It has a backrest to support the body and eliminate fatigue and tension.

The curve design of the waist size of the human body prevents the lumbar vertebrae from becoming arched and achieves the function of protecting the lumbar vertebrae. For example, a velvet office chair is a good choice.

The chair must coordinate with the body's movement and cannot restrict the user. There is only one sitting posture.

Five claw foot seats with a large bottom area and high safety shall be selected.

The chair must be able to move freely. It is best to choose a chair with wheels, and wheels of different materials are selected according to the softness and challenge of the floor.

The chair shall not be designed to hook clothes or hinder work. If the chair with an armrest is used, the material with good touch on the surface of the armrest shall be selected.

All adjustment devices should be simple and easy to operate.

It shall be designed that accessories such as handrails can be added at any time.

Choose a chair that is suitable for the user and has product assurance and perfect after-sales service.

It has a beautiful appearance, for example, a velvet office chair, with appropriate color matching.


How do you relieve office pressure? 

  1. self-adjustment: for example, exercise, talking, shifting attention, and other methods suitable for you, especially practice, are convenient and powerful ways to relieve work pressure. They can effectively reduce their stress by doing their favorite sports, such as walking, playing table tennis, playing badminton, and so on.
  2. Exercise stimulates the brain to secrete endorphins to relieve stress. At the same time, exercise is efficient relaxation training. Therefore, exercise is the preferred method the adjustment of relieving work pressure. 
  3. talking: especially to confidants, relatives, and friends, can effectively alleviate the emotional changes caused by stress. In addition, shifting attention to the activities you are interested in, such as listening to music, painting, and other methods, can improve your sense of pleasure and control, which is very effective. Psychotherapy is mainly cognitive behavioral therapy.
  4. Leave work in the Office: Avoid taking your work home after work. No matter what, even if you work overtime on weekends, you can't spend more than two hours so that you can relax and have enough time to relax. 
  5. Sit still: When you choose to eat, exercise or entertainment, you can choose

Sit still for a few minutes, close your eyes and breathe deeply. When the air enters the lungs, imagine its self process and exhale it completely. This way can help the brain wake up and relieve the stress at work.

  1. Write down the difficulties: If you encounter significant challenges at work and it is still impossible to relax after going home, please pick up your pen and paper. One breath will encounter difficulties or unhappiness after writing that piece of paper torn off and thrown away.
  2. Decorating: you can decorate your office area to be more relaxed and pleasant when working. For example, you can choose a comfortable office chair, a velvet one that can relieve back pain and stress.
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