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1. The importance of furniture?

Furniture, in a broad sense, is to point to humans to maintain everyday life, be engaged in production practice and develop a kind of appliance that social activity is indispensable.

In the narrow sense, furniture refers to a class of appliances and equipment for people to sit, lie or support and store items in life, work or social practice.

Furniture is not only a simple, functional material product but also a widely popular art. It needs to meet some specific uses and meet people's appreciation. Mirrored TV Stand, for example, is a very popular People in the process of contact used to produce a particular aesthetic pleasure and trigger a rich association of spiritual needs.

The type, quantity, function, form, style and production level of furniture, as well as its possession at that time, also reflect the social lifestyle of a country and region in a particular historical period, the level of social material civilization and historical and cultural characteristics.

Furniture symbolizes the development level of productive social forces in a particular country or region in a particular historical period, the epitome of a particular lifestyle, and the manifestation of a particular cultural form, so furniture embodies rich and profound sociality.


tv stand 85 inch


2. What is a tv stand?

The TV stand is mainly used to put the TV. With the rise of people's living standards, the electrical equipment that forms a complete set with the TV appears accordingly, bringing about the use of TV stand from single to pluralistic development, it is no longer single put TV use, but collect TV, set-top box, DVD, audio equipment, disc, and other products to receive and put. More attention to display purposes. TV ark is a kind of furniture, due to people not meeting the optional put the TV furniture, also called audio-visual TV stand. The mirrored tv stand is trendy in the present market.

3. What are the types of TV stands?


The monitoring type, as the name suggests, is the shape of the TV stand like a "one." Suitable for families: small apartments, or insufficient depth, the narrow width of the apartment; Suitable for minimalist wind, the pursuit of minimalist sense;

There is a lack of budget, can not do too many TV stands: or more want to pursue quality, fewer TV stands, but more can carve quality on fewer TV stands, such as the use of solid wood monomer TV stand with drawers, Black tv stand and white tv stand.

It can also be the TV stand off the ground, making it a suspended TV stand; a sweeping robot can clean the ground without a dead Angle, but also convenient for the robot to charge, suitable for people with high requirements for cleaning.

Dichotomous type, parallel position, and ground, with a row of condoling ark or shelf, comprise the second type TV ark, receive more. Chest up and down all don't want to is so rigid, also can do some changes to the upper TV stand, such as use shelf instead of blanks, space feels lighter.


1. The TV stand: The TV stand, its shape TV ark and ground ark substantially similar, is now living in the life most used, the most common form of TV ark, the TV stand of the advantages of TV ark is to be able to have excellent adornment effect, whether it's in the living room or the bedroom, it will take up very little space have the best adornment effect.

 2. The modular: Modular TV stand, traditionally a TV stand TV ark of a kind of sublimation products, is also the most consumers like TV ark in recent years, combining the characteristics of TV ark is the combination of two words, combined type TV ark can and wine, household adornment ark and ground ark TV stand together to form a unique TV ark. When you are in the sitting room, put a set made up by ground ark and wine ark of TV stand with very eye-catching drawers!

3. Board frame type: the characteristics of a board frame TV stand are generally similar to those of a combined TV stand type TV stand with drawers. The main reason is that the material used is plate structure design, which is more prominent in practicality and durability.


1. paint board TV stand

Paint board base material for density board, the surface after six spray baking imported paint (three bottoms, two sides, a light) high-temperature baking.

For the TV stand, the "baking paint" baking paint board is characterized by gorgeous colour, with a strong visual impact, fantastic and waterproof work only shows a kind of technology, that is, after the spray paint into the oven heating dry paint processing substrate plate.

Excellent anti-fouling ability, easy to clean. The defect is that the process level is high, the rejection rate is high, so the price is high; Use should also be carefully cared for, afraid of knock and scratch, once the damage is difficult to repair, to update the whole; Easy to appear color difference.

2. Solid wood TV stand

Make TV ark using the solid wood plate, the style of an ancient classic, usually higher prices. Its door frame is solid wood, with cherry wood colour, walnut colour, and oak colour. The door core is a medium-density board veneer.

In manufacturing, the solid wood surface is usually made of high and low appearance, spray painted outside, and then the original wood colour and appearance is beautiful. This can ensure the unique visual effect of solid wood, frame, and core board combination can ensure the board's strength.

3. Fireproof panel TV stand

Fireproof board type plate is used at that time the most plate material, and its colour contrast is gorgeous, edge form is diverse, with wear-resistant, high-temperature resistance, resistant to cut, resistant to penetration, simple and clean, moisture-proof, do not fade, delicate touch, affordable and other advantages.

The base material of the fireproof board is particle board, moisture-proof board, or density board, and the exterior is decorated with fireproof board veneer. Homebred fire prevention board price is low, Korea plank and German plank is to add 25% and 50% costs.

Fire prevention board conjunction TV stands with drawers "beautiful and valuable to the development trend of combining so getting it in the market. Its defect is plate is flat and cannot create the stereo effect, such as high and low; the metal fashion sense is a bit poor.

4. marble TV stand

The surface uses marble and appears more high-grade and sedate. The disadvantage is that it will increase the bearing capacity of the TV stand with drawers. If the TV stand is suspended, it is suggested that you should do a good job. And marble is radioactive, more damaging than wood. Marble is used in tooling. Marble also costs more than wood. Whether a decorative modelling line or use, convenience is not compared with wood.

5. artificial stone TV stand

Artificial stone is lighter than marble, beautiful and durable, environmental protection, no radiation, and bright colour can be more selective. The price is moderate.

6. Glass TV stand

It's a modern tv stand, but it's fragile. A toughened glass TV stand is easily damaged, with poor security, higher glass processing cost, and poor practicability.

7. Mirrored TV stand is decorated with mirrors on the desktop side. The four-door structure can meet the requirements of classified storage. Mirrored TV stand has a simple and elegant appearance, and you can choose a Mirrored TV stand with simple lines and a beautiful shape for a modern living room.

tv stand bookcase

4. What are the advantages of Mirrored TV stand?

1. Mirrored TV stand emphasizes a peaceful space atmosphere, using popular metal tones and light sense echo in colour; mirrored TV stand uses black and white geometry as the leading tone, Mirrored TV stand with brass ornaments of metal sense, The jumping marble colours give the space a sense of visual hierarchy.

2. Ordinary home decoration is covered with shining mirrors, creating a fashionable atmosphere style effect for the space. Mirrored TV stand uses the physical effect of mirrored light to collect the sunlight outside the window. The Mirrored TV stand's mirror and solid wood frame make your bedroom beautiful and expand the visual space.

 3. Mirrored TV stand features traditional lines with mirror design. Mirrored TV stand's retro shape also adds a fashionable appearance to Mirrored furniture, adding mysterious charm. Mirrored TV stand with solid wood furniture, glass mirror as the face, creating a new luxury style.

4. Mirrored TV stand uses a large area of glass and mirror combination to create an authentic illusion of the scene; Mirrored TV stand makes the indoor view more open.

tv stand for 32 inch tv

5. What does the maintenance method of the TV ark have?

Public attention to the following points:

1. When placed, you should place it smoothly to avoid the uneven level affecting the structure of the TV cabinet.

 2. Maintain the indoor temperature and humidity during use. In dry conditions can be adequately humidified.

 3. Avoid direct sunlight and moisture. Do regular furniture maintenance.

 4. Furniture should not be near furnaces, heaters and other heaters, nor should it touch hot water bottles and other high-temperature objects to avoid high-temperature baking, resulting in furniture cracking and paint film peeling.


How do I clear a Mirrored TV Stand? Mirrored TV Stand inside or the back of the easy to produce dead space, dust accumulation, so you should be diligent in cleaning, wipe with a clean cloth.

Don't be too rude about opening and closing doors or drawers, especially with Mirrored TV Stand, as it can cause unexpected damage if you don't use it properly. Mirrored TV Stand Mirrored TV Stand should be placed in front of the main wall of the theme wall in the living room.

Adding g light to Mirrored TV Stand softeners are excellent gadgets, adding layers to make objects look three-dimensional.

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