The Chairs in Dormitory

As a person who pursues high quality life, it's too tormenting to make a hard wooden chair, especially when you need to catch up on your paper all night or play games with friends in the dormitory, the uncomfortable chair will greatly reduce people's existing energy. And the wooden chair will make the hip stress uneven, the longer you sit, your hip, lumbar spine and cervical spine will be a burst of pain, more serious will bring a series of chronic diseases, such as lumbar disc herniation and even brain blood shortage caused by memory loss. So, for your own health, change a more comfortable chair. At least, comfortable chairs can sell well in flea markets.


So how to choose a comfortable chair?

     1.Pay attention not to take up too much space. Generally speaking, the dormitory or study area will not be too large. If the chair takes up too much space, not only is there no place for other things, but the whole space looks crowded and uncomfortable.

     2.Choose a chair with safety certification. If you want to buy an ergonomic chair, you need to pay attention to whether the core component of the product, the air bar, has passed the SGS international safety test. If there is a problem with this part, then after continuous use and friction, this chair is very likely to explode and hurt people

     3.Comfort of chair. This is undoubtedly the most important point, and the  main reason for changing chairs is also related to comfort. Therefore, if economic conditions permit, it is best to buy ergonomic chair. The biggest feature of this chair is designed according to the curve of the human body, which can fit the natural shape of the human body. It can also fine tune the various parts according to your usage habits, which can greatly reduce the injuries received by the buttocks, lumbar vertebrae and cervical vertebrae, and relieve body fatigue.


Finally, choose the chair that suits you best according to your budget!

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