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If you're a cat parent, you know how important your furry friend's cat tree (also known as a cat apartment or cat mansion) is to them - and if you're about to become a cat parent, you should add one to your shopping list as soon as possible. Cat trees provide additional safe, vertical territory for your cat and give them a private, stress-free place to nap, bird watching or people-watch.

Please allow them to fulfill their climbing, jumping, and stretching instincts. Give them a designated scratching point - to protect your furniture from unnecessary and unapproved scratching. Give them plenty of space to relax or exercise without taking up too much space in your home. Most cat trees have a small footprint or can be mounted on a wall.

cat tree house

What is the best cat tree?

Best Overall Cat Tree: Best pet cat tower tree multilevel scratching hair post. Priced at under $37.00, this is an affordable option that does not compromise on quality and is, therefore, the best cat tree on this list.

Best cat tree for large cats: Feandrea Modern Cat Tree, complete with scratching pole and hammock. This cat tree tower has a weight-bearing capacity of 44 pounds, making it a great option for families with large and multiple cats.

 Multilevel Cat tree Scratch with hammock basket and lob. Both multiple scratching rods and a scratching pad provide cats with multiple areas to stretch their PAWS and release tension.

Best cat tree for kittens: Heybly Cat apartment with sisal-covered scratching posts and cooling pads. With a maximum height of under 33 inches, this kitten tree is perfect for kittens and kittens.

Big cat Tree: Play cat Scratch-off at Yaheetech Cat Furniture House. This cat tree tower has multiple play Spaces and cat apartments at a reasonable price and is, therefore, an excellent value for money product.

Best wooden cat tree: Hey Brother Cat House Wooden Cat Tree tower with sisal pillar.

The cat tree tower has two cat apartments and a basket constructed from engineered wood instead of thick cardboard.

Is a cat tree necessary?

Yes, cat trees are necessary. Cat trees offer many benefits to cats. We listed some of the main points to consider as follows:

To grasp. Providing a cat-scratching tree pole can improve your cat's quality of life. It allows them to release tension by scratching, keeping their PAWS and feet healthy.

Exercise. Cats need exercise to keep healthy. The cat tree house provides a place for them to exercise by providing different heights and access Spaces. Placing cat trees next to each other or in a scenic area can add to the excitement of a cat tree.

A safe place to sleep. Cats like to stay up high. They're genetically programmed to prefer to be high above the ground for observation and protection. Being high allows cats to relax, sleep safely out of sight or reach predators, and provides a place for cat beds and toys.

That is an excellent point. Cats like to perch where they have a bird's eye view of their surroundings. A cat tree provides such an opportunity. Placing a cat tree near a window can enhance the cat's experience because they can see more when they relax in the cat tree.

cute cat tree

Is the cat tree safe?

Yes, the cat tree is safe.

However, a few things to consider when buying a cat tree. For example, cats like to be up high where they can safely observe the world around them, but if you have an advanced cat or your cat has limited mobility, a tall cat tree may not be the best fit for their ability.

Cat trees can also be made of toxic materials and may disintegrate sooner than expected if eaten or chewed. Some materials contain phthalates or BPA, which can cause harm to your cat if ingested.

According to the Ecology Center, about 45 percent of cat products contain traceable dangerous chemicals. Traceability does not mean that the amounts of these chemicals are toxic to cats, but that they may be. When considering a cat tree, it's good to know what the product is made of.

Another consideration is the quality of the material. Cat trees can be quite expensive, especially large cat trees, and it is common for manufacturers to use low-quality materials to cut costs. As you can imagine, doing so limits the tree's usefulness and longevity.

Over time, the cat tree may begin to wobble, the platform at the top may fall off, or the screws at the bottom may pull out of the structure and cause a collapse. Things like pressed wood instead of real wood can limit the quality of a cat tree, but things like PVC are known for their durability.


Do cats like cat trees?

Yes, cats like cat trees. Cats feel comfortable when high off the ground and can see everything below. Cats are genetically programmed to seek high places that are perceived as favorable.

Can cat trees prevent scratches?

No, the cat tree does not prevent scratching. They do, however, encourage healthy scratching in the right places. Cats love to scratch on things like carpets and furniture (or trees in the wild) because it helps keep their PAWS healthy and stretches their feet and bodies. Giving them a safe place to scratch and stretch doesn't prevent scratching, but it does provide them with a space of their own, which is better than a rug or couch. Getting your cat to use the cat tree may take some time and training, but once they do, it will most likely become their favorite place to scratch.

There are tons of cat trees on the market right now - from modern and minimal to fully decorated - but we say if you're looking to add a piece of furniture to your house, why not get a big one? Here are some of the most amazing cat trees so that you can give your cat the dream cat tree.

Polyperching post-cat tree

If you've ever wondered what kitten heaven looks like, this cat tree is. With multiple cloud-like porch posts, hammocks, and scratching posts, the cat tree can accommodate multiple cats at once -- keeping them occupied, so they don't fight. Keeping it from fighting is also cat heaven for its owner.

modern jungle cat tree whiskertons

If you're looking for a cheap cat tree or want to help your cat hug its cat in the jungle, you'll want to check out this DIY creation. Handmade from twigs, string, plywood, and artificial greenery, this cat tree has all the features your cat loves - including perches and scratch marks - but is also economical. You probably already have most of the materials in your garage!

Mid-century modern cat tree

If your home is decorated with mid-century modern decor, it only makes sense to buy a modern cat tree, right? Mid-20th-century modern home decor, characterized by clean lines and organic shapes, has dominated the industry since the 1950s - and these days, it's perfectly cat-friendly, too. With its sleek lines and neutral colors, this cat tree would have made Frank Lloyd Wright (father of mid-century modern design!) Be proud of yourself.

Sleek and tall Cat tree castle

Your cat is already acting like cat tree king. Why not hug her? The castle-like cat tree provides her with plenty of vantage points to overlook her kingdom, a fort to protect her from enemies (aka the family dog), and a hammock to rest in a while her subjects (aka you) feed her dog food. The royal life?

Wall-mounted cat tree

A wall-mounted cat tree might be the perfect solution if you're short on some space and your cat isn't short on energy. With platforms, Bridges, ladders, and hammocks, your cat can channel his inner Indiana Jones and jump from mountain to mountain. You can create your wall-mounted cat tree with a few common household items or purchase them from your favorite pet retailer. Ensure each component is mounted on the wall studs so they don't collapse under your cat's weight. Of course, watch out for kittens flying around as you walk across the room.

The minimalist Cat tree

If your cat loves minimal designs, white walls, and Ikea, she's probably a minimalist decorator -- and this minimalist cat tree could fulfill all her Scandinavian cat tree dreams. It ticks all the boxes for minimalist design -- including a simple, organic color palette and shape -- while satisfying her need to tickle and nap. Add a very expensive cat drink from a trendy coffee shop, and she's ready.

cat trees for sale

What should I look for in the cat tree?

Consider the following when buying a cat tree:

Height. There is no real rule of thumb, but many cat owners subscribe to the "two feet per cat" rule. This means that every cat in the house should be two feet tall, which can be broken down into multiple cat trees. The idea is to provide each cat with its own space in the cat tree without invading another cat's personal space.

Space. The floor around the cat tree should have enough space for your cat to run up from the other side of the room. There should be enough space between the top floor and the ceiling for the cat to stand and sit, as this is likely where the cat spends most of its time.

The cat's preference. If your cat likes to hide under the bed or behind furniture, then a cat tree with a hole or burrow type may best suit your cat's preferences. A taller cat tree with a platform might be best if they like to climb up to counters or dressers.

Replaceable items. Usually, "replaceable" items are toys or platforms your cat can sleep on. These are removable and can often be easily removed by accident by your cat.


Is it cheaper to buy or be a cat tree?

On average, building a cat tree is much cheaper than buying one.

Cat trees can be expensive. With some Christmas cat trees selling for more than $2,000, it's not hard to see how you can save money by building your own.

With some knowledge and work, you can make a similar cat tree for your furry friend for a fraction of the cost in the store.


What does it take to make a cat tree?

It depends on the type of tree and the level of sophistication you want, but generally, the tools and materials you'll need to make this piece of furniture will be the same.

For a standard cat tree, you'll need the following:


Screwdriver or screwgun


A tape measure


The carpet


DIY cat trees are cheaper and more satisfying, and you know what quality to expect. However, if you are not a skilled builder, this is labor-intensive and requires building space and learning.


Where is the best place to keep a cat tree?

The best location for a cat tree is usually a busy house area with Windows and panoramic views.

This could be a kitchen, dining room, or living room that people walk through frequently, has the right number of Windows and lets the cat sit in a tree for entertainment.

If you want to save a few dollars (and build your do-it-yourself muscles!) Creating your cat tree is easier than you think. You probably have most of the materials in your garage! Some of the ingredients you can make your unique cat tree from include:

The cartons

Upholstered with plywood and fabric

Wool fabric

The rope

Pompoms, feathers, or other ornaments

If possible, use a staple gun to assemble your cat tree, which will increase the durability and stability of your cat tree while protecting your cat's PAWS from sharp nails and screws. You can also try strong wood glue, but be sure to let it dry completely before letting your cat play with it.
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