Things you need to know before buying a massage table

8 aspects of massage beds you need to know in advance

Reduce stress and find happiness

1. Eliminate pressure sources

The most important thing to relieve stress is finding the source of stress and then trying our best to eliminate it.

If heavy work tasks cause your focus, you should arrange your time reasonably. Do the necessary work first, put aside the secondary outcome, and if you have free time, you can finish it.


2. Reasonable venting

Pressure is inevitable. When we face pressure, we may not be able to solve it ourselves.

In the meantime, you can vent it through sports, singing, shouting, crying, and other ways. The bad mood is swept away, and the pressure is naturally relieved.

3. Take a deep breath

When you are exhausted or tired, one of the quickest and easiest ways to relieve yourself is to take a deep breath and think about what makes you feel anxious.

Deep breathing is a way to inject more oxygen into your body, making you more energetic.

It can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, slow down breathing, calm brain waves, restore physical and mental stability faster, and prevent the decline of body immunity under pressure.

4. Massage decompression method

If you want to massage at home, you can choose to buy a home massage bed or massage table. If you're going to shower and massage simultaneously, a table shower massage foldable fordable massage bed is good.

Simple self-massage. Such as pressing the temple with the thumb, doing eye exercises, lifting and pinching the neck with the thumb and index finger, etc.
If the examinee's parents know some massage, they can ask their parents to help massage.

Today's social life continues to be under high pressure. Hope everyone can reasonably manage their stressful situation and achieve physical and mental health.

What is table shower massage?

As the name suggests, table shower massage is a way to perform massage and shower simultaneously. During jet bathing, it acts on specific parts of the body surface through particular techniques to adjust the physiological and pathological conditions of the body, achieve the purpose of physiotherapy and make people relaxed and comfortable. Table shower massage is a modern way to relax pressure and relieve fatigue, which is very popular in everyday lives. Whether at home or in a massage parlor, many massage products are available on the market.

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What are the types of massage with shower tables?

  1. Color to better massage, the massage bed has many colors to choose from. Black and white massage tables are simple and atmospheric, And the colorful massage table can make a person's mood more cheerful and can mobilize the interactivity of the massager.
  2. The characteristics can be divided into foldable massage tables and non-foldable massage tables.
  3. Classification by material: oak works massage tables, electric massage with shower tables, solid wood massage table, iron frame massage table, aluminum alloy massage table, stainless steel massage table, acrylic massage table, etc. You can choose suitable massage products according to your preferences and needs.


How to choose the best portable massage table?

1: Material: the primary massage shower table materials in the market are stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and solid wood. If not considered convenient and portable I want to get a good table shower massage. Solid wood is the best. If portability is considered, it is recommended to buy aluminum alloy.

2: Sponge, the thickness and density of the sponge directly affect comfort. According to the acceptable comfort of the human body, the best consistency is 5-6cm, and the best density is a high-density sponge. Otherwise, it is easy to collapse.

3: The quality of leather needs to be considered to observe whether it is wear-resistant, soft, and comfortable, which will affect the comfort

4: For supporting products, such as armrests, headrests, handstands, portable backpacks, etc., it is recommended to buy a complete set of products because the latter configuration is very complex.

5: Load bearing also needs to be generally considered load bearing. The minimum weight should be more than 200 kg.

6: Whether there are anti-skid footpads/rollers

The massage bed with the roller is more convenient to move and transport but pay attention to the collision. The footpad can prevent sliding, and the foot is more comfortable,

7: Whether it is flame-retardant is related to safety. It is best to have flame-retardant materials, which are not easy to catch fire.

How to clean a suitable shower massage table?

Since the massage bed directly contacts the human body, it should be strictly cleaned to better massage to avoid human bacterial infection.

  1. Most of the shower massage table surfaces are made of cloth and leather. The massage bed made of material can be gently patted with a dry towel at ordinary times, and the dust is vacuumed at least once a week. Handrails and cushions are easy to dirty, so they should be covered with beautiful sofa towels or large towels.
  2. When using the vacuum cleaner, do not use the suction brush to prevent damaging the weaving thread on the textile cloth and making the fabric fluffy. What's more, avoid sucking with extra-large suction, which may cause the weaving thread to be torn off. It's suitable to consider cleaning with a small vacuum cleaner.
  3. When nursing the massage bed made of leather fabric, if there are stains on the leather, wipe it with clean wet cotton and detergent, and then let it dry naturally. It should be placed in a ventilated and dry place and should not be wiped or washed with water to avoid dampness, mildew, and moth. It is not allowed to be exposed to the sun. Otherwise, it will cause the passivation of cortical fibers.

What type of showerhead does it have?

  1. portable shower head: the showerhead can be held in hand at will. Its bracket has a fixed function.
  2. Overhead shower head: the showerhead is fixed on the top of the head, the support into the wall does not have the lifting function, but there is a movable ball on the showerhead to adjust the Angle of water, the Angle of movement up and down is more flexible.
  3. Position shower head: the showerhead is hidden in the wall and sprayed on the side of the body. There are a variety of installation positions and spray angles, which play the role of cleaning and table shower massage.

Adjust the water temperature to about 40 degrees Celsius, aim the showerhead at the sore and stiff parts, and run the shower for five to 10 minutes. Then, do additional exercises, such as neck and shoulder rotation, for about 5 minutes. Hold your head with your hands and flex and stretch your upper body about 20 times. These exercises can relax tendons and relieve local blood supply.


What are the precautions for table shower massage? 

In addition to the mind, table shower massage should focus mainly on calming, the whole body is not nervous, and the physical and mental relaxation requirements. Master the acupoint selection method and operation technique of common acupoints to select acupoints accurately and correctly. Because too small does not have the due stimulation effect, too significant easy to produce fatigue, and easy to damage the skin. The number of massage techniques should be from less to more, massage strength gradually increased by light; massage acupoints can increase progressively.

What is the function of table shower massage?

1. Promote blood circulation, relieve pain and dredge the meridians. When our Qi and blood flow are blocked, swelling or pain will appear in some body parts. At this time, table shower massage can be used to improve the body's blood circulation, dredge the meridians and reduce the body's pain.


2. Eliminate fatigue and relieve stress. Now more and more young people are in a state of sub-health people. They are easy to feel tired and often feel weak all over the body. This kind of people can also be massaged. By stimulating some acupoints of the body, they can eliminate the fatigue of the body and spirit.

3. Health care and disease prevention. If they can often massage, they can enhance their resistance to diseases. Table shower massage can treat poor immunity and allergic diseases. Even healthy people. The effect of health care can also be achieved through massage. Table shower massage helps to regulate function and Yin and Yang. We need to pay attention to good self-care, avoid endocrine disorders, maintain a healthy state of mind, effectively eliminate fatigue, alleviate our pressure and avoid sub-health. We hope that massage can effectively relieve the stress in life, release their body and mind, get rid of the troubles of work, and find their happiness.

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