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What is a mirror?

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A mirror is an object with a smooth surface and the ability to reflect light. At first, the ancients used polished bronze as a mirror. There are two types of flat mirrors and curved mirrors. People often use flat mirrors to tidy up their appearance. Curved mirrors can be divided into concave mirrors and convex mirrors. They are mainly used as makeup mirrors, furniture accessories, architectural decorative pieces, optical instrument parts, solar ovens, reflectors for lamps and searchlights, reflective telescopes, automobile rear-view mirrors, etc. For example, large wall mirrors, small wall mirrors, and bathroom wall mirrors.

In science, mirrors are also often used on telescopes, lasers, industrial instruments, and other instruments. Surface polished metal devices with regular reflective properties and glass or metal products coated with reflective metal film are often inlaid with metal, plastic, or wooden frames.


What is the classification of wall mirrors?


1.  Bathroom wall mirror: this kind of mirror is mainly flat glass mirror, with wood, plastic, glass, metal, and other materials as the frame, with carving, vertical line, silk screen, pasting, and other mirror technology as the decoration, with shelves, cabinets and other practical materials as the auxiliary, forming a dazzling series, which is the mainstream of the mirror series. Mainly practical. For example, small decorative wall mirrors, gold wall mirrors, and long wall mirrors.


2.  Cosmetic wall mirror: this kind of mirror is mainly a glass magnifying mirror, with metal, plastic, hard paper, and other materials as the frame, with carving, printing, inlaying, and other processes as the decoration, with lifting and folding as the support, forming a mirror series with wide varieties and most popular with modern women. For example, oval wall mirrors, round wall mirrors, and anti-wall mirrors.


3.  Dressing wall mirror: this kind of mirror is mainly flat glass mirror, with wood, plastic, metal, and other materials as the frame, with carving, vertical line, silk screen, and other mirror surface techniques as the decoration, with cabinets and other practical materials as the auxiliary. Due to the wide range of places of use, it forms an important part of the mirror series, which is mainly practical.


4.  Decorative wall mirror: this kind of mirror is mainly flat glass, with wood, plastic, glass, and other materials as the frame, and with carving, vertical line, silk screen, pasting, and other mirror surface techniques as the decoration. It is the most artistic mirror series, mainly decorated. For example, wall mirrors decor, full-length wall mirrors, and small decorative wall mirrors.


5.  Advertising mirror: this kind of mirror is mainly flat glass, with wood, plastic, metal, glass, and other materials as the frame, mainly for advertising purposes. For example, tall wall mirror, wall shelf mirror, and wall arch mirror.


6.  Auxiliary decorative mirror: This kind of mirror is mainly flat glass, decorated with mirror surface techniques such as carving, vertical line, silk screen, pasting, etc., and decorated on lighting, electrical appliances, toys, and handicrafts. It is an extension of the decorative nature of mirrors in other industries in the past decade. For example, DIY wall mirrors, full wall mirrors, and lighted wall mirrors.

Daily knowledge about small wall mirrors?

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Because the small wall mirror is a glass body, it is easy to break when hit and collide. What is more luxurious is that once there is a small crack and a slight scratch, you can no longer use it. Therefore, although the small wall mirror is cheap, it is also painful if it is not properly used and protected. So what else should we pay attention to besides the collision of the small wall mirror? There are the following points:

1. It is suggested that the small wall mirror should be placed flat, but not in some rough places

2. Take care of the small wall mirror. Try not to touch the small wall mirror surface to avoid oxidation

3. Regular cleaning is also one of the most important maintenance methods, but few people realize that

4. Try not to spray fog on the small wall mirror. Many people have this habit and need to change it

5. you should keep the small wall mirror out of the baby's reach.


How to choose a suitable small wall mirror?


1. Look at the appearance

Look at the small wall mirror from the front, side, and back. In addition to paying attention to your direct image in the mirror, you can move your eyes slightly. It is a good mirror if the linear object is not bent or deformed. To be specific, we should master the "four looks":

First, look at the small wall mirror and carefully see if the coating is mottled and if the small wall mirror is smooth;

Second, look at the closing. There should be no crack because a small crack will lead to the final breaking of the whole mirror;

Pick the thickness again. The price of the small wall mirror varies according to the thickness. Many people choose thinner mirrors to save money, but the mirrors are too thin and easy to break, so it is recommended to choose ones with a thickness of 8mm;

Finally, see whether the bottom plate is flat and thick. The bottom plate is often the part people ignore, but it is the basis for whether the mirror is straight.

2. Look at the craft

As far as bathroom wall mirrors are concerned, in order to protect silver ions from reacting with the moisture in the air, which may cause you should coat black edges and spots on the lenses, a layer of copper film on the silver film, and you should lay a layer of primer and finish on the copper film to strengthen protection and extend the service life of the small wall mirror.

3. Look at the style

Choose the matching style of the small wall mirror according to the style of the home and bathroom, which should be consistent with the overall style. For example, oval mirrors are more suitable for the European style, square mirrors are more suitable for the Chinese style, and so on.

4. See waterproof and rust-proof functions

Ordinary mirrors will dim if placed in damp places for a long time and even rust and fall off. Therefore, you should pay attention to small wall mirrors' waterproof and rust-proof functions.


What are the bathroom decoration styles?

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1. Village-style bathroom

If you like the retro style and want to relax in the old-fashioned bathtub, you can enjoy the feeling of being at home in the village-style bathroom. The old bathroom cabinet can adhere to the simple attraction and retain its rough natural appearance. The messy window cloth and shabby oil painting are important planning elements of this village-style bathroom.

2. Vintage-style bathroom

This style is very ambitious for those who began to appreciate fashion planning decades ago. The charm of the retro bathroom is that it combines the latest bento equipment with the nostalgic colors of orange, olive green, yellow and brown, plus bold shapes and strange flower shapes, giving the bathroom a full sense of individuality. Still, sometimes it may lack more functional space.

3. Natural-style bathroom

If you like natural smooth lines and attractive fibers and enjoy a quiet bath experience, then the planning of natural style is your ideal choice. Harmony and balance, solid stone products, wooden elements, and carved statues are the characteristics of this bathroom planning. To balance the darkness of this space, you can add red towels, orchids, round pictures, or Chinese-style decorations.

4. Scandinavian-style bathroom

The Scandinavian style attaches great importance to the use of natural materials. In such bathroom planning, you can enjoy the beauty of great nature without compromising on style and function. In many Australian families, the use of wood is a trend, which is a way to integrate nature into bathroom planning and create a quiet and ventilated space. Here, the bright wooden joinery furniture lines outline the summary of the room and include an attractive and imperfect hand-made footstool, making the bathroom look very comfortable.

5. Industrial-style bathroom

Do you prefer a low-key environment to a practical bathroom with crude materials? The bathroom made of this kind of concrete tile will give you an unexpected industrial-style charm, but not unexpected. The combination of wood and metal creates a strong sense of beauty visually.

6. Beach-style bathroom

If there is a style that allows you to enjoy the seaside fun without going out, it should be the seaside style. Because it is a simple, low-maintenance attraction with and soft color, echoing our beautiful coastline. White and neutral colors, blue wooden shelves, shells, and other decorations enhance the charm of the seaside bathroom.


What are the uses of mirrors?


Dressing mirror: It is often placed in a specific corner of the family, such as the bathroom, and is used to help make up, shave, comb hair, and other grooming tools. This kind of mirror is placed in different sizes, you can carry around the small one, and the large one can inspect the whole body clothing, also called a dressing mirror.

Instrument: In the optical path of many optical instruments, such as telescopes and microscopes, mirrors are used for reflection.


Safety: such as rear-view mirror and rear-view mirror of vehicles. Convex mirrors will be placed at the corners of some roads to remind pedestrians to pay attention to safety.

Call for help: In case of danger, you can use a mirror to reflect sunlight to send a call for help signal. It should flash three times short, then flash three times longer, and finally flash three times short.


How to clean the small wall mirror?


1. Add vinegar to the water. For the dirt on the mirror, we can also directly add some vinegar to the water. The ratio of water to vinegar is about 2:1. After cleaning, wipe the mirror with a dry rag, and the mirror will be clean.

2. Shampoo and soap solution. It's troublesome to clean the mirror, especially the mirror in the bathroom. Because of frequent bathing, the mirror is often dirty, and it will also generate steam. If you want to avoid the trouble of washing the mirror later, you can do the nursing work in advance. To keep the mirror clear, we directly use soap to soak the soap in advance.

After soaking, you can directly apply the soap solution to the mirror. After painting, you can wipe the mirror with a dry rag, and After this series of operations, a thin soap film will be produced on the mirror.

If you use the mirror later, you will find that it is not so easy to blur, and it will become particularly convenient to wash the mirror later. In addition to using soap solution, shampoo can also achieve this effect.

3. Newspapers. When cleaning the glass at home, to make the glass look less colorful, after cleaning the glass, we will use newspapers to clean glass. This method can make the glass particularly clean, and the same method is also applicable to mirrors. After cleaning the small wall mirror, take some home newspapers and dry the water on the glass, and the mirror will become clean.

4. Onions. If there is dirt on the small wall mirror, if there are onions at home, you can use onions to clean the dirt. When cleaning, you need to cut the onions and then use the cut side to scrub the mirror repeatedly. After ten minutes, he will wash the mirror with clean water. At this time, you will find that the mirror becomes bright.

5. Toothpaste. After the mirror in the washroom has been used for a long time, there will be a lot of scales. At this time, you can directly use the toothpaste at home to clean the scale on the mirror. First, wet the small wall mirror, then squeeze some toothpaste on the mirror, and directly use a brush to clean the mirror. You will find that the small wall mirror will be clean again. This method is also very useful for the scale of the faucet.

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