Rotatable Shoe Rack-How to Make It Satisfactory


Now many people are equipped with shoe racks at home. There are many types of shoe racks on the market, and rotatable shoe racks are popular.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of rotatable shoe racks?

How to install a satisfactory rotary shoe rack?

The following is a shoe rack customization strategy fully explained to you. Let's have a look.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the rotatable shoe rack?

Its advantages are: The advantage of a rotatable shoe rack is obvious. It saves space and can be obtained for each pair. The height of each layer can be set by yourself so that flat and high-heeled shoes have appropriate space. The normal living area is not large, so each piece of furniture must be beautiful and practical at the same time.

The appearance of a revolving shoe rack is barrel-shaped, which takes up little space. It has many appearances and a large capacity and can adapt to different decoration styles. Therefore, it is widely popular. The rotary shoe rack is decorated with high-quality refined steel film, which is environmentally friendly, beautiful and generous.

It can be used as an ornament with many functions, such as sterilization, deodorization, dehumidification, drying, etc., to ensure people's health. It can also customize the design and colour to meet the decoration needs of young people today.

The disadvantage is that they are not friendly to boots, whether short boots or medium boots. If we reduce the number of boots on the partition, we will put fewer pairs of flat shoes and high-heeled shoes, and you can not put down the knee boots at all, so we need to use a whole partition space horizontally.

The solution is to install a whole row of shelves behind the shelf. The height can be adjusted by itself. All of them are used to wearing boots and rarely used high-heeled shoes. So if you want to install a rotatable shoe rack, you'd better reserve space beside the rack for your boots.

What are the points for attention in the customized rotatable shoe rack design?

The first one is the shoe rack appearance design: The shoe rack serves as the doorway of the home. The rack you see when you enter the door must have a high appearance and be easy to use. Customized top design of shoe racks; There are three main methods for shoe racks: buying finished shoe racks, on-site carpentry to create shoe racks, and customized shoe racks with a measuring ruler.

The finished shoe racks can't reach the top, which wastes space on the top, and the size is good and difficult to buy. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy finished shoe racks directly. The on-site carpentry to create shoe racks requires high carpentry skills. If you meet a bad carpenter, you will roughly handle the cabinet. Therefore, I recommend that you customize the rotatable shoe rack with a measuring ruler, which can be customized according to the space size and achieve the top using the space above.

Leave empty in the middle of the shoe rack; It can be customized by rotating the rack gauge. You can select the style according to your preference. It is recommended to leave the middle part of the shoe rack empty for small items such as keys or bags. In addition, you can place a pot of green plants for fresh air. Suspended design at the bottom; The bottom of the rotatable shoe rack can be suspended at the height of about 150mm to place shoes that are often replaced.

For example, once you get home, you can easily get a pair of slippers from the bottom of the shoe rack. The shoe rack is designed with an open partition; If you don't want to put the shoes that you often change on the ground, you can also design an open partition at the bottom of the rotatable shoe rack so that you can easily place the shoes that you often change. Shoe rack holder; If your porch space is large enough, you can customize a card holder on the rotatable shoe rack so that you can easily sit on the cardholder and change shoes, so it is easier to change shoes.

shoe rack ideas

The second aspect is the internal space size of the rotatable shoe rack. In addition to the appearance of the shoe rack, the internal space layout is also very important. The internal space layout determines whether the shoe rack is easy to use. The reasonable classification of the shoe rack can increase the storage space. The shoe rack's floor height: The shoe rack; The interior of the shoe rack is mainly composed of laminates.

It would be best if you determined the height of the laminates according to the height of the shoe cabinet. For example, if you wear more flat shoes yearly, the laminates can be set at 80-100mm. If you usually wear more high-heeled shoes, you should set the height of the laminates at 160mm. The height of the laminates can also be different. Some laminates can be higher, and some can be lower to place different shoes, especially those with long boots at home; you can also specially reserve a space for a higher layer to put boots.

Shoe rack depth; The shoe rack depth is generally 350mm, which can accommodate regular shoes. However, if someone's shoes are particularly large in your home, you can try to make the shoe rack 400mm deep and try not to exceed 400mm. Otherwise, it will take up a lot of space in the hallway. Rotatable shoe rack movable laminate; you can also make the shoe shelf into a movable form to place different shoes. This setting is also very convenient if you want to adjust the height.

The third aspect is multifunctional shoe rack equipment. Having a shoe-changing stool beside the rotatable shoe rack is better. You can customize the shoe changing stool and the shoe rack as a cardholder, but it is smaller than the cardholder. You can reserve only one seat space, but this will also take up the shoe rack space. If you want to save a little space, you can choose the wall-mounted foldable shoe stool installed on the wall near the shoe rack.

You can unfold the shoe stool when you need to sit and change shoes. When you don't need it, you can fold it up and put it away, which is very space-saving. You can also buy a movable shoe-changing stool with many shapes. For example, the popular animal-shaped shoe changing stool can not only be used as a shoe changing stool but also play a decorative role. In addition, it is better to match a mirror beside the shoe rack so that when you go out, you can tidy up your appearance or install the mirror on the wall.

It depends on your choice. Moreover, the shoe rack is placed at the entrance porch, which can be matched with an inductive lamp so that once the door is entered, the lamp will automatically light up, and there is no need to find the light source switch in the dark. If you want to hang clothes or bags on the shoe rack, you can install several hooks on the rotatable shoe rack, which is beautiful and practical.

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The next aspect is to ensure that the rotatable shoe rack style is consistent with that of the home. It is necessary to ensure that the colour, style, modelling and home style are the same to ensure the overall visual effect. Because you will see the shoe cabinet when you enter the door, it is the visual focus. If the colour jumps too much, it will appear abrupt. Rotatable shoe racks are usually designed at the entrance.

The porch cabinet is not only a storage cabinet for easy undressing, shoes changing and hanging hats, but also a key position for guests to have an impression when entering the door. It has the functions of a shoe rack, coat rack, coat mirror, privacy protection and decoration. If it is not well designed, it will greatly affect the quality of life. So we must spend more time creating a beautiful and practical porch cabinet. Leave empty in the middle of the porch cabinet.

You can put bags, keys, small parcels and other items on the middle counter or place some green plants and fresh air. If possible, you can also equip yourself with a power socket, where you can charge the power bank so that when you leave, you can take the bag away without forgetting it. The hallway cabinet is customized to the top. The sealed hallway will not accumulate dust and will be easier to clean.

Moreover, the large shelf will provide more storage space. If there are more shoes, you can also take them in, avoiding the embarrassment of insufficient storage space when adding shoes in the future. In the long run, consider the structure inside the rotatable shoe rack. The standard shoe rack is divided into men's, women's, and children's shoes. Some shoe cabinets will also be designed with storage compartments.

The space occupied by children's shoes is not large, but the space will be insufficient for children's growth. Therefore, the actual design of children's shoe storage compartments will be larger. The board of the shoe rack is made into a movable form, which can place different shoes. This setting is also very convenient if you want to adjust the height. In addition, there is no extra charge for selecting the movable laminate when customizing the cabinet, which is more economical than buying the rotary shoe cabinet directly.

The bottom of the shoe cabinet can be suspended at the height of about 150 mm, which saves the trouble of putting shoes into the cabinet every time you take them off. You can put the shoes you don't wear in the cabinet. The shoes you often wear can be put in the cabinet whenever you wear them, which is more convenient and neat.

The last aspect is the custom rotatable shoe rack considerations. The boards of the shoe cabinet should be environmentally friendly. Whether it is particle board or multi-layer solid wood board, it is necessary to ask which environmental protection standard the boards meet. You must select the boards that meet the environmental protection standard.

If you use solid wood, you should also pay attention to what paint is brushed on the surface of the solid wood. It is recommended not to choose white plates for the inner layer of the shoe rack. The shoes look very easy to get dirty when they are put on. The inner layer of the shoe rack can be made of wood or other colours.      

Style and style of rotatable shoe rack

According to the size, there are small shoe racks and tall shoe racks for the rotatable shoe racks. Of course, if you live alone, there are also narrow shoe racks to choose from; According to the colour, there are white shoe racks, brown shoe racks and black shoe racks; According to the material, there are bamboo shoe racks, wooden shoe racks, metal shoe racks, and of course you can also DIY shoe racks.

The above are some advantages and disadvantages of the rotatable shoe rack and precautions for customizing the shoe rack. The Rotatable Shoe Rack is widely used in the home and is popular with consumers in a wide variety of styles. You can choose any product that suits you, and you like. You can choose the right product carefully from type to style.

It is recommended to pay more attention to the shoe cabinet. The shoe rack is very important. The shoe rack is well designed, which can increase storage space. In addition, when we customize the rotatable shoe rack, we must take into account our environment and needs to ensure the normal function of the shoe cabinet without affecting the room's overall beauty.

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