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With the improvement of living standards, people's definition of life is not only food and clothing, but more and more attention is paid to the home's decoration. People buy good TV for viewing and entertainment and have more requirements for decorations around the TV, such as TV walls and a TV stand.

The TV cabinet is the furniture produced by people unsatisfied with placing the TV at will. The rattan TV stand is not only used to place the TV but also integrates the product storage and display functions. It has been a very popular one for consumers in recent years.

The TV stand has always been the most conspicuous display in the home's living room, and it is also the finishing touch of decoration that many owners hope. How should the TV stand be selected? When choosing the TV stand, you should decide according to your preferences.

On the other hand, you should also decide according to the size of the living room and the TV. Only in this way can you keep the overall match. A good TV cabinet is not only a comfortable place for TV but also a decorative effect, adding highlights to the living room or bedroom.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a TV stand?

The type of rattan TV stand

The biggest advantage of the rattan TV stand is that it can play a very good decorative effect. Whether placed in the living room or the bedroom, it will occupy very little space to play the best decorative effect. Regarding classification, the rattan TV stand has two kinds of TV stand mount and a TV table stand. In terms of usage, the rattan TV stand has a mounted TV stand, bedroom TV stand, outdoor TV stand, rolling TV stand, storage TV stand, etc. The rattan TV stand can meet the needs of various users.

   In terms of decoration performance, the rattan TV stand also has various styles to choose from, such as an electrical fireplace TV stand, midcentury modern TV stand, etc. People's pursuit of TV stand is getting higher and higher, not only to meet the function of placing TV, but also hope that it can better decorate the home. Therefore, there are not only a wide variety of TV stands on the market, but also different designs and materials

The electric fireplace TV stand of the rattan TV stand has a strong natural flavor, practical function, and strong decoration. European and American designers advocate bringing valuable and spiritual decorative concepts into the interior, giving up those designs that are purely for viewing but not practical. To help people bring more natural colors and materials into interior design.

When selecting materials, designers mostly use logs with clear grain texture to highlight the natural flavor of wood, pure manual carving, the manufacturing process of European solid wood furniture, classical art modeling, classical retro color system, and perfect integration of practicality and decoration. It also has obvious cost advantages, simple installation and maintenance, convenient movement, stable quality, and other advantages.

 tv stand for 65 tv

Next, the rattan TV stand introduces the midcentury modern TV stand. When we talk about the middle ages, we will think of the gypsy girls, the layered skirts of Russia, the beaded sequins of India, the tassel beads of Morocco, and the ever-growing fashion of the T-shaped platform. When making this medieval rattan TV stand, the designers considered every detail.

They combined it with the medieval cultural background to pass on the rich medieval, retro culture to each user, with bold color contrast and heavy patterns, Hoops, and beads. We can see the life of the middle ages and lead us into the fantastic story of the thousand and one nights.

According to the structure, the rattan TV stand can be divided into ground TV stand type, combined type, plate rack type, and other types. Rattan TV stand of the floor TV stand type is the most common and frequently used TV stand. The biggest advantage of a floor-type TV stand is that it can play a very good decorative effect. Whether placed in the living room or the bedroom, it will occupy very little space and play the best decorative effect.

A combined TV stand has been consumers' most popular TV stand in recent years. A combined stand can be combined with a wine TV stand, decorative, floor TV stand, and other household TV stand to form an original TV stand. It is a sublimation product of a traditional TV stand. The main material used in the panel-mounted TV stand is the plate structure design, which is more prominent in practicality and durability.

The rattan TV stand can be divided into steel wood, marble, and plate, according to the material. With the development of the times, more and more new materials and technologies are used in the manufacture and design of TV stands, reflecting their importance in furniture decoration and practicality. The rattan TV stand uses new materials, which are not only stable in structure but also gorgeous and generous in appearance so that users can feel more at ease in using safety issues and can play a good role in decorating the living room.

shopping points of  rattan TV stand

   The purchase of a TV stand should be comprehensively considered from the size, style, shape, and personal preference of the living room to achieve consistency, harmony, and beauty.

   First of all, the overall style of the living room and TV stand should be well matched so that the TV stand can improve the style and level of the living room. We should decorate the living room  tv stand in classical style with a solid wood TV stand, such as the model of the rattan TV stand's electrical fireplace TV stand;

In the living room with rustic decoration style, you can choose the TV stand with soil breath or jumping color, we also have bedroom TV stand for you to choose from; The TV stand with simple lines and beautiful shape is suitable for the modern style living room, and the midcentury modern of rattan TV stand also meets the requirements.

   Next, you can choose the combined TV stand and partition according to the category and quantity of items you need to arrange. We all know that the TV stand can not only be used to place the TV but also can store things. Even a good TV stand can improve the level of home decoration. Families with children generally have a headache in putting their children's toys.

We can put the toys on the TV stand, and the children can take them easily. Friends who have more books at home can focus on building a bookshelf wall to make the living room serve as a study for storing books. In this way, it can save space and highlight the owner's cultural taste.

If there are many handicrafts in the home, we can consider building a display wall to display the small objects one by one and list them to add beauty and interest to the TV stand and express the interests and hobbies of the owner. The storage TV stand of the rattan TV stand can also perfectly meets the needs of different users.

   The third problem is about the proper size. When selecting the TV stand, we must consider the TV's width, height, and depth to avoid trouble due to the size mismatch afterward. Usually, the height of the TV stand can directly affect the experience of watching TV.

If the TV is directly placed on the TV stand, the height of the TV stand is very important. The specific height of the TV stand is mainly related to the height of your eyes when you sit on the sofa. When the TV is placed on the TV stand, the most central position of the TV cannot exceed the height of the eyes. Currently, most TV stands in the market do not exceed 45cm and are not less than 30cm. It is enough that the TV stand is between this height.

As for the length, it is suggested that you choose according to the TV. Otherwise, the size difference between the two will be too large and look incongruous. The TV stand should be at least 2 times longer than the TV so it will be more beautiful. In terms of depth, if the area is not particularly large, you must grasp the depth when selecting the TV cabinet.

Otherwise, it will not only look ugly but also occupy a lot of living room area, which is very crowded. The depth of the TV stand in a large house can be arbitrary. Generally speaking, the depth of the TV stand is 30cm. Some places should be reserved above the TV stand to facilitate the placement of items. The rattan TV stand has different sizes according to household types, including a 50-inch TV stand, 75-inch TV stand, 85-inch TV stand, etc.

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Fourth, the size of the living room should pay attention to the size of the living room when buying the TV stand, and choose the TV stand according to the layout of the TV stand in the living room. The "I" type is a very common TV stand, which can be attached to the ground or suspended. It looks simple and generous. No matter what the decoration style is, we can control it. The whole wall type TV stand directly covers the whole wall, surrounding the TV in the middle, and has a lot of storage space.

However, this form of the TV stand is not suitable for small households, and it will appear that the living room is particularly crowded, which is the icing on the cake for large households. The embedded TV stand is directly embedded into the wall, which will not take up too much space and increase the storage area. If children are at home, the embedded TV cabinet can also prevent the children from bumping and bumping. It will also appear very simple visually, with good consistency, and not appear too abrupt. The rattan TV stand has designed a TV stand that meets the above decoration styles for reference.

We should select the fifth TV stand materials for heat dissipation. We all know that electrical appliances need heat dissipation, so the TV stand materials also need heat dissipation. The placement of lines is also a matter of attention when we buy TV stands. Everything is convenient for the placement of lines.

The function of the TV stand is mainly convenient and practical. It is very important to store the items you need to place, and the appearance is also very important. The rattan TV stand products can not only meet the needs of heat dissipation but also have a gorgeous appearance.

Finally, I want to tell you that maintaining and cleaning the TV stand is also very important. After purchasing the rattan TV stand, you should be diligent in cleaning and wiping with a clean cloth because the inside and back of the TV stand are prone to dead corners and dust accumulation.

The daily cleaning of the TV stand can be diluted with olive oil and water and wiped with a cloth to make the wooden cabinet smooth and shiny. In ordinary times, opening and closing the door panel or drawer should not be too rude, especially the glass TV stand, or it may easily cause damage.

Many people will struggle with what kind of TV stand to choose. The above analyses how to choose from five aspects. When buying, we need to consider the appearance, size, and type.

When selecting TV stands, we must consider the same style as the home decoration. Otherwise, it will look very inconsistent. At the same time, the rattan TV stand has a variety of styles and sizes. No matter what the needs, we have products that match the needs. Come and buy them. What are you waiting for?

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