Pet House for Your Pet- How to Design a Pet House

Families that keep pets integrate their daily life into the family life, and the pet nest is often a household item required by different pets. A pet nest with comfortable materials and moderate space can provide a recreational space for pets, with appropriate space and color design. It can enrich the whole design on the premise of saving space. For example, peter luger steak house, national pet day white house, and peter doocy house.

Give them room to accompany you under the tea table

Compared with buildings where people live, pets prefer to sleep in narrow, more secure spaces. You can use the space under the tea table for pets to rest, which will not occupy too much space in the living room and provide a closer distance from their owners.

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"Home of Climbers" on the wall

Claw grinding boards and cat climbing frames are essential for cats, which are relatively more active and need sports. But too many pet products are piled up in the house of pets without order, which is not only ugly but also may make cats uninterested sometimes. Now, a pet nest on the wall is the best choice, allowing cats to explore and fully use the wall space.


The secret base in the bedroom

Many pet owners have a big headache about arranging their pets to sleep. When the pet nest is not in the bedroom, pets often go to bed. This is because pets have the worst defensive back against their owners, which makes them feel safer. If there are enough "safe" pet nests in the bedroom, pets may be more acceptable. The design of the bedside table as a pet nest is both beautiful and of appropriate height. Owners may wish to try it.


Smart use of seat space

When meeting pets whose personality depends more on their owners, they need a space where they can accompany their owners at any time due to their characteristics of following where they go. The small space of the chair and sofa is designed as a pet nest, which you can move anywhere without occupying space; fashionable and convenient.


Artwork placed separately

The pet nest with artistic design can play an embellishment role in a large space. You can match the art pet nest with the space in terms of shape and material, which is not conflicting but also eye-catching. This pet nest is more like a mobile castle, and different placement methods will play different roles.


A pet nest is a place that reflects the warmth of home. From the perspective of pets, making a comfortable design for them is another embodiment of the "people-oriented" principle of interior decoration design. For example, littlest pet shop house, pet house candle and ruff house pet resort.


How long will fleas live in a house without pets?

 Adults of fleas can not eat anything for 12 months, and they can obtain nutrients from blood-sucking via fleas whenever they have a chance. Once there is a chance, they will get nourishment from blood-sucking through fleas. As fleas have no specific host, they can parasitize on all hairy animals, including inanimate objects (such as carpets).


What are the types of pet houses?

Cotton pet house

The size is generally small, suitable for small indoor pets.


Plastic pet house

It is usually small and suitable for small indoor pets. It is not suitable for outdoor use. It will crack due to temperature, and the firmness, heat preservation and environmental protection will also become problems.


Stainless steel pet house

The pet house made of stainless steel metal is more durable and light, but the price is also slightly higher. It is generally used for large pets, for example, to prevent dogs from biting people due to excessive mania.


Wooden pet house

As an eternal building material, wood has the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection, heat preservation, high stability, and warmth in winter and cool in summer. The test results show that the thermal insulation capacity of a 150 mm thick wood structure wall is equivalent to that of a 610 mm thick brick wall. Wooden pet house is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, but it requires anti-corrosion and waterproof treatment for outdoor use, with a service life of about 5 years.

1. Cedar Pet House

The cedar wood is soft and cheap. It is suitable for small pet houses. Most of them do not have professional anti-corrosion and waterproof treatment. They are suitable for indoor use. Their outdoor life is only about one year.

2. Pine pet house

There are three kinds of materials: white pine, camphor pine and Nordic red pine. White pine is similar to Chinese fir. Pinus sylvestris var. Pinus densiflora are mainly suitable for outdoor use by large and medium-sized pets. These two materials have high density and hard texture and are near twice the weight of Chinese fir. In particular, the Nordic Pinus densiflora has natural antiseptic properties.

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What are the benefits of keeping pets?

Pets are the most loyal friends of human beings. They will accompany you and protect you until they die. Pets can enrich human life. Veterinary medical experts and biologists have found through research that pet contact can change the mood, reduce symptoms and pain, and improve people's physical and mental functions.


Pets and children

The companion animal is an explicit teaching material and best friend for children, which can help children develop self-confidence and self-esteem, leadership and responsibility, compassion and love, and also help to treat children with autism.


Pets and the elderly

"Empty nest family" has increasingly become a common social phenomenon, and its number and proportion are growing at an unprecedented rate. How to make these older people enjoy their old age has become a social problem that needs to be solved urgently and needs the active attention and support of all social parties. Pet owners say pets can make them feel relaxed, give them a sense of security and unbiased acceptance and care, and bring them friendship and family affection. As a result, they have partners to communicate with within their lives, and their desire for family and friendship is partially satisfied by pets.


Pets and the disabled

The guide dog can help the blind guide the way; The working dog can help the disabled to take care of their daily life and help people with mobility difficulties, such as finding lost items or opening the door for people in wheelchairs, or providing support for people who need help when walking, carrying items or escorting people across the road. Some dogs are trained to help deaf-mutes respond to sounds, such as doorbell ringing, telephone ringing, or fire alarm ringing.


Pets and Human Health

Pets can effectively interfere with hypertension, regulate people's blood pressure, heart rate, endocrine system and mental state, and improve and strengthen people's physical, mental and psychological health.

Keeping pets can bring us happiness as well as trouble. Before raising pets, we should understand the following points:

 1. Before raising pets, it is very important to ensure that you have enough time, enough space, enough money, and whether you like this animal. Pets are our companions in life. They are also afraid of loneliness and loneliness, and they also need our company and care. They usually communicate and play with them after school and home from work. Gently touching them will make them feel comfortable.

 2. Before feeding, you also need to understand your responsibilities. Keeping pets should not be a temporary impulse, nor a desire for novelty and fashion. Love, patience, and carefulness are essential for keeping a good pet.

 3. If you are raising a pet for the first time, you need to communicate with experienced friends for advice, or you can go to the pet shop for a consultation and choose a pet that is suitable for you in all aspects according to your abilities and specific conditions.

 4. Understand the living habits and breeding points of pets. Each kind of pet has its unique lifestyle. Before feeding, it is necessary to thoroughly understand relevant knowledge, such as food intake, food needed for feeding, common diseases, nutrition required, and food you should not feed. Only by understanding this basic knowledge can we get along with it better and give it the best care.

 5. Pay attention to the quantity and timing of feeding and food quality. Food is the most important part of raising pets. If the pets are not fed enough, they will be hungry. If the pets are fed too much, they will become obese. If the food is low quality or not fresh, it will seriously affect their health. Regular feeding can develop good eating habits and maintain their gastrointestinal system.

 6. Pets are also emotional creatures. They will trust and rely on you when you get along with them for some time. They will need your care very much if they are sick or injured. Therefore, please do not discard your pet when it is sick or injured. Go to a doctor in time and give it warmth and care, which will cure the injury.

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How to choose a suitable pet house?

1. Fabric

The fabrics of pet houses are related to the comfort and warmth of pet houses. At present, the fabrics of pet houses on the market are pure cotton, acrylic fibre and flannelette. Among them, pure cotton fabric is preferred by dogs because it is less stimulating and it is not easy to generate static electricity. The pet is also comfortable when sleeping.

 2. Cleaning difficulty

Consumers also need to pay attention to cleaning when choosing pet houses because, as a pooper, they also need to keep pets clean at all times, and cleaning them is the most troublesome part. Wooden pet houses are the easiest to clean, which you can directly clean with a brush and water, and are suitable for large pets. You can select cotton pet houses for small pets, and the surface is kept simple, which is conducive to cleaning.

 3. Function

At present, the functions of pet houses on the market have also become endless, but it does not mean that pet houses with more functions are also good. Consumers should prioritize practicality and choose pet houses with practical functions and long service life.

 4. Dimensions

The size of the pet house is related to the dog's size. When purchasing, consumers can communicate with the seller more. The size should be larger than the pet's.


Production of pet nest

When consumers can't find a suitable pet nest, they can prepare materials to create a self-made pet nest for their beloved dog, DIY. For example, pet Davidson house, pet's breakfast house and holiday house pet resort.

1. Determine dimensions

 First, consumers determine the size of the kennel according to the size of the dog and cut out the size needed by the pet when sleeping. Then cut a piece of cloth larger than the area where the dog rests. Separate the two pieces of cloth, the bottom and the surface, so that you can fill the middle with cotton and other fillers.

 2. Ready to Crop

The consumer first takes out one piece of cloth and folds it in half, then folds it in half, draws an arc along the diagonal, and then cuts along the arc. A circle is formed after cutting, and a small circle is drawn at an equal distance along the outer edge of the circle. In this way, the small circle serves as the bottom of the nest, and the big circle serves as the edge of the pet house. Sew the two pieces of cloth together along the small circle.

 3. Sealing

The consumer can seal both sides of the kennel after filling the kennel. To ensure the beauty of the kennel, you can use a piece of cloth for edging. Wrap along the outer seam first and then along the inner circle. If the pet is large, you can install a zipper around the pet shelter to facilitate cleaning in the future.

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