Natural Wood Side Table——a Good Decorating Option

What is the natural wood side table?

Now when we are pursuing comfort in life, we are also pursuing the trend of beauty and elegance. Take the table we often use as an example. We know that it may only be enough to have a table to eat at in the past. But now, with the improvement of people's living conditions, the requirements for the table are getting higher and higher, not only can we use the table, And there are some requirements for the beauty of the table and environmental protection. Then we know that the log table is a very good material. Also, there are a marble side table, metal side table, and gold side table. What are the characteristics of the natural wood side table? Let's take a look.

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Introduction and classification of the natural wood side table

1. The natural wood side table is a solid wooden side table, which refers to using natural trees as raw materials.

The production and design structure are simple and durable. The surface processing and protection of workpieces are also relatively simple, such as painting varnish, waxing protection, etc., to maintain the inherent texture of the original wood or reflect the true texture of the wood after vertical and horizontal cutting, reflect the original style of wood, and express the meaning of returning to nature, so it is called the natural wood side table.

2. According to the materials, log tables can be divided into elm log tables, camphor log tables, keep log tables, and vertebral log tables.

This classification method seems too reluctant but is also the most basic classification. We can also divide natural wood tables into narrow side tables and middle and slim side tables according to the rarity and precious level of wood. For example, natural wood side tables made of mahogany, teak, oak, walnut, and vertebrae are high-end log tables.

3. There is also a classification.

A natural wood side table can be divided into pure natural wood side tables and modern natural wood side tables. Natural wood side tables generally do not use modern metal and non-metallic accessories like nail hinges. Still, they only use superb splicing and carving and other table techniques to make them, trying to express the most primitive and simple wood state and the concept of advocating nature and returning to simplicity.

The wooden tables made by ancient carpenters are generally pure wooden tables. The modern side table is mainly processed by splicing and carving technology and assisted by processing modern metal and non-metallic accessories. Moreover, the natural wood side tables have side couch tables, side table lamps, and side table drawers.

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What's unique about natural wood side table

1. In today's society, health and environmental protection have become the main theme of society. Therefore, the natural wood side table is more and more popular. So, what are the characteristics of natural wood side table? The natural, environment-friendly, and healthy natural wood side table reveals the beauty of nature and primitiveness. The reason the natural wood side table has been unfailing for a long time is its natural wood color from the color analysis. The log color dining table is both natural and free of chemical pollution, which is a healthy fashion choice and meets the psychological needs of modern urbanites to advocate nature.

2. Secondly, in terms of material selection, take the domestic solid wood table as an example. The main types are walnut, beech, teak, vertebrae, maple, oak, oak, ash, elm, poplar, pine, etc., among which walnut, ash, beech, and oak are the most valuable. These materials come from nature, reflecting the harmonious relationship between people and the environment. Designers love to use these materials and then add the modern design concept of "people-oriented, nature-oriented," which can bring people closer to wood, people and nature and give people a sense of intimacy.

3. Thirdly, to create an environment-friendly decoration, the log dining table occupies the identity and position of the leading role in the market. In processing and manufacturing, the amount of glue used for log tables is quite small compared with those made of manufactured boards. The amount of glue used directly affects the environmental protection performance of the dining table.

4. Long service life. The service life of a plate dining table is generally 3-5 years; The service life of natural wood side table is more than 5 times that of a plate table.

We have introduced above the characteristics of the natural wood side table. We should have some understanding of this problem. Natural wood side tables are not only logged tables but also can be used for many types of tables. You can use log materials in our home, dressing table tables, and desks. Because we know that the log material has another great advantage, that is, it is environmentally friendly, which is one aspect that we modern people pay more attention to.

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 How to protect the natural wood side table better?

Solid wood furniture has many advantages. First, it is natural, environment-friendly, and pollution-free. The pattern of solid wood has a natural and original aesthetic feeling, revealing a unique Chinese ancient charm, which makes people feel comfortable and at ease. Practicability is also unique. The wood used as furniture is generally strong, durable, and has a long life. In addition, the paint on the surface can effectively prevent insect decay and avoid being damaged by friction and collision.

Solid wood furniture has entered thousands of households, but in the process of use, due to various improper operations, it will damage the beauty of the furniture. Even worse, it will damage the furniture and reduce its service life. Especially when using the solid wood dining table, it is easier to damage because many items need to be placed on it.

You should select professional furniture care essential oil to prevent the wood from cracking and deformation; Avoid direct sunlight, or it is easy to fade and crack locally; Avoid beverages, chemicals, or overheated objects on the surface of natural wood side table; Put a layer of wax on the table every 3 months. Specific maintenance methods are as follows:

1. Keep Moisturizing

you cannot wipe the solid wood dining table with a wet rag. Instead, it should use professional furniture care essential oil, which contains natural orange oil easily absorbed by wood fibers. It can lock the moisture in the wood, prevent the wood from cracking and deformation, nourish the wood, and extend the service life of the dining table.

2. Avoid direct sunlight

If the solid wood tables and chairs are always exposed to the sun, they are easy to fade locally, affecting the glossiness and aesthetics. Cracks will likely occur if the natural wood side table is too dry.

3. Avoid damaging the desktop

you shall not place drinks, chemicals, or overheated objects on the surface of the solid wood table to avoid damaging the natural color of the wood surface. Do not hit the solid wood table with heavy objects or cut things on the table to prevent damage to the tabletop.

4. Regular waxing

Apply a layer of wax to the natural wood side table every 3 months. Before waxing, check whether the surface of the paint layer is intact. For newer solid wood dining tables, the dust on the surface should be wiped off with fine cotton cloth first. A small piece of cotton cloth dipped with an appropriate amount of polish wax should be used to spread the wax on a large area, and then you should use a large dry cloth to wipe the wax evenly in circular blocks.

How to choose the table?

Three meals a day is a very important thing for us. As a senior eater, I greatly appreciate the restaurant's design when decorating my new home. As long as the restaurant is well designed, I will feel much better when eating.

The dining room does not need a lot of furniture. In addition to the sideboard, it is the dining table. Some families do not specially choose the sideboard, so the dining room only needs the dining table.

So choosing a practical and beautiful table is the most important thing. How do we choose a table at home? Learn these shopping methods to easily help you find the most suitable table for your home.

1. Solid wood dining table

A solid wood dining table should be the most common dining table in our daily life. Many families will choose solid wood dining tables. The solid wood dining table is also a versatile style. Whether a steady Chinese decoration or a simple modern, fresh decoration, you can choose a solid wood dining table.

The biggest advantage of a solid wood dining table is that it is environmentally friendly and has good quality. You will use it for a longer time. The natural texture of a solid wood dining table will also make people feel fresh and beautiful.

However, the prices of natural wood side tables are generally higher. Choosing a solid wood dining table with good quality is not easy. You need to consider this when choosing a solid wood dining table carefully.

2. Table made of pyrotechnic stone

The table surface made of this kind of burnt stone is black and has a frosty feeling, making the whole table look very advanced and textured.

The table made of pyrotechnic stone is more suitable for the Nordic decoration style, which can enhance the texture of the whole space and highlight the owner's taste.

However, cleaning the table made of pyrophoric stone is not very convenient. It is better to place some coasters or tablecloths on it when you use it; otherwise, cleaning the table will be annoying.

3. Artificial board dining table

This artificial board dining table is a cheap substitute for solid wood. If you think the solid wood dining table is expensive but like the texture of the solid wood, you can consider choosing this kind of artificial board dining table, and the price will be much lower.

The biggest disadvantage of the artificial board dining table is the environmental protection problem because the artificial board will use many articles such as adhesives during the processing process, and it is easy to produce harmful gases such as formaldehyde.

To choose a table made of manufactured boards, you must look at whether the table is environmentally friendly. Otherwise, you will feel uneasy when using it.

4. Marble dining table

The marble dining table is also a style that many friends like now. The marble texture looks very textured, which suits young people.

Moreover, the marble surface is relatively smooth and very convenient to clean up when there is an oil stain. Friends who are worried about the bad cleaning of the table can choose the marble style.

5. Tempered glass dining table

In addition, the table is made of tempered glass, and the price of the table made of this material is relatively cheap.

However, the corners of the marble dining table are very sharp, so it is easy to bump. When using it, pay attention not to place too heavy items.

After you know the advantages and disadvantages of these tables, you can choose and buy them according to your needs.


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