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What is the bar cabinet?

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The bar cabinet is the working area where businesses provide drinks and other services to customers. The bar cabinet is the core part of the bar, originally originating from places with the word "bar," such as bars and Internet cafes, representing these places' general service desk (cashier). It is also used to refer to the general service desk of restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and other modern entertainment and leisure service places—for example, modern bar cabinet, coffee bar cabinet, wine cabinet bar, and vintage bar cabinet. The bar counter is composed of a (front bar), a bar cabinet (back bar), and an operation console (center bar). The size and shape of the bar counter also vary according to specific conditions, and you can vary its styles. The basic three-bar designs are usually linear bars with closed sides, which can protrude into the room or sink into one end of the room. The design of the bar should be elegant and comfortable. The decoration should be beautiful and generous. The atmosphere should be warm and soft, giving guests a feeling of "home at home." Furniture should be applicable.


What are the design principles of the modern bar cabinet?


When setting up a modern bar cabinet in the room, you must consider the modern bar cabinet a part of the complete space, not just a piece


Furniture's good design can integrate the modern bar cabinet into the space. There are no specific rules to follow for the location of the modern bar cabinet. Designers usually suggest using some abnormal space. If the modern bar cabinet is integrated into the main body of the space, we should consider the direction of the moving line. A good design is instructive, which makes a living more comfortable.


Of course, the location will also affect the circuit and water supply and drainage design, especially when the corner is far away from the pipe or the drainage pipe. Drainage becomes a big problem. The drain pipe should have a certain inclination. If the position of the modern bar cabinet is close to the outdoors, you can connect the drain pipe to the outdoors to drain water by a separate pipeline; If the pipeline has to be connected to the pipeline and the inclination is insufficient, and you must install the pipeline from the ceiling or wall, the construction will be more troublesome, and the cost will also increase.


If you want to use electrical appliances with high power consumption in the modern bar cabinet, such as induction cookers, you'd better design a separate circuit to avoid circuit tripping.


The operating space of the modern bar cabinet built using the corner needs at least 90cm. The height of the modern bar cabinet has two dimensions: the single-layer bar is about 110cm up and down, and the double-layer modern bar cabinet is 80cm and 105cm, with a gap of at least 25cm between them. Only the inner layer can place articles.


The depth of the table top must depend on the function of the modern bar cabinet. The tabletop width for drinking only differs from that for dining. If there are seats in front of the table, the tabletop must protrude from the modern bar cabinet itself, so the depth of the table top must be at least 40-60 cm, and the lower part of the modern bar cabinet with this width is also convenient for storage.


The length of the modern bar cabinet should be convenient for use. Generally speaking, the minimum sink should be 60cm long, the operating table should be 60cm long, and the others should be measured according to their needs.


The countertop should be made of wear-resistant materials, and leather is unsuitable. The modern bar cabinet with a sink should be water-resistant; If the modern bar cabinet uses electrical appliances, fire-resistant materials are best, such as artificial stone, Menai board, etc., which are ideal materials.


What are the benefits of the home bar?

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The living room is the key area of the living room, which is usually decorated very carefully. The home bar cabinet in the living room gives people a different mood and sense of luxury. The most economical and effective way is to use scattered light. The high-foot bar stool is the most romantic scene of the bar to create a luxurious atmosphere.


As a space partition in a small space, it can play a connecting role, making the room bigger and more spacious; In a large space, it can also play a role of segmentation, making the functions of different areas clearer.


As a small restaurant, the bar is placed in the kitchen, which has an additional food preparation area and a small restaurant.


As a leisure area, the most original function of the bar can be brought into full play. It can create an emotional atmosphere anywhere in the home.


As a work/study area, functional integration is inevitable for small apartments, and the bar can also be used as a place to work/study at home.

With the continuous development of society, the perfect design of the open kitchen bar has realized the function of being beautiful and practical. Both small and villa types can have different styles of the kitchen bar, which can be used as a small tables and chat and reading. Such a design can accommodate more than a few people. Sitting on a high chair drinking wine and chatting is not a kind of life enjoyment!


How to equip bar table holders?


The specifications and shapes of tables and chairs in the bar adapt and change with the location, business form, and architectural style. Customers in the target market should also be considered before selecting tables and chairs. If the target guests are those who pursue elegant enjoyment, the tables and chairs should be high-grade wooden products with exquisite craft and texture; If the target guest is a business person who has been busy all day on the hard floor, modern tables and chairs, such as spacious and comfortable chairs or sofas, will create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere; If you want to let customers revel all night, then comfortable couch or couch is the most ideal; If the operator wants to increase customer turnover, it is better to use hard plastic chairs and plastic desks.


How to clean the bar cabinet furniture?


The tall bar cabinet must be considered a part of the complete space, not just a home.


A good design can integrate the corner bar cabinet into the space. Pay attention to the use of detergent and maintenance agents in cleaning and maintaining the bar cabinets for the home.



The bar storage cabinet is generally made of marble and hardwood. If the liquor is turned over on the table or stained, it will form hard spots and blocky stains if it is not treated in time. Therefore, it must be wiped dry with a rag immediately. If it has become a hard lump, wipe it with a wet towel first, spray it with detergent and wipe it on the surface until the stain completely disappears. Spray maintenance agent on the surface of the wood bar cabinet after cleaning.



The wooden surface of the wall bar cabinet must avoid placing drinks, chemicals, or overheated items on the surface to avoid damaging the natural color of the wooden surface.


When there is a lot of dirt, wipe it with diluted neutral detergent and warm water first, then wipe it with clean water. Remember to wipe the residual water stains with a soft dry cloth, and then polish it with maintenance wax after completely wiping it.


What are the principles of bar setting?

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Although you should set the bar according to local conditions, the following points should be paid attention to when arranging the bar.


Visual salience

That is, guests can see the position of the bar and feel its existence of the bar as soon as they enter. Because the bar should be the center of the whole bar and the general sign of the bar, guests should know as soon as possible where the drinks and services they enjoy come from. Therefore, the bar counter should be in a prominent position, such as from the entrance and directly opposite the door.


Convenient service

That is, the setting of the bar counter can provide fast service to the guests sitting at any angle in the bar and also facilitate the service activities of the service staff.


Reasonable layout

Try to make a certain space not only accommodate more guests but also make guests not feel crowded and disorderly and meet the target guests' special requirements for the environment. On the right side of the entrance, the more attractive setting is to place the bar a few steps away from the door, while on the left side, set a semi-enclosed train seat. At the same time, it should be noted that there should be an irregular space in the bar set to facilitate service. Some bars often ignore this point, so the service staff and guests compete for space, and there is a risk of spilling wine due to crowding during service.


Main configuration

The bar is divided into two parts: the front and back. The front bar is mostly a high and low counter, composed of the dining desk for customers and the operation desk for wine mixing; The back bar is composed of a wine bar cabinet, decoration cabinet, refrigerator, etc.


As a complete set of bar equipment, the front bar should include the following equipment: a wine bottle rack for the bar, a three-compartment washing tank or automatic glass washer, sink, ornament batching tray, ice storage tank, beer dispenser, beverage dispenser, empty bottle rack, and garbage can. The rear bar shall include the following equipment: cash register, bottle wine storage cabinet, bottle wine, beverage display cabinet, wine, beer refrigerator, beverage, ingredients, fruit decoration refrigerator, ice maker, wine glass storage cabinet, etc.


The service distance between the front and back bar should not be less than 950MM, but it should not be too large. The distance between two people should be appropriate. The refrigerator should be properly retracted during installation so that the door of this equipment will not affect the movement of the waitperson after opening. The aisle floor shall be paved with plastic partitions or wooden strip frames, and you shall pave rubber mat locally to prevent water and slipping, which can also reduce the fatigue caused by the waitperson standing for a long time.


Design points of the back bar: In addition to the front bar, the design of the back bar is also very important. As the back bar is the focus of customers' attention, it is also the essence of interior decoration, which needs careful treatment. First of all, we should divide the back bar into two parts. The upper part is not a practical arrangement but a place for decoration and free design; Generally, there is a modern bar cabinet at the lower part, where cups and wine bottles can be placed where customers can't see. The small bar cabinet should be 400-600MM wide to store more items to meet practical requirements.

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