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How to decorate the living room?

The living room layout is simple and atmospheric, which will give people a fresh, stylish and clear feeling.  Therefore, in the decoration advocating less is more. In the choice of furniture, you can choose multi-functional storage furniture, improve the utilization of space, and reduce the setting of too much furniture. In the design of furniture, the same pursuit of simplicity to win the complex, for example, metal tv stand and metal texture of the coffee table collocation has a simple, fashionable feeling. The metallic texture is practical and high-end, so the metal tv stand is very popular in the market.

tv stand for 75 inch tv

What is tv stand?

tv stand is basically used to put tv. With the improvement of people's living standards, electrical equipment corresponding to the television appeared, resulting in the use of television stand from a single to a diversified development, is no longer a single display of television use, but set television, set-top box, DVD, audio equipment, discs and other products storage and display. More for display purposes. tv stand is a kind in furniture, because people does not satisfy the furniture that puts tv at will and generation, also have call stand of seeing and hearing. tv stand with Drawers there are many kinds of tv stand with drawers on the mstandet, of which metal tv stand is very popular.

tv with stand

What type does tv stand have?

The stand

stand with its shape tv stand and ground stand substantially similar to that used in the household life now is more, the most common form of tv stand, the stand's biggest advantage is: the tv stand can rise the good adornment result, whether in the sitting room or bedroom, it takes up very little space, and have the best adornment effect.For example, the metal tv stand also has this style.


The characteristic of combined-type tv stand depends on combination 2 words, combined-type tv stand can live in the stand combination such as stand of wine stand, adornment, ground forms the tv stand that shows originality together. A tv stand that became by combination of ground stand and wine stand was put when your sitting room is put over there attract eyeball very much!


Board frame tv stand its characteristic is similar with combinative type tv stand in general, basically depend on the material that uses material is plank frame design, more outstanding on practicability and durability. For example, the metal tv stand is a good example.


If watching tv is not the thing you must do every day, and put the tv space, sometimes even complete other bedroom functions, so you should buy a hidden type tv stand, in the appropriate time to hide the tv, convenient to build a different bedroom atmosphere.

Short stand

Short stand unit is free combination, the sitting room is narrow, the furniture of small size can use each inch space reasonably more.

The low stand unit can be purchased according to their own size, with storage space under the stand, items can be placed in different categories. The collocation that hangs a wall to install above store content case, the disc that collects can be clear at a glance.


Independent tv unit is a good choice, if the pattern of the sitting room in the home is not so neat, and watching tv is only your preference, so this kind of independent tv unit is a good choice, it can be placed in any corner, lightsome, save space.

The material

1, paint board tv stand

The base material that bake lacquer board is density board, exterior passes 6 times gush bake entrance lacquer (3 bottom, 2 surface, one light) high temperature is baked and become.

Be used at tv stand "paint that bake" the characteristic of paint board that bake is colour and lustre gorgeous, have very strong visual wallop, very beautiful and waterproof power explained a kind of craft only, the paint processing base material plank that adds temperature as dry as a dry through entering drying room after spray painting namely.

Excellent, anti-fouling ability, easy to clean. The defect is that the process level is high, the rejection rate is high, so the price is high; Use should also be carefully protected, afraid of knock and scratch, once damage is difficult to repair, to the overall update; Color difference is easy to occur.

2,light wood tv stand

Use real wood to make tv stand plank, style is ancient more typical, normally price is higher. Its doorframe is real wood, with cherry wood color, walnut, oak color is given priority to.

The door core is medium density board veneer, manufacturing usually in the solid wood appearance to do high and low appearance, outside spray paint, and then maintain the original wood color and beautiful appearance.

This ensures the special visual effect of solid wood, and the combination of frame and core board ensures the strength of the board.

3, fireproof board tv stand

Fire-proof board type plate is used most plate material at that time, its color contrast is gorgeous, sealing edge form is diverse, has wear-resisting, high temperature resistance, resistant to cut, anti-penetration, simple clean, moisture-proof, do not fade, touch is delicate, affordable and other advantages. Fire-proof board board base material for particleboard, moisture-proof board or density board, appearance decorated with fire-proof board veneer.

Homebred fireproof plank price is inferior, the cost of Korean plank and German plank should add 25% and 50% left and right sides. Fire prevention board agrees with tv stand "beautiful and useful" the development trend that photograph combines, because this is flourishing on the mstandet unfailing. Its blemish is plank is flat, cannot create the stereo effect such as discretion, metal, fashionable feeling is a bit poor.

4, metal tv stand

The metal tv stand’s surface uses metal, appears to be more high-grade and stable. The disadvantage of metal tv stand is that can increase the bearing of tv stand, if tv stand is overhanging, the suggestion you should do a good job. And the metal tv stand’s metal is radioactive, more harmful than wood. Metal is generally used in tooling. No matter be adornment modelling line or use convenient sex is inferior to woodiness.

5, artificial stone tv stand

Artificial stone, lighter than marble, beautiful and durable, environmental protection without radiation, bright colors can be more selective. The price is moderate.

6,Glass tv stand

Modern, but fragile. stand of tempering glass tv is easy damage, safety is poorer, the charge of glass processing is taller, practical poorer.

best buy tv stands

How to buy tv stand?

1. The color of the tv stand

When choosing tv stand, stand color is the problem that considers primarily, the color of tv stand also is a point that needs to notice when tv stand choose and buy, because tv stand basically is used to put tv, because this everybody can choose tv stand color according to the color of tv.

It is recommended to choose some sweet caramel color, pure white and warm colors, for example, blue tv stand. If the home environment is rich in color or even colorful, white stand is the best choice when choosing tv stand, for example, white tv stand, Black tv stand and Grey tv stand and if you choose caramel or other colors, it will make the home environment look messy. When choosing tv stand color so, must cautious.

2. Size of tv stand

After deciding the color of tv stand, want to decide next the dimension size of tv stand next. Different sitting room layout can have different dimensional size, go choosing appropriate tv stand according to oneself door model. The tv stand that sells on mstandet at present still can undertake bespoke, very convenient.

Before affirmatory tv stand size, the area size that needs to know domestic sitting room, still have tv stand to put the position in the sitting room, integrated both circumstances will choose tv stand.

Because, the door of contemporary family is strange and strange, not the sitting room of every family is the style of the standard in the middle, this brought about the position that tv stand puts to differ somewhat, nature can be involved in the problem of tv stand dimension. If it is a small family, it is best to choose compact structure and modeling rules of the tv stand; Be aimed at the sitting room with larger depth, can choose stand of long and narrow tv, can have the effect of outspread space so.

Will decide tv stand size besides according to sitting room size outside, notice tv wall even, the length width height of the tv, lest the tv stand size that buys is inappropriate. Generally speaking, tv height should sit on sofa with us, the eye faces the height of tv, such eye ability can be comfortable, also be helpful for protecting our vision.

3. The material of tv stand

Normally speaking, after deciding the color of tv stand and size, many people still can consider its qualitative problem. tv stand serves for the tv, and the tv also is a large household electric appliance, also need to come loose in running process, because this buys tv stand material must come loose easily.

If the electrical appliances themselves can not get heat dissipation, it is easy to damage. For example, the metal tv stand is a good choice, and a tv stand with good heat dissipation can effectively help heat the tv and protect the tv and other ancillary equipment. At the same time, the line near the tv is very many and complex, in the line emissions should also pay attention to, can not look too messy, all to convenient and practical. Avoid security incidents later.

4. The use of tv stand

Present tv stand design gave two or more attention to the function that showed and receive, use rise very convenient. But to tv stand need how old put and receive a space, need will decide according to individual be fond of.

Can need according to their own decoration item type and quantity to choose combination tv stand and clapboard, the books more friends in the home, can be the key to build a wall shelf, let a sitting room as a study book storage, in this way, not only can save a space, can also reveal house advocate cultural taste, if home handicraft is more, can consider to build a display wall, showed the small objects one by one.

Enumerating and go out, while adding aesthetic feeling and gout to tv stand, express the interest that gives house advocate and interest. No matter which tv stand of a kind of design, what can deck of sitting room is very beautiful.

5. Load bearing of tv stand

Although volume of things for tv and form a complete set is not very big now, but weight still is not light, the bearing capacity that should consider tv stand adequately when choosing tv stand. For example, metal tv stand has strong bearing capacity. tv stands of different materials have different bearing capacity. It is necessary to choose according to your own needs to avoid bearing overload.

How to clean and maintain metal tv stand?

Maintenance of metal tv stand

  1. The interior of metal tv stand or the back of tv cabinet can easily produce dead spots and contain dust. Therefore, be diligent in cleaning and wiping with a clean cloth.
  2. Do not open or open the door panel of metal tv stand or pull it out. Improper use may cause damage an unexpected injury.

The cleanness of metal tv stand

Add water to dilute with olive oil, reoccupy cloth is touched brush, can make metal tv stand is smooth oily bright.

wooden tv stand

What does tv stand common style have?

1. Simple style

We often hear that simplicity is not simplicity, and indeed it is. stand of contemporary contracted style tv. Line is contracted flow knows chang, colour is tie-in contrast is very harmonious however, emphasize integrality on tv stand structure, use function.

2. Simple European style

The so-called Jane European style, is actually improved after the classical Europeanism style. Simple style tv stand gives people a sense of rigor. For example, metal tv Stand pursues symmetrical beauty in design, throwing away complex design and decoration, and its shape is mainly round or square.

3. New Chinese style

Furniture of Chinese style style is given priority to with lumber more, new Chinese style style is certainly no exception also. What woodiness furniture place shows inside come out is guileless, contracted, sedate and style, what formal new Chinese style style place pursues. stand of tv of style of new Chinese style reflects master aesthetic appeal and life savour.

4. Pastoral style

The characteristic of rural style is nature, kind, press close to nature, yearn for nature, stand of rural style tv is in adornment above more through iron art, cloth art will behave natural interest. For example, metal tv Stands combined with this style are also common.

5. Minimalist style

Do not think that minimalism will be very simple, it is more to emphasize a life attitude. In terms of design, The metal tv stand pursues the ultimate simplicity and makes the senses enjoy the absolute cleanliness. As a kind of interior design style, minimalist style reflects elegance both in taste and in thought.







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