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What are children's toys?

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Children's toys refer to products designed or intended for children under 14 years of age to play, processed, and manufactured for sale; however, it is excluded that the manufacturer expressly does not allow children to play.

The types of children's toys mainly include the image, technical, combination, and assembly, architectural, structural, sports activity, music-sounding, labor, decorative, and self-made toys. For example, play kitchen, and play kitchen set. The general education requirements for toys are: to promote the all-round development of children's physical, moral, intellectual, and aesthetic; It conforms to the age characteristics of children and can satisfy their curiosity, activity, and exploration desire; Beautiful shape, reflecting the typical characteristics of things; The variety of activities helps encourage learning; Meet the sanitary requirements, non-toxic color, easy to clean and disinfect; Meet safety requirements, etc.


What are the types of children's toys?


Generally speaking, children's toys are designed and manufactured for children of specific age groups, and their characteristics are related to children's age and intellectual stage. The use of children's toys is based on certain adaptability.

As a children's toy, it has a key factor. That is, it must be able to attract children's attention. This requires toys with bright colors, rich sound, and easy operation. It is worth noting that because children are in an unstable period of continuous growth, they have different hobbies at different age stages and generally have the psychology of liking the new and hating the old.

Children's toy stores should subdivide toys according to children's age:

Such as 0-3 years old, 3-7 years old, 7-10 years old, 10-14 years old, etc.

In terms of material:

Common children's toys include wooden toys, plastic toys, plastic toys, metal toys, furniture, cloth toys, etc.;

As far as its function is concerned, the most popular thing for parents is to develop intelligent toys.

Functional class

Puzzle toys: improve children's cognitive ability, analytical ability, and imagination, and cultivate children's sense of achievement. For example, a wooden play kitchen, a step 2 play kitchen, and a pottery barn play kitchen.

Beach toys: beach toys are cheap and one of the favorable toys for children to play outdoors. It can develop children's hands-on awareness and enhance their imagination and hands-on ability.

Game toys: Based on improving children's cognitive ability, cultivating children's ability to use their hands and brains, develop their ability to think, exercise operating skills, and coordinate hands and eyes.

Digital abacus words: While training children's inlaying ability, they should also practice big movements, train children's fine movements, inspire children's accurate understanding of shape, number, and quantity, and exercise muscle flexibility.

Tools: mainly let children know and master the shape, color, and structure of various tools, and train children's practical operation ability, hand-eye coordination ability, and imagination development in this process.

Brainstorming combination: cultivating children's spatial imagination and fine hands-on ability to deepen their rational understanding of time, animals, vehicles, house shapes, colors, etc. Building blocks: stimulate children's practical interest and cultivate children's awareness of suitable combinations and spatial imagination; The ingenious dragging design can exercise children's walking ability and encourage their sense of creative achievement.

Traffic toys: through improving children's cognition and understanding of the structure of trains, cars, and various engineering vehicles, based on which, train their ability to assemble, drag, and sort, improve their sense of operation and self-care ability, and understand the transformation relationship between objects through the assembly.

Dragging: improve children's cognitive ability, let them know the different characteristics of various animals according to different dragging animals, and exercise their walking ability in a large range.

Panel toys are composed of various panels with different shapes and rich contents. Based on children's understanding of the combination, splitting, and reassembly of figures, they can exercise their ability to think independently and cultivate patience and perseverance.

Cartoon dolls: When parents are busy, they need some entertainment toys to accompany children, and children widely welcome cute cartoon dolls.


How to choose for children?

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The first factor to consider when choosing toys is whether the toys conform to the baby's age. Toys can only play their due role when suitable for children of this age. Otherwise, toys will lose their meaning. For example, for a baby of three or four months old, a small handkerchief may make him happy. If you give him a toy phone, it won't be very sensible, because a baby of three or four months old cannot be interested in a toy phone. A toy piano can only be a thing that a child of one year old can pick up and throw, but if you give it to a three-year-old child, he can play and sing simultaneously, although it is not in tune; it is fun for him.


Choosing toys does not necessarily mean choosing expensive toys. Some parents think that only expensive toys can let children learn, but this is a wrong idea. Whether toys are expensive or not is not directly proportional to the knowledge that children can obtain. Children love toys they are interested in. Expensive toys cannot affect their choice of interest fields, so expensive toys may only play the same role as ordinary toys. Therefore, parents do not have to choose expensive toys for their children. For example,play-doh kitchen and play wooden kitchen.


The range of activities of children aged 7-12 months has expanded, and they already have the basic ability to move. They learn to sit, crawl, and even start to walk. They have gone from making simple single sounds to speaking consciously. They like to knock, and they also like to put various things in their mouths to test the feeling of objects. When designing and developing wooden toys for children of this age, we should choose toys that can exercise their acting ability, which will help them take the first step in life. However, it is important to select larger toys to avoid children swallowing toys or parts. For example, the first choices for designing toys for this age group are xylophones, walkers, and other products.


At this time, children aged 1-2 begin to learn to speak. Some of them have mastered certain vocabulary. Their behavior has changed from big action to good action. They have a certain ability to distinguish and think. They like interactive games with their mother's love environment best. At this time, simple and operable toys and interesting jigsaw puzzles are very popular with him. For example, toddler play kitchen, kid craft play kitchen, and Melissa and Doug play kitchen.


The life circle of children over 3 years old has been greatly developed, and their social skills have been rapidly improved. They begin to learn independently like to imitate adults and choose toys that combine brain and hands so that children can gain more learning space through educational toys.


What is a kitchen play?


Product Accessories


Kitchen play is a real simulation kitchen toy, including an oven, refrigerator, dish sink, stove, and locker. Kitchen play is equipped with almost all kitchen appliances, almost the same as a real kitchen. To increase the sense of reality, when the button is turned, it will also make a corresponding sound, improve the fun of play, and give children a real feeling of cooking.

In addition to these appliances, the kitchen play is equipped with many kitchen appliances, such as frying pans, soup pans, spatulas, cutting boards, and mini knives and cups. Each accessory is lifelike and can help children correctly understand various kitchen appliances.


Introduction to Play


The baby starts cooking. First, wash the dishes and fish, and then cut the dishes with a knife; Next, turn on the fire, put the vegetables into the pot, and stir fry. I'm a little expert at cooking. Kitchen play allows children to simulate the busy appearance of their mothers in the kitchen, from washing, and cutting to cooking, so as to experience the fun of cooking by hand.

There is also a storage cabinet under the kitchen play wash basin. After the dishes are finished, the baby can store this small tableware in the cabinet to develop a good habit of storage from an early age, effectively saving space and avoiding the clutter caused by littering toys everywhere.


Then use the ice maker to make a cold drink~put the ice in it, press the button, and you can successfully make the ice; There is also an oven, which can bake delicious baked fish and cakes! Kitchen play is a variety of lifelike kitchen appliances. Kitchen play enables babies to have a better understanding of kitchen appliances.




A variety of lifelike props can effectively improve children's cognitive, practical, self-care, and logical thinking abilities. Playing with children can also improve their language ability and social skills. Playing with parents can improve the parent-child relationship. Kitchen play is fun and intellectual. It is not dangerous but also allows children to experience the fun of cooking. It can fully stimulate children's imagination so that children can learn and grow in play.


What are the functions of kitchen play toys?

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 1. Kitchen play is not just played but a good form of education for children. No matter what role children play, they should imagine what kind of "role" they are playing. They should imitate their actions and language, experience their feelings and attitudes towards people and things, and learn from them the noble qualities of people, such as being conscientious, responsible, and enthusiastic. Such games also lay a good foundation for children to engage in any work in the future.

 2. Kitchen play can cultivate the good character of infants and is an effective means of ideological and moral education for infants. Children imitate adults' attitudes towards labor and everything in the kitchen play, experience people's thoughts and feelings, and gradually understand the social moral code of conduct and fashion.

 3. The use of kitchen play can provide aesthetic education for children. The rich and colorful games create conditions for children to obtain aesthetic feelings. In the games, children can feel the beauty, improve their aesthetic ability, and learn to use various means to create beauty.


The significance of children's toy structure games is mainly to promote the development of thinking and the habit of hands and brains by building various objects or buildings to combine hands and brains. In the process of using various materials, children can directly understand the performance of various substances, know the shape and quantity of various materials, and obtain knowledge and experience of using various materials in the structure and children's ability to design and conceive; you can also get exercise. If the building blocks need to be built one by one, one layer at a time, to build a building and a reservoir, it will take many failures to succeed. This is a good way to exercise children's will.


Kitchen play is an angel of children. Why do you say so? Toys greatly influence children's understanding of the world around them. Kitchen play attracts children's curiosity and attention with its bright colors, beautiful and strange shapes, creative activities, pleasant sounds, etc. Kitchen play is a specific actual object, similar to the image of real objects, and can meet the desire of children to use their hands and brains and manipulate objects. The variety of toys and playing methods can arouse children's interest. Best kitchen play can stimulate children's desire to play games. It is a textbook for children to learn and a good life partner they love.


1. kitchen play motivates children


Children's physical and mental development is realized in activities. Children can freely play with toys and manipulate and use them, which aligns with their psychological preferences and ability level. Kitchen play can cause children to do a variety of activities. Children of all ages can play with dolls according to their life experiences, which can change from simple to complex.


 2. Toys promote perceptual knowledge


Kitchen play has the characteristics of visualization. While developing sensory and motor abilities, Kitchen Play enriches children's perceptual knowledge and helps to consolidate their impressions in life. When children are not widely exposed to real life, they learn about the world through toys.


 3. Toys cause association activities


Kitchen play can improve children's abilities of analysis, synthesis, comparison, judgment, and reasoning and cultivate their depth of thinking, flexibility, and agility.


 4. Positive thinking and imagination


Children will also encounter some difficulties when they use the kick-play activity. These difficulties require them to rely on their strength to overcome them and insist on completing the task, thus cultivating the good quality of overcoming difficulties and making progress.


 5. Help to cultivate the collective concept and spirit of cooperation


Kitchen play is required for children to use together. It can help children understand learning life experiences and practice cooperation with peers.

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