How to Chose the Right Chair?

NACHES Whether it's for study or work, when you sit for a long time, it's hard to avoid feeling shoulder neck stiffness and lumbar fatigue, and sometimes even leg pain and numbness. This may be due to the improper selection of chairs. There are several common situations if the chair is not suitable for you:


  • The angle of the chair is improper, so that even if the sitting posture is correct, the waist and back can not lean against the back of the chair, and the sense of suspension aggravates the burden on the body

  • The front edge radian of the chair is too large or the angle of the cushion is not correct, which makes the body easy to slide forward when you sit on it
  • The height of the chair is not suitable, leading to the neck stretching forward, causing strong shoulder and neck discomfort

  • The stuffy discomfort caused by poor air permeability of the cushion



If you have at least one of the above situations, now is the time to replace your old chair. When choosing a new chair, you should also pay attention to the following points:

1. Choose a swivel chair or ordinary chair according to personal needs. The advantage of ordinary chair is that it is stable and won't sway easily. But it lacks flexibility. The pulley chair, especially the chair with pentagram chassis design, can take into account both flexibility and mobility. But it won’t be a good suggestion for elderly people at home touse theswivel chair, because its stability is not as good as ordinary chair and the elderly are prone to bump risk.


2.Choose the right height. It would be perfect that the chair can have the function of height adjustment. Due to the difference of personal height and body shape, everyone has different requirements for the appropriate seat height. Compared with the table, adjust the chair’s height seems more flexible and convenient.

3.Cushion material and comfort are equally important. At present, the most popular cushion in the market is made of sponge. The cushion of sponge is mainly used to support the buttocks of residents, and the high elastic property also has a good support for the human body. In addition, it is not recommended to choose too soft mattress, slightly hard cushion is not only conducive to the sponge cushion sedentary deformation, but can effectively absorb the impact of the human body when sitting down and great to deal with the buffer force.


4.If the back of the chair is high enough, it is recommended to choose the chair with head pillow and waist pillow, or at least have the design of supporting neck and waist. It's a smooth curve from our neck to our back. If we don't support it in the depression, the cervical spine and lumbar spine won't get rest. In serious cases, it will affect the blood supply to the head, and the whole person will be very tired.


5.For those who have the habit of taking lunch break, it is recommended to choose the chair with adjustable seat back angle and pedal. When you feel tired in the office, it's a good choice to lie down on the chair for a while. In addition, when working overtime, a reclining chair in the office can also relieve fatigue and maintain energy.

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