How to Choose the Right Dinner Table


First of all, determine the size of the dining area.

Whether it has the function of a special dining room, a living room, or a study serving as a dining room, first of all, determine the maximum dining space area you can occupy. NACHES

 dinner tables and chairs

If the house has a large area and an independent restaurant, you can choose a dining table with a thick feel to match the space. Suppose the restaurant area is limited and the number of diners is uncertain, and the number of diners may increase on holidays. In that case, you can choose the most common style in the market - a retractable dinner table, that is, there is a movable board in the middle, which can be put in the middle of the dinner table or taken down when not in use. Do not buy an extra large dinner table for a party only three or four times a year.


A small family with limited space can let a dinner table play various roles, such as a small dinner table that can be used as both a writing desk and an entertainment dinner table. The first thing to consider in a family without an independent restaurant is whether the dinner table can meet all the family members and whether it is convenient to tidy up. Therefore, the foldable dinner table with chairs common in the market is more suitable for a selection.


Secondly, you can select it according to the room's overall style.

marble dinner table

If the living room is luxuriously decorated, the dinner table should choose the corresponding style, such as the European style or classical style; If the bedroom style emphasizes simplicity, you can consider buying a simple and generous style of glass countertop. In addition, the old dinner table does not have to be discarded. In the current trend of emphasizing natural style, you can move it to your new home if you have an old-style dinner table made of solid wood. It will also be elegant if you put a dinner tablecloth with color and decoration coordinated on it.


The shape of the dinner table has some influence on the atmosphere of the home. The rectangular table is more suitable for larger gatherings; The round dinner table makes people feel more democratic; an Irregular desktop, such as a "comma" shape, is more suitable for two people to use in a small world and looks warm and natural; In addition, the foldable style is more flexible than the fixed one.


The dinner table set needs a special foil. Some say that a dinner table is a model who lets you dress up. To show its unique style, you can choose different dinner tablecloths. For example, simple linen tablecloths show a traditional flavor, while bright dinner tablecloths can make you feel a cheerful and lively atmosphere. In addition, with appropriate lamps above the dinner table, people can not only enjoy the beauty of the "color" of food but also create a charming atmosphere. Enjoy an elaborately cooked dinner with family and friends at the elaborately dressed dinner room table. It's full of fun.


How to set a dinner table?

 1. Prepare tables for formal dinner

Put a set of tables. Put a set of tables in front of the chairs you prepare for the guests.

For a real official dinner, you must provide enough tableware for each guest and match the tablecloth.

Place the towel on the left side of the cutlery set. Fold it into two or four according to the different towels. Towels should preferably be made of cloth.

You can also put the napkin on the left side of the fork.


Put the fork of the main course on the towel. Put the other salad fork on the towel. The fork of the main course must be close to the plate and not touch it. The salad fork must be about one centimeter from the left side of the main course fork. The teeth of the fork should not face the outside of the table.


If you forget the position of each fork, you need to think about the order in which you eat. You eat a salad before the main course and take the tableware from outside. First, use the tableware farthest from the plate so that the salad fork is on the left of the main course fork.


Don't forget, and you must take the tableware to eat from outside, starting from the farthest place from the plate, and then walk towards the plate as the food goes on.


Put the plate in the middle of the table. Covers the right side of the towel. If you want something special, use a ceramic plate. Put the plate on the bread. Put the small plate on the left side of the main plate, a little higher. You will use them to store bread.

Add extra plates and cutlery (optional). If your food includes more food or food, you may need to add the following plates and tableware.


Bread and butter plates and knives. Put the small disc about five centimeters above the fork. Place the knife horizontally on the plate with the blade to the left.


A fork and a spoonful of dessert. Place the fork and dessert spoon a few centimeters above the plate. Place the spoon above the fork, with the head to the left and the fork to the right.


A cup of coffee. Place the coffee cup on a small plate a few centimeters above the leftmost tableware and a few centimeters to the left of the tableware.


A glass of red wine and a glass of Baijiu. If you have two different glasses, the white wine glass will be closer to the host, and the red wine glass will be slightly higher than the top left of the white wine glass. You can keep this in mind because guests will switch from white to red wine. Usually, each guest will have three drinks for a big dinner. The one closest to the plate is for drinking white wine, the one in the middle is red wine, and the one on the left is for drinking water.

2. Prepare a table for an ordinary dinner

Put a set of tables. Tableware may be more common than formal dinners. A set of monochrome cloth tables will do.


Put the towel on the left side of the tableware. You can fold paper towels or tissues into two or four.


Put the plate in the middle of the table. The plates do not require decoration or elaborate preparation. Try to put the matching plates together with other things.


Put the fork on the left side of the plate. You need to eat with a fork.

Put the dessert fork away. Place it parallel under the dessert spoon. It must point to the right. The dessert fork must be much smaller than the fork on the plate. It should be under the dessert spoon. Could you not touch it?



Ensure your guests have enough space to use the tableware without hurting their elbows.


To simplify the setup, you only need to place the plates and tableware you need.


The salad tray must be 5cm from the edge of the table.


You can replace the table with a beautiful tablecloth. In fact, in a gourmet restaurant, you will never see a set of tableware, but there is always a beautiful tablecloth.


How to maintain the dinner table?

table settings for dinner

Chair Maintenance

1. Avoid directly placing cups and tableware containing hot water or hot soup on the dinner table, and separate them from the table with a coaster or thermal insulation pad.

2. If the heater has been placed on the table for a long time, leaving a white circle mark, you can use cotton dipped in camphor oil to wipe it. Wipe it back and forth like a circle along the white dirt mark, which you should easily remove.

3. The white dirt on the glass table can be removed by pouring some degreasing oil on the white dirt and then wiping it off with old silk stockings.

4. you can fill colored wooden dinner tables and chairs with dye at scratch. After the dye is dry, you can evenly apply the upper layer of bright wax.

5. As the dining room is usually located next to the kitchen, the kitchen dinner tables, and chairs are easily contaminated with lampblack. Users should be diligent in wiping to reduce dust and facilitate cleaning in the future.

6. To avoid oil contamination that is difficult to remove, you may as well use the chair cover to protect your favorite chair. When you accidentally get dirty, remove the chair cover for cleaning, which is convenient and easy not to hurt the table and chair.

7. The marble dinner table and chair surface are worn and can be polished to restore luster.


Glass dinner table maintenance

Glass is fragile, so it is better to place glass furniture in a relatively fixed place instead of moving back and forth frequently. You shall handle items placed on furniture with care. Otherwise, you may damage the glass surface. The glass-top dinner table or tea table with a high utilization rate shall not collide with force as much as possible. The tablecloth can be paved to prevent the glass surface from scratching. When cleaning glass furniture at home, we can use wet towels, newspapers, or toilet paper to wipe out general stains. If there are stains on the glass that is difficult to clean, you can use a towel dipped in some Baijiu, beer, or warm white vinegar to remove them. Never use a liquid with strong acidity and alkalinity to clean them. Such glass can also be dipped with a few drops of kerosene or chalk ash, and gypsum powder dipped in water and painted on the glass. After drying, use a clean cloth or cotton to wipe it, so the wiped-out glass is clean and bright.


Solid wood dinner table maintenance

Solid wood dinner table's biggest advantage lies in the natural wood grain and the natural color of many changes. As natural wood is a breathing organism, it is recommended that you place it in an environment with appropriate temperature and humidity and avoid placing drinks, chemicals, or overheated objects on the surface to avoid damaging the natural color of the wood surface. If it is made of melamine resistant plate, when there is a lot of dirt, it is recommended that you use diluted neutral detergent and warm water to wipe it first, and then wipe it with clean water. Remember to wipe off the residual water stains with a soft dry cloth. After it is completely wiped off, use the maintenance wax to polish it, even if it is a success. The wooden dinner table can last forever by paying attention to daily cleaning and maintenance.

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