How to choose the right dining chair

  The dining area is the most used place for eating, relaxing, studying, doing housework and so on. Because of this, it is particularly important to choose a dining chair that can keep you in a good mood without feeling bored. Here is a brief introduction of how to choose a suitable dining chair.

Pay attention to the actual use of the dining chair. The basic point of dining chair selection is to choose the size suitable for your body, and also pay attention to the sense of balance with the table.Key points to check for body size:

  First of all, make sure that the heel can land well. According to the sitting position, check to see if some parts of the body have a sense of pressure and restraint. If not, then the chair that makes you feel comfortable is the most suitable size.

  • The whole back is against the back
  • There is no pressure at the waist
  • There is a gap about 1-2cm below the thigh
  • There is no gap at the waist
  • Follow the ground

What is the most balanced state between the table and chair?

  The most suitable height, generally speaking, is that the height of the chair and the distance between the tables are about 27-30cm. Sitting in a chair, gently holding the armpit, hands on the table, the elbow reached 90 degrees when the height is the most appropriate. If the distance between the table and chair is too narrow, you will bend down when eating or working, and you can't keep a comfortable posture. If the distance between the table and the chair is too wide, when eating or working, the wrist will be lifted up, so it is easy to feel tired.

Complete set with different styles

  The whole set of collocation, neat and consistent feeling, will improve the good sense of coordination. But if it is for the family with big difference in body size, it is difficult to choose a single style; With different styles, you can choose chairs according to family members' physical conditions and preferences to create a comfortable space. But it needs some skill in collocation.



Part II select the type and material of dining chair

                                              About handrails

  1. Type of handrail

   You can put your hands on it to find a comfortable sitting position. It is recommended for people who want to relax in the restaurant. During meals and work, the range of motion of the arm will be limited. The stool needs to be removed before getting up to leave or sitting down, so it is not convenient for people with more living activities.

  1. No handrail type

  Even if you don't have to move the chair away, it's easy to get up and sit down by moving your body a little. So the recommended used space is   dining or working zone.

About the backrest

  The height and shape of the backrest have a lot to do with the way to relax and the space reserved.

  • Low back → no pressure, making the room more spacious. There is no obstruction in the back, and the food can be placed smoothly.
  • Middle back → it is suitable to use the middle height of high back and low back no matter what kind of use.
  • High back → supporting the whole back, you can sit comfortably. It gives people a sense of formality, but it mightwill occupy the space.

About surface materials


  Leather is a kind of natural material with deeper color and more luster as it is used for a long time. It has an extremely delicate unique style. The longer it is used, the more heavy it is. It is the unique charm of leather. Heat resistance, friction resistance, in the expansion, absorption and release of moisture, durability also has superior performance. But on the other hand, because it is natural material, it is obvious in stretching, burn, dyeing and so on.


  The variety of color, pattern and grain is rich, which can be matched in a wide range. Good air permeability, soft and comfortable sitting is its charm.

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