Pets-good friends of humanity

Why is pet furniture becoming more popular?

More and more families are raising pets, and pet furniture has become a beautiful variety of consumption. In ordinary people's concept, pet furniture is a cat cage, bed for cat, dog kennel and cat hammock bed.

Pet furniture is not only real furniture but also pays more attention to design, modelling and comfort and is expensive at the same time. It can say that pet furniture is a new breed of furniture with more significant market potential. In a family with pets, part of the furniture belongs to the owner and part of the furniture belongs to the pet.

A cabinet that looks like a nightstand or coffee table is a cat's tiny bedroom; "Postmodern" furniture composed of a geometric box is a maze for dogs and cats to play hide-and-seek.

The shelves and books set on the wall are cat climbing racks. In addition, there is a wide variety of pet furniture, such as pet sofas, pet mattresses, pet closets, and cat hammock beds. Pet furniture has formed a new, independent furniture variety.

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Why are cats so popular?

1. Cats are brilliant

 Cats have a very high IQ and a strong learning ability. Cats often watch what you do, repeat it a few times, and then try it on their own. Opening doors and drawers can be said to be a cat's essential skill. There are often videos of cats talking on the Internet; they've been coached and trained to do it. With such a high IQ, it's natural to be curious. So living with cats is always full of surprises and surprises.

2. Cats are fickle

Each cat has its unique personality. Some cats want to cling to their owners at all times; Some cats are very cold, always alone on high, and do not give people the opportunity to get close; Some cats are very proud. They immediately step away or push you away with their paws when you approach them.

They will rub their feet and even turn their belly up when you ignore them. Having a cat is like having a new friend. Learning more about your new friend's personality to get along with them would be best. It is also fun to better understand the cat's personality and habits. You can set him up with a cat hammock bed to make friends with your cat.

3. Reduce stress

Multiple studies have shown that cats soothe negative emotions and improve mental health. A soft, cuddly cat makes you feel so soft just looking at it that you want to cuddle and kiss it. Cats make people happy virtually, and stroking them can relieve anxiety and tension. Who could resist a cat with a soft, chubby belly and pad?

In this fast-paced, stressful society, stroking cats has become a way for many people to relieve their stress with no side effects!

4. It's more convenient to keep a cat than a dog

Before, more people chose to own dogs, but in recent years, the number of cat owners has been no less than the number of dog owners. It's more convenient to have a cat than a dog. Dogs, mainly medium and large dogs, must be taken out daily; one is to solve physiological problems, and two is for physical health need enough exercise. YOU can keep cats indoors.

Generally speaking, the living environment of ordinary homes is enough for cats to run. However, the cat can solve physiological problems using a litter box or a cat hammock bed. In this regard, cats save a lot of time and are more suitable for office workers than dogs. Cats need very little space; sometimes, even a cat hammock bed is enough.

Cats are also easier to keep clean than dogs. Cats like to clean and groom themselves and wash their face every day. Cats don't need to bathe very often, only once every six months. And if a dog is not washed for a long time, its body can produce some smell.

Cats are also much quieter than dogs. Generally speaking, except when they are in heat, cats only meow when they need to eat, drink and clean the litter box. On the other hand, dogs are much louder than cats and bark constantly, which is unsuitable for people who need quiet.

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What is a cat hammock bed?

A Cat hammock bed is the pet furniture for cats to rest and entertain. Because many cats sleep in some places: bedroom, sofa, windowsill, box, wardrobe and so on, the cat hammock bed not only meets the cat's play and rest needs but is also convenient for the owner to tidy the room. Most cats love cat hammock beds. The cat hammock bed is widely acclaimed in the pet furniture market.

Why does my cat keep peeing on my bed?

Cat cleanliness is often more than just a bad habit. When a cat suddenly uses the cat hammock bed, it's usually from the cat's stress, insecurity or physical illness. In this case, the cat deliberately chose the owner's bed to urinate in. This may come as a surprise, but for a good reason: the bed is the perfect litter box substitute for her. It is super absorbent and soft and can also be a resting place for her. In addition, there is a master's smell on the bed, so it can feel very safe.

Suppose you can rule out both physical illness and psychological stress as the cause of your cat's impurity. In that case, it may be the third cause, the cat hammock bed itself; whether your cat refuses to use a new cat hammock bed in the first place, you can fit your cat in a comfortable cat hammock bed or cute cat bed, or some cats may not like enclosed litter boxes.

Even cat litter could be the cause. To get your cat to use the cat hammock bed again instead of urinating on your bed, first think about how you can reduce the cat's stress and restore its lost sense of security. This is certainly easy to fix if it's just because of the new detergent or the unusual smell of scented cat litter.

But what if it's something else? First, you must help your cat get used to a new environment, such as a new room, new friends, or a new cat hammock bed. Try to give them some company time, don't let them long alone.

Why do people need pets?

Pet companionship is good for physical and mental health.

As more and more people own pets, more and more people are studying the effects of pet care on people's physical and mental health. For example, you may have fun decorating your cat with a cat hammock bed.

Constant interaction with pets makes us less inherently lonely, more social and significantly improves our mental health. It's a happy feeling to come home and see your cat on a cat hammock bed.

2. Cute little ones always make me happy

Many pet owners always describe their pets as "very healing". The happiness, relief and healing that come from looking at or touching a pet aren't fanciful. It's all about oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a mammalian hormone produced by the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland in response to feelings of happiness or a strong sense of belonging. When you come home from work and hug your dog, who's already waiting for you, it feels like all the stress and exhaustion are gone.

Pets awaken one of the most primal emotions in us -- the connection between mother and child. Animal and human babies have a lot of similar physical characteristics, such as the eyes facing a more significant proportion, the head of considerable body proportion, etc.

These features can trigger very primitive human inner feelings and make people want to protect them and take care of them, and this is the instinct of human nursing, also a kind of biological evolutionary survival need.

How to cope with the loss of a pet?

Unfortunately, the age of pets is concise compared to that of humans. Take the most common cats and dogs, for example. They don't live more than 20 years. Parents who raise pets all their lives are no longer a pet but essential family members. Their loss is hard to accept and can lead to feelings of sadness and depression for a long time. However, no one can avoid everyday life, follow your feelings, do not suppress them, and be brave to face these emotions. They teach you to respect and understand the importance of life. The warmth they once brought will not be taken away even if they leave. I think we'll never forget the happy times we had with them.

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How does a cat do for daily cleaning?

1. Pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of the home environment.

Whether the owner loves to be clean determines whether the cat is clean; In other words, if your home is clean enough, your cat won't get dirty; The home environment is not clean enough, even if the cat takes a bath every day, it is still dirty to roll around.

Frequently sweep the floor, mop the floor, and often wipe the cat hair on the surface of the

cat hammock bed, but also pay attention to the health of the cat easy to drill dead corners, such as bed, sofa, difficult to clean the corner, should pay attention to cleaning, cat mat, cat hammock bed, sofa, the bed is often washed and sunburned, regularly to the furniture floor disinfection.

2. Cat's cleaning

Regular deworming. Even if the cat does not go out, there is also the possibility of parasites, so it is indispensable to give the cat regular deworming, not too often, 2 to 4 times a year. Brushing your teeth regularly.

Cats don't brush their teeth for a long time, especially to eat canned food. Don't brush your teeth. The accumulation of dirt inside the teeth for a long time is easy to form plaque, let the light cat, bad breath, or inflammation (periodontal disease, gingivitis, stomatitis, etc.) oral diseases are widespread in the cat over the age of three, is a high incidence of cats.

Therefore, it is indispensable to clean the cat's mouth regularly. You can start with wet gauze to wipe the cat's teeth and then slowly change to a special toothpaste and toothbrush.

Comb regularly. Brushing your cat removes excess dust and hair and makes your cat's coat more supple.

3. Cat litter box, cat hammock bed, cat bowl, cat toys, cat litter cleaning

You should shovel the litter regularly and clean the cat hammock bed regularly. Cat litter left too long tends to get bacteria and smell. Once or twice a week is best if you can.

Cat bowls, whether food or water, should be washed daily. To wash away dirt and impurities and to prevent the growth of bacteria. Cat toys, hammock beds, cat litter and other cat supplies should be regularly cleaned and disinfected.


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