What are some interior design ideas or suggestions about the geometric bookcase and arched bookcase?

What is the necessary furniture for the family? 


1. the living room is a place for family activities and entertaining relatives and friends. It needs many kinds of furniture, including a sofa, TV cabinet, shoe cabinet, flower rack, tea table, decorative cabinet, etc. A tea table is also indispensable. Sofa and tea tables have almost become standard and usually appear together.

2. The residence with great study rooms will also add a study for study and office. The furniture in the study is relatively simple, and the bookcase, desk, and chair cannot be more miniature. For example, geometric bookcase and arched bookcase are trendy in modern bookcases.

3. the furniture in the restaurant is relatively simple. The dining table and chair must exist. Without them, the restaurant will have no effect. Some families will add side cabinets in the restaurant, which is also convenient furniture. If it is an open design, bar counters and wine cabinets are usually added according to needs and have no persistence.

4. The necessary bed and wardrobe in the bedroom are indispensable. Usually, there is a bedside table following the bed. Some home decorations will only put a single bedside table and a dressing table at the other end. The bedroom is relatively large and will have a sofa, chair, bookshelf, couch, and other furniture. The furniture in the bedroom is mainly for rest, so it pays more attention to comfort.


bookcase hutch

What is a bookcase? 


The bookcase is also a bookshelf. It is one of the leading furniture in the study furniture, that is, a cabinet specially used to store books, newspapers, magazines, and other books. It is an instrument that people use to put books. Due to the different shapes and structures of bookshelves, there are other names such as bookcase, bookcase, book partition, etc. Bookshelves are a standard tool in our life.

6 shelf bookcase

What are the types of bookcases? 


1. Wood bookcase, of course, is better to choose pure solid wood. Pure solid wood bookcases are more durable and environmentally friendly, do not stick to leather, do not contain other artificial materials, and are more hygienic and safe. They can keep us away from harmful substances such as formaldehyde. Solid wood bookshelves have a robust load-bearing capacity and are not easily broken. They can place more books and articles.

2. unlike wooden bookshelves, metal bookcases are made of stainless steel. Its service life will be longer than that of wooden bookshelves. Stainless steel can be painted, which means more color choices. There is no smell, and it is more environmentally friendly. Metal bookshelves can be fire-proof and moisture-proof. There is no need to worry about damage caused by insects, which can minimize the loss and facilitate maintenance, You don't need to spend too much time on maintenance, and the price will be correspondingly less.


1. the most significant feature of the partition bookshelf is its flexibility, mixed with geometric aesthetics and distinctive design. For example, the geometric bookcase and arched bookcase are very suitable for today's young people. The partition bookshelf can also be made into a partition wall, which is beautiful and practical.

2. the box bookshelf is also the simplest of these bookshelves. From the appearance, the box bookshelf is more straightforward and more intuitive. Its advantage is that it combines the storage capacity and presentation capacity of other bookshelves, making it more apparent at a glance and easier to adapt to different room layouts.

3. Steel wood split type. The steel wood-separated bookshelf can be disassembled and assembled at will. The plated layer can adjust the bookcase's height according to the book material's size. The layer plate has a strong bearing capacity. At the same time, this bookshelf is not easy to deform and is suitable for the requirements of different spaces.

4. Leaning against the wall. The wall-leaning bookshelf selects a wall in the study and is arranged on the wall. This wall-leaning bookshelf occupies minimal space and is suitable for indoor spaces with small areas. The rich shelves in the wall-leaning bookshelves bring great convenience to the family office, and the display function is completed only through the upward extension of the space.

5. Embedded. Embedded bookshelves can be customized according to the items that need to be stored. In addition to the size, they can also be customized for their style so that the overall manner is consistent. At the same time, you can also use the blocked storage design plan to put a wooden wall in front of the cabinet. There are many small doors on the wooden fence. Open the tiny doors to see the things in the cupboard.

6. Freestanding. Independent bookshelves are adaptable and can be taken to new houses when moving. They are also suitable for bookworms or book collectors. Some people will buy a standard independent bookshelf to show their identity and level to decorate their appearance. For example, most geometric bookcases and arched bookcases are of this type. In addition, independent bookshelves can also be used to block space, similar to the screens' role.


1. Some bookcases are modern and straightforward. For example, black bookcases, gray bookcases, white bookcases, geometric bookcases, and arched bookcases generally use these colors.

2. Pink bookcase, cream bookcase, this type of bookcase is more lively and lovely.

oak bookcases

How to maintain the bookcase?


1. When using tools that are easy to stain or damage the furniture, such as colored pens, markers, or glue, the furniture panel shall be carefully protected. In addition, it should be noted that if the decoration with fragrance directly contacts the furniture's surface, it will also damage the decorative surface.

2. For the waxing of American bookshelves, we can do it every two months. Specially designed bookshelves, such as geometric bookcases and arched bookcases, can keep the bookshelf beautiful and extend its service life. If used properly, the matte coating of furniture gradually improves the overall brightness, which is not considered a quality defect. Avoid using plastic and rubber, and avoid placing plastic tablecloths and cushions on the surface of solid wood furniture for a long time because the chemical composition of plastic will damage the coating.

3. Before placing desktop supplies such as computer equipment, alarm clock, lamps, telephones, etc., please lay cloth on the bottom because the chemicals in plastic, rubber, or nylon will penetrate and soften the coating, causing dents and discoloration. Plastic toys may even damage the coating when placed on the partition for a long time. If damage occurs, consult a furniture repair specialist.

4. In addition, there are some precautions for placement. When placing, handle it gently, keep it horizontal, and keep a certain distance from the wall. Keep the ground dry to prevent moisture intrusion. Avoid contact with acid and alkali liquids. Keep the bookshelf surface clean. If the surface is not clean, wipe it with detergent, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. Switch cabinet doors and drawers shall be opened and closed gently to avoid violent impact.

It can be seen that the bookshelf can be cleaned by wiping the cabinet body and the cabinet door with a semi-wet cloth, and corrosive detergent should not be used. In addition, the bookshelf must be appropriately maintained, and attention should be paid to preventing the bookshelf from being soiled and preventing heavy objects from hitting the bookshelf.

How to clean the bookcase?

1. During cleaning, the cabinet body, and door can be wiped with a semi-wet cloth, and corrosive detergent shall not be used. The dust on the track can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a small brush. For example, clean the metal parts such as the rack and pull rod of the geometric bookcase and the arched bookcase with a dry cloth.

2. The wooden wardrobe can be wiped with a clean cloth at ordinary times. If it is dirty, use soapy water or neutral detergent at your discretion and wipe it with a damp cloth.


What is a modern-style home?


The modern style home design is simple but not simple, fashionable and elegant, with post-modernism classic design elements. The contemporary home design decorates the space deeply, elegantly, and without failure. Modern style home decoration is simple in appearance. It strongly advocates that from a functional point of view, it should give full play to the beauty of form, emphasize the unity and abstraction of indoor space form and physical inspection, and mostly use the materials and furniture produced by the latest technology and technology.

For example, the geometric bookcase and arched bookcase design suit young and fashionable people. T not only pays attention to the practicality of the room but also reflects the refinement and individuality of life in industrialized society, which is in line with the living taste of modern people.


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