Gaming Chair Massage-Give a New Experience

I believe that everyone should have come into contact with gaming massage chairs more or less. For me, the deepest impression stays in the shopping mall lounge area. Due to the limited space at home and the price of professional massage chairs not being low, I have not had the heart to start.

However, this gaming chair we can massage is different, the price is more acceptable, and the e-sports chair or ergonomic chair itself is not cheap, which is the most cost-effective choice to enjoy a professional massage. Let us know something about gaming chair massage.

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What is gaming chair massage?

The gaming chair massage can be adjusted to height through a gas lift and rotated 360 degrees in any direction. In addition, the chair can be tilted to 155 degrees and locked in fast sleep mode. Along with the raised chair, this chair is the perfect seat to keep your feet up during the rest you deserve during work or after a tough game.

In addition, the gaming chair massage is also equipped with a pillow and backrest under your head, which will provide extra support when needed. The massage on the pillow also increases the comfort of the seat. In addition, the five double wheels allow the chair to move quickly and smoothly to where the action takes place and where you are needed.

The appearance design is no different from the common e-sports chairs, but unlike most e-sports chairs, the artistry is so exquisite that you can't pick out any defects with every stitch. The surface of the comfortable gaming chair is covered with high-quality leather, the feel is soft, and there is no peculiar smell.

Due to the Japanese BOKEN certification, this leather meets the standard of baby products. In the detail design, besides the traditional leather texture, there is also carbon fibre woven leather in this computer gaming chair, which makes the whole look like an e-sports flavour, and many users like this detail very much. Another detail is the universal nylon wheel.

The wheel of the gaming chair massage is very quiet and smooth, and even wrapped with PU around the universal wheel, showing its high-end identity. In the gaming chair massage back support design, there are detachable head pillows and waist pillows, all filled with high-quality memory sponges, with broad cushions, not only comfortable and soft but also provide strong support to the waist.

Even if it is only a traditional e-sports chair, this sense of sitting can get a full score. In addition, there is a particularly amazing feature: a pair of stereo Bluetooth speakers are integrated on both sides of the backrest, which can be accompanied by music at any time, whether leaning on a chair or watching a play or taking a nap. And because of the design on the left and right sides, the stereo has great surround sound and a first-class sense of immersion.

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What's so special about gaming chair massage?

Due to unhealthy sitting posture, many spines and cervical vertebrae problems, and frequent soreness, I want to go to the massage parlor and let the master pinch it. I have to spend hundreds of dollars at a time. I don't want to spend this money.

This gaming chair with a massager is a good choice; it uses three techniques of a simulated human massage program tapping, kneading, and finger pressing. There is a 360 °massage ball and long guide rail built into the back of the chair, like an old master with years of skill, massaging your waist and back, shoulders and neck, and even your whole body.

During the massage, we can also support your hands on its 4D adjusting handrail, and we can adjust the height and angle to the area where you feel comfortable so that your hands can relax along with it.

Friends who like to work hard, you are strongly recommended to choose a strong mode to make you feel sour and cool. This gaming chair massage will also be intelligently adjusted according to the sensitivity of the force to relieve spinal fatigue so that it is no longer tight and completely release your pressure.

It is worth noting that this gaming chair massage is also equipped with remote control, which is specially used to control the massage area and massage intensity. There is also a remote-control storage bag on the side of the cushion. Such an intimate design deserves a compliment.

In terms of artistry, this gaming massage chair is also particularly exquisite. Unlike shoddy products on the market, the alignment of this e-sports chair is quite accurate, and it is made of high-tech fabric, which is more intimate and easier to take care of than traditional PU leather, such as eating snacks and debris dropped on the cushion, which we can completely remove with one sweep.

Other accessories such as a movable head, pillow and waist rest can be considered excellent massage e-sports chairs. The massage function is the biggest difference between it and the ordinary   PC gaming chair.

The ergonomic gaming chair is an e-sports seat, referred to as an e-sports chair. From this name, we can have a general understanding of the function of the gaming racing chair. E-sports chairs are specially prepared for people who play games.

E-sports are activities that reach the "competitive" level of electronic game competitions. E-sports are intellectual confrontation sports between people through electronic devices as sports equipment. Through sports, you can exercise and improve the thinking ability, reaction ability, coordination ability and willpower of the participants. It can cultivate the teamwork spirit of the participants.

Then the seats used by the participants in the competition are electric. The function of the gaming chair massage is very powerful, which is no longer limited to the game seat but has been widely used in people's work, study and production. The design of the computer chair has very high ergonomics and is of great benefit to human health.

The gaming chair massage has added massage function to the traditional electric chair; in addition, it is also more diverse than before, such as Bluetooth gaming chair to meet the needs of different customers, such as massage chair with adjustable height, there is also kids gaming chair and gaming chair with footrest.

Massage is a method based on the theory of viscera and meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with the anatomy and pathological diagnosis of western medicine. It acts on specific parts of the body surface to regulate the body's physiological and pathological conditions to achieve physiotherapy. In terms of nature, it is physical treatment.

Massage treatment can be divided into health, sports, and medical. Massage is simple and easy, does not need any special equipment, has a remarkable curative effect, has no side effects, economic benefits, and healthy life.

According to its function, massage is mainly divided into three categories: health care, leisure, and therapeutic. The main purpose of health massage is to restore the vitality of muscles and nerves, get rid of sub-health and boost the spirit.

Typical Chinese massage, Japanese finger pressure massage, Thai massage, foot massage, etc.; therapeutic massage is mainly to treat some muscle and nerve injuries, with cupping, scraping, moxibustion, and other traditional Chinese medicine means, after a certain course of treatment, to achieve the purpose of rehabilitation and improvement, the purpose is to emphasize the effect after treatment and promote the recovery of the body. The scope of massage treatment is very wide, and it can be applied in trauma, internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, facial features, and health care and beauty, especially for chronic and functional diseases.

What are the benefits of gaming chair massage?

Proper use of an electric massage chair for massage can effectively improve the sleep quality of the human body but also increase the body's immunity and play the role of relaxing muscles and activating collaterals. However, when using the massage chair, we should note that although there is a fixed message time above the massage chair, it should be decided in combination with your physical condition. It is recommended that the massage time be controlled to 20 to 30 minutes.

It is worth noting that gaming chair massage does not apply to everyone. So which groups of people are not suitable for massage chairs? Pregnant women, children, and the elderly these three categories of people who must not use massage chairs; In pregnant women in the process of pregnancy, bones are very fragile; if you use massage chairs will also affect the normal development of the baby, and may even lead to serious consequences such as miscarriage.

Children's use of massage chairs will also affect their normal bone development. Children's bone development is very important, and in massage chairs, the strength is relatively large. Children's bones cannot bear such strength and are prone to spinal damage and slow bone development.

The elderly are prone to osteoporosis, while the vast majority of the elderly also have heart disease, hypertension and other diseases; once the use of a massage chair is incorrect, there may be sudden heart disease and rapid rise in blood pressure and other symptoms.

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What are the advantages of gaming chair massage?

Eliminating fatigue by massage can dredge channels and collaterals, speed up qi and blood circulation, relax the whole body, eliminate fatigue and relieve stress. And it can also improve the human body's overall immune ability, prevent diseases, and add vitality to the body.

Improving the sleep massage chair can promote blood circulation around the shoulder and neck of the human body, help sleep, improve sleep, greatly improve sleep quality, and has a certain therapeutic effect on insomnia. Promote the rehabilitation of some diseases; fixed acupoint massage and thermotherapy can promote the rehabilitation of rheumatism, arthritis, low back pain, lumbar, cervical spondylosis, stroke and other diseases.

The side effect of gaming chair massage

Gaming chair massage is a method that is beneficial to mechanical force and rolling force to squeeze the body. Compared with artificial massage, the action is simple, the manipulation is simple, and it plays a certain role in relieving physical fatigue. Still, the treatment of the disease can not completely play a very good effect.

When using a massage chair, we should control the time and intensity of the massage to prevent improper operation in the process of massage may cause certain harm to the body. If you use a massage chair, the intensity of the massage chair is too large, and it is likely to cause muscle pain. What should I pay attention to when using a massage chair?

First, we should control massage time once or twice a day; we should control each time at about 20 minutes. Then, do not use gaming chair massage  for a long time or frequently. Finally, when using a gaming chair massage , you should control the strength of the gaming chair with a monitor to massage the body.

The gaming chair massage , originally limited to professional e-sports players, has recently been favoured by ordinary consumers and has become a new "standard" for home decoration for many young people.

Not long ago, the consumption trend report released by Tmall Life Research Institute showed that online chairs and dishwashers and smart toilets are becoming the "new three big pieces" for Chinese families. The popularity of gaming chair massage reflects the new demand for home life in the context of upgrading consumption: young people generally want a complete set of professional e-sports equipment and an "e-sports room" of their own.

At the same time, due to the sporadic spread of the epidemic, people spend more time at the home, office and online entertainment, and the demand for comfortable seats is also on the rise. Consumers of gaming chair massage have gradually spread from professional players to ordinary consumers.

From the perspective of industry development, in 2021, the market size of China's e-sports will reach 167.3 billion yuan, and e-sports will have 506 million users and continue to maintain steady growth. While e-sports games and competitions are popular, gaming chair massage will also have more market space.

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