Floor beds release your stress


What is a bed?


Beds are generally used in bedrooms, dormitories, wards, hotels, and other places and are necessary for daily human sleep. Some are equipped with timed bed warming, weight recording monitoring, bed sheet fixation, sleep monitoring, etc., and the design tends to be intelligent. In the old days, wood was usually used as a material, which was solid and practical. Now stainless steel and metal can also be used as the main materials, which can effectively increase the service performance and life of the bed. It is generally composed of dozens of parts. According to the form, it can be divided into floor bed, single bed, double bed, baby bed electric bed, water bed, sofa bed, day bed, intelligent turning nursing bed, disability bed, four column bed, kids bed, hospital bed, dog bed, folding bed, loft bed, etc. It can be divided into iron bed, wooden bed frame, stainless steel bed, cloth bed, and leather bed according to materials.


What advantages of a platform bed?

1. Storage

 The floor bed is a bed installed on the ground. It is like a large box nailed to the ground. Its interior is empty, and a large storage space. Speaking of the advantages and disadvantages of the platform bed, strong storage space is the biggest advantage of the platform bed. Usually, you can put the bedding and clothes you don't need in your home on the floor bed, which can solve the problem of storing items in your home. Even if the floor bed is stored inside, its use and beauty will not be affected.

 2. Multiple functions

 Most people do not design floor beds at home for storage but to create a multi-functional living area. Compared with a tatami bed, a floor bed has more diversified functions. At ordinary times, people can use it as a bed for rest or as a place for entertainment, where they can play chess and drink tea. In addition, it can also be used as a sofa. When guests come to the home, they can directly sit on it without worrying about the lack of a sofa. The diversity of use functions is one of the advantages and disadvantages of floor beds that cannot be ignored, which is also one of the reasons why many people design floor beds at home.


 3. High aesthetic performance

 Aesthetics is one of the advantages and disadvantages of the floor bed. Most people may think the bed is used for sleeping, but the floor bed is different. It also plays the role of decorator in home life. When designing the floor bed, you can well decorate the floor bed according to the overall decoration needs to make the room more warm and comfortable.


What are the types of beds?


The most common style is a flat bed with a basic headboard, bed tailboard, left and right folding guards, and framework. Although simple, headboard and tailboard can create different styles; a Sled bed with streamlined lines is one of the most popular styles. If you feel the space is small or do not want to be restricted, you can discard the bed tail board to make the whole bed feel larger.



Its appearance is similar to a sofa, but it has a deep cushion to provide a short rest during the day. Unlike other types of beds, the day bed is usually arranged in the living room or leisure audio-visual room rather than the bedroom for sleeping at night.


Sofa bed

You can assemble deformable furniture according to different needs. You can change it into a sofa, which can be disassembled and used as a bed. It is a piece of conveniently small space furniture in modern furniture, a combination of sofa and bed, called a sofa bed.


Soft bed

Soft beds are generally divided into art beds and leather-cloth combined beds. Compared with other beds, they pay more attention to the user's comfort experience, including soft beds with massage functions, but the price is high.


Plank bed

Wooden beds, also known as hard beds, have good air permeability. Compared with ordinary mattresses, wooden beds have higher hardness. Wooden beds are generally made of all solid wood, which is outstanding in terms of environmental protection.


Four column bed

To make the bed have the broadest romantic reverie. On the four columns of classical style, there are complex carvings representing different periods of style; The modern country-style four-column bed can be more lively and personal by using different colors and fabrics.


double-deck bed

The bed designed with upper and lower bunks is the most commonly used in general home space, which not only saves space and can become a good place to place sundries when one person moves out.


How to clean and maintain the bed?

Sleep is an important part of life. A good mattress can make you have a comfortable sleep and be good for your body. Here are eight ways to maintain a mattress for reference:


Regularly adjust the direction:

After the newly purchased mattress starts to be used, it is required to turn back and forth and up and down every three months in the first year so that each part of the mattress is evenly stressed and the service life of the mattress is increased;


Maintain air circulation:


To ensure that the inner materials of the mattress are not affected by moisture and increase the comfort of the mattress, the room where the mattress is used must be kept ventilated;


Avoid single-point jumping or heavy fixed-point pressure on the mattress:

Avoid standing on the mattress or doing single-point jumping or heavy fixed-point pressure, which will cause uneven stress on the mattress, and avoid sitting on the edge for a long time to shorten the service life of the mattress;


Do not use water to clean the mattress:

In case of liquid pouring and penetrating the inner layer of the mattress, please do not wash it with water, but immediately squeeze it with a strong hygroscopic rag until it is absorbed, and then use a hair dryer to cool warm air (hot air is strictly prohibited) or an electric fan to dry it. In addition, do not use dry cleaning liquid to clean the  bed surface, which may damage the cloth surface;

Do not put boards between the upper and lower mattresses or put the upper mattress on the damaged old mattress. You can buy matching lower mattresses to extend the life and sleep comfort of the new mattress. If the mattress surface is polluted, you can timely scrub it with alcohol;


Handle with care:

The mattress shall be placed on a straight elevation and not bent or folded during transportation. It will damage the styling frame of the mattress, causing the mattress to twist and deform.



When washing high-grade pure cotton bedding, it will shrink to varying degrees under normal circumstances;

In addition, cotton products are easy to wrinkle, slightly less elastic, and acid-resistant but not alkali resistant, so they should not be treated at high temperatures above 100 for a long time. It is better to iron the products with a steam iron after each use so that the effect will be better;

You should use neutral detergent instead of bleach. The water temperature should be below 30. After drying, iron at medium temperature, fold, and store in a dry place;



The latex pillow must be soaked with cold detergent, gently pressed by hand, and then repeatedly washed with clean water. After that, wrap it with a cloth. After absorbing most of the water, could you place it in a cool place to dry? Do not expose it to the sun to avoid deterioration and oxidation of the material;


Down is easy to form balls when meeting water, so you cannot wash it in the water. During maintenance, you can pat the pillow gently to keep it fluffy and take it to a ventilated place for air blowing to remove sweat smell and moisture;

If the pillow is dirty, it can be sent to a professional cleaning company.


What are the purchasing skills of floor beds?


The floor beds are of all kinds of different styles and materials. How to choose a comfortable floor bed is closely related to whether you can sleep well. When purchasing, you should fully consider the floor bed's length, height, hardness, and other factors.



A safe and durable bed base can not completely guarantee a comfortable sleep. We can only create the perfect floor bed and the best way to rest by combining the floor base with the mattress. Pay attention to the following two points when choosing the mattress:


Elasticity and hardness: everyone's sleeping habits are different, so their needs for the softness and hardness of the mattress are also different. A good floor bed can automatically adjust its elasticity with a change of sleeping posture. Therefore, when purchasing, you should try to lie in various positions according to your sleeping habits. If you can feel comfortable, you can achieve the best sleep condition;


Bed Size: The length and width of the mattress should be sufficient because everyone will turn over when sleeping, and enough space should be left for people to turn over freely. The length of the mattress should be at least 15 cm above the individual's height. You should reserve the space for pillows to reduce the pressure during sleep. Those who are too tall are recommended to buy a mattress with an extended size.


How to design the platform bed?


The floor bed design should be based on many factors, such as the structure, size, style of the room, and the needs of family members. Now let's take a look at it in detail.


First, consider the structure and size of the room. If the room is large, the floor bed can be designed larger.


The design of this outdoor terrace bed should also conform to the house's overall style without destroying its original characteristics. For example, the style of the whole room is warm, and the design of the floor bed is called deep, which will be very abrupt and unpredictable. Therefore, the color and style of the floor bed should be designed according to the original style of the room.


Second, consider the needs of family members. If there are elderly and children at home, try not to design the floor bed too high, which is not conducive to the activities of the elderly and children. If the design of the floor bed is high, it is necessary to add several steps to the floor bed. However, it is suggested that the design should not be too high, which would be very troublesome.


Finally, we should consider the location of the floor bed and some decorations and accessories. You can place the floor bed against the window or the wall. We should determine the location of the floor bed according to the actual situation and place it as comfortably and conveniently as possible. In addition, you can add a small cabinet and desk lamp beside the floor bed.

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