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What is the family storage space?

1. The filing cabinet

A filing cabinet, which can store some valuables, documents and other items, can also be used as a storage cabinet to place daily items. For example, a black file cabinet is trendy.

2. Universal storage

Omnipotent store content ark is applied with distinctive material qualitative and choiceness design concept, let furniture produced qualitative change from weight and design.

Can use a requirement not only according to a user, go all out outfit all-purpose store ark, receive ark, bookcase, shoe ark, more as a result of qualitative material light, can go all out outfit characteristic, can let consumer as the change of his residence.

3. Decorative storage black file cabinet

Serve as the bedroom space important area, also be the crucial area where the small family owner receives household things. At this moment, the ark of the beautiful head of the bed, ground, or dresser ark often can develop the receiving effect.

Although the effect with the biggest of this kind of furniture still depends on adornment sex, incidental store content to receive a function, often be the optimal harbour that the small trifle such as magazine, resembles collection. Of course, tie-in bucket ark, bed case etc. store the word that content space is used, store content to receive ability or relatively objective

4. Multifunctional storage cabinets

Store content ark to does not have a fixed form can resemble ground ark, bucket already such independent existence also can resemble TV ark, ambry such multifunctional form exists, choose so store content ark must according to his demand and actual household situation and decide.

But concerning practical vital, this one element, have the furniture such as ark of TV ark of specific store content function, dresser, undoubtedly more small family owner is more close gaze at a few.

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What is a black filing cabinet?

A black file cabinet is a kind of office furniture. The cabinet used to store archival information; Is the more traditional archival storage equipment, which usually refers to a covered box and a cabinet with a door. Generally made of wood or metal, wood black file cabinets.

Some are also made of combined, separated into boxes, and stacked into cabinets. Its advantage is that it can effectively prevent dust and prevent the invasion of other harmful substances, and it is convenient to move; Disadvantages are high cost, occupying the adequate warehouse space, and unit area storage is small. Currently, the black file cabinet is widely acclaimed.

 locking file cabinet

What are the types of filing cabinets?

1. Material:

Plastic filing cabinet

Cabinets of plastic-type are already relatively rare in the market. Black file cabinets for sale are used for some frequently used documents. Still, fewer and fewer people choose plastic cabinets because it is easy to deform when plastic is used for long periods to carry heavy objects.

Board type filing cabinet

The Board file cabinet is made of medium density board or particleboard. With the increasingly mature process, the plate file cabinet veneer on the market is increasingly lifelike, and whether glossiness or feel, it is perfect.

At the same time, the board-type filing cabinet belongs to a variety of veneers so that you can change different colours and textures in the shape design can also make solid wood absolutely can not complete the shape, very personalized. Of course, a plate file cabinet also has disadvantages.

The first is not environmental protection; some businesses obtain benefits and use cheap particleboard as raw materials to obtain profits; the second is not natural; there is no natural sense of solid wood and other natural materials.

Solid wood filing cabinet

Natural wood furniture is welcome all the time, and all its material is a natural material that does not process again; environmental protection is healthy and still has the distinctive, lasting appeal that can reveal the host temperament and gain consumer trust.

For solid wood material, file cabinets are also the same, high-grade, atmospheric. Still, it also has a relatively significant disadvantage, that is, the environment and temperature requirements are relatively high, not moisture-proof, but also easy to be moth-eaten, so choosing solid wood type file cabinets needs to consider a little more.

Steel filing cabinet

Compared to steel and traditional wooden furniture, it has a significant advantage; no matter fire resistance, firmness and environmental protection are such.

A steel file cabinet is generally made of a cold-rolled steel plate on the surface of electric galvanizing, hot dipping zinc, powder electrostatic spraying and much other technology, solid and durable.

For example, the black file cabinet. Overall, the steel filing cabinet is a relatively simple and economical light mobile storage equipment, convenient and durable.

2. Color:

If some file cabinets are too lively for severe occasions, they will not match the whole office environment, and file managers will have a sense of disharmony in their work. Therefore, they should make a specific analysis according to the specific situation.

The first units are government units or public institutions such as hospitals and schools, where the office atmosphere is more serious. We can choose simple silver grey, calm black, or a combination of these two colours. For example, black file cabinet and white file cabinet is the style. The Black file cabinet is not only suitable for the original working atmosphere of the purchasing unit but also more beautiful and fashionable.

The second category is the private nature of the enterprise; modern companies have more pursuit of the personalized, custom file cabinet can choose the colour of the range is more significant, such as some more bright blue or green, silver and contracted, personalized and keep the office atmosphere, archives management work for also can adjust the optic nerve.

 fireproof file cabinet

What's the difference between a filing cabinet and an ordinary cabinet?

First of all, in terms of durability, the service life of the file cabinet is longer. Ordinary black file cabinets are

usually updated in 3 to 5 years, while you can consider high-quality office file cabinets for replacement after 20 years.

The second aspect is the difference in storage: if the black file cabinet is used to store the data in the same file room, it can store three or four times as much as a traditional office file cabinet. Black file cabinet storage capacity, file cabinet and more systematic.

The third aspect is appearance. File cabinets are more significant than office file cabinets and look more elegant. For example, the black file cabinet is a good example.

The fourth is in the aspect of access. It is more convenient to use the file cabinet for reference. Because of the larger file cabinet space, the data and document categories can be divided into more details and, therefore, more orderly.

The fifth is that the file cabinet is entirely public; anyone in the company can use it, but the file cabinet is not; relatively speaking, the performance of the file cabinet is better than the file cabinet and more secure.

What is the purpose of a filing cabinet?

In addition to serving the office role of the file cabinet, such as a black file cabinet for storing documents, a black file cabinet can also be placed some decorative crafts, with this function is the file cabinet with glass, through the glass can be convenient for us to watch, but also to protect crafts from damage.

Can choose a glass file cabinet, can also choose only the top half is a glass file cabinet, above the arts and crafts, or can store documents below, can play the role of decoration and can store documents.

Learning is a never-ending process. We should work hard to keep learning to enrich ourselves; we can use the archives filing cabinets to store books because books are heavier items; however, so be file cabinets bearing quality into consideration, for the general archives filing cabinets, bearing weight can support the deposit book, The thing to worry about is some poor quality filing cabinets.

Some considerable strengths of the company in the business of a lot of certificates and trophies, these can also use the black file cabinets for storage, as a symbol of the power company to show clients, you can adjust file cabinets with internal layer board, the space can be adjusted, placed the cup or certificates can meet the requirements of storage.

How to maintain a black file cabinet?

According to the different surface treatment technology of the black file cabinet, it can be divided into three kinds of furniture: titanium plated, plastic sprayed, and chrome plated. The maintenance methods are also slightly different.

  1. Titanium-plated furniture, high-quality titanium-plated furniture because of the stability of titanium, is not prone to rust phenomenon, but to ensure that in case, or often wipe furniture, avoid contact with water.

2, spray furniture, for example, in the process of using a black file cabinet, if there is dirt, you can use a cloth to wipe gently, know clean, remember not in the residual furniture moisture, in life should pay attention to spray furniture handling should be light, can not have sharp objects cut surface spray.

3, chrome plated furniture, in use process, avoid furniture contact water, otherwise, it will cause rust, severe when still can to the chromium plating layer falls off, if not to take remedial measures after chrome plating layer falls off, off area will gradually increase.

if found chromium plating layer with yellow-brown spots phenomenon should dip in with dishcloth take some neutral oil is wiped, prevent its expansion trend, If the furniture is rusty and chrome-plated, the available brush or cotton dip in the oil to know that the rust is wiped, do not use gauze grinding, that will damage the furniture iron sheet and chrome-plated layer.

When cheap black file Cabinets are long left in use, an anti-rust agent can be applied evenly on the surface to prevent rust in the storage process.

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