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What equipment do you need to bathe your dog at home?

dog baths

1. Dog Bathtub

If the bathroom space is large and a bathtub is specially installed, the dog-loving owner can't help holding the dog into the bathtub to let him enjoy himself. Compared with the shower, the advantage of the dog bathing tub is that it can immerse the dog in the water, which makes it easier to wet the hair and wash it more thoroughly. But the dog bathtub will be troublesome later, so choosing a tub to bathe dogs with good performance is better. It is important for a dog bath.

2. Damp-proof floor mat

First, a moisture-proof mat is used to welcome the dog into the bathroom. The advantage of the floor mat is that the dog can leave the floating dust on his feet outside before entering the bathroom. After taking a dog bath, you can also absorb the water on the floor mat when you leave the bathroom to prevent it from entering the living room. In a word, it is very useful when it looks inconspicuous.

3. Hand-held shower

If the bathroom is decorated with a shower, it is necessary to have a comfortable hand-held shower. The radian design at the handle of a good shower is ergonomic, and you won't feel sore if you hold it for a long time. It takes a lot of energy to bathe dogs, especially large dogs. It takes a long time to make foam. It's a good shower. It's not tiring to hold it. The water flow is awesome. It can save a lot of trouble to take a dog bath.

4. Hair dryer

After a dog bath, dogs will throw their hair by themselves when the body is wet. The nature of animals determines this. You will throw off the excess water, but the water attached to the deep fur needs to be blown dry. Otherwise, it will take a long time to cause skin disease.

A high-power hair dryer was unveiled. It was not a hair dryer but a hair dryer for animals. The wind was strong, and the speed was infinitely variable. You could adjust the size to dry the dog's thick hair faster.

5. Widgets

In addition to regular washing and blowing, there are also many small details to keep dogs clean. For example, you can cut your nails just after taking a bath when your nails are flexible; Dogs should also clean ear mites regularly, in short, to create a comfortable, sanitary, and clean condition for them.

The frequency of bathing dogs depends on the specific needs of each dog. Generally speaking, the dog should be bathed only when necessary. For example, when the dog smells bad, or dirt accumulates on its fur, it is necessary to bathe.

Washing dogs when needed is an integral part of pet care. Cleaning dogs includes keeping their fur and skin healthy and improving their fur appearance.

dog bath

How often should you bathe your dog?

Owners often ask, "How often should I bathe my dog? Generally speaking, the best way to decide when to bathe your dog is to smell its smell. When their smell is bad, it is time to bathe them.

Whether you let a professional beautician bathe your dog or do it yourself, it is very important to bathe this furry child reasonably to prevent dandruff and inflammation.

Several factors determine how often you should bathe your dog.

dog bathing

1. Based on the type of dog furniture

Your dog's coat will determine how often you shower them. Long-haired dogs may need to bathe more frequently than short-haired dogs. In addition, some dogs with thick furs, such as Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever, will lose their natural skin oil if washed too frequently.

Many breeds of smooth, short-haired dogs, such as the French bulldog, beagle, and other dogs, require less frequent bathing. As we all know, short-haired breeds like Baxinji clean themselves like cats and rarely need to take a dog bath. Dogs with waterproof furs, such as the Great White Bear (the Great Pyrenees) and the Labrador Retriever, need to reduce the number of baths to help preserve the oil in the skin.

2. Based on the degree of motion

The number of dog activities will directly affect their beauty needs. An outdoor dog who likes to play in the mud and muddy puddles eventually needs to bathe more frequently than a dog who likes to stay on the sofa.

3. Based on the condition of dog skin allergy

How often you should take a dog bath depends on your skin condition. The dog's coat can accumulate dirt and potential allergens, leading to allergic attacks. Proper cleaning also helps to remove ticks, fleas, and other parasites.

If dogs have allergies, regular cleaning will greatly reduce the allergens in their fur. If your dog has a skin disease or other health conditions, consult your veterinarian before bathing it.

For dogs with certain skin conditions, their hair may become dry after bathing, which you must avoid. The problem is that allergic puppies often have problems with their skin, which can cause dry skin and increase their pain.


The frequency of bathing a dog depends on the type of hair, level of exercise, and skin health of the dog. It is appropriate for most dogs to take a bath at least every 3 months and at most every 2 weeks. Elderly dogs and those with specific skin problems can take a bath with the appropriate amount of dog shampoo.

Avoid bathing your dog frequently unless recommended by your veterinarian. If you don't like to wash your dog by yourself, you can also ask a professional dog beauty shop for help. It's also great fun to keep your dog clean and fresh.

common problem

Q: What if you don't bathe your dog?

A: If you don't take a dog bath, the natural oil secreted by the dog's fur may accumulate, causing odor. Regular bathing will help promote dogs' health and improve their quality of life.

Q: How often should a dog be bathed?

A: Short-haired dogs can not bathe for more than three months, but long-haired dogs need to bathe more frequently. When they are clean and smell fresh, they will feel happier. Giving a dog bath is not necessarily trouble; It is also pleasant to do with love, tenderness, and patience.

Q: What can I use to wash my dog?

A: You can use special dog soap or shampoo to clean. The shampoo for dogs is formulated to meet the needs of dog-sensitive skin. It has a variety of styles and smells. It would be best if you chose a shampoo suitable for your dog's size, fur, and health problems.

How to bathe a dog?

1. Remove miscellaneous hairs

Before a dog bath, pets mainly remove hair from dogs, that is, comb hair, especially for dogs with long hair. Because dogs are easy to tie knots, it is more difficult to comb their hair after getting wet, and dogs will also feel very pain. If you want your dog's hair to be smooth and easy to comb, you can usually feed your dog some dog food containing deep-sea fish oil so that it is easier to comb your dog's hair.

2. Take the dog to the bath

After grooming, take the dog to the place where he needs to take a dog bath. It is better to take a dog bath at home because when the dog is soaked in the bath, his pores will open, which will easily cause the dog to catch a cold. If the dog is willing to go to the bathing place, reward the dog with some snacks to reduce his fear of bathing.

3. Pour water on the dog

The pet owner can wet the dog's body with water first, slowly up from the feet, and finally to the head, and you should control the water temperature at 36 - 38 degrees so that the dog has a process of adaptation. In addition, be careful not to let water enter the dog's ears, eyes, or the dog will shed its hair. The pet owner can also give the dog a proper massage

4. Apply shower gel

After wetting the dog's body, the pet owner can first rub the pet's special bath gel into foam and then apply it on the dog. Generally speaking, dogs only need to apply shower gel twice. After the pet owner wears it, first rub it along the dog's hair, then rub it on the dog's hair so you can clean it. Be careful not to rub the dog's fur too hard. Then, remember to wash your dog's body, or it won't be good for your dog's hair.

5. Blow dry hair

After taking a dog bath, the pet owner immediately uses a hair dryer to dry the dog's hair to prevent the dog from getting sick. When the pet owner blows the dog's hair, be careful not to point the hair dryer at the dog's head because sudden noises can easily frighten the dog. So the pet should turn the wind to the minimum and then start blowing from the dog's buttocks. When the dog's hair is almost dry, the pet should blow and comb the dog's hair. Otherwise, the dog's hair will be knotted.

Flea bath for dogs

1. Take a dog bath with the hair detergent to remove lice. It is better to choose the special one for the dog. Use warm water to wash the dog all over


If it is wet, rub the hair detergent onto the hair and wait for a while to rinse it with warm water.

 2. Try to comb the dog's hair with a comb with dense teeth to bring down some fleas.

 3. Put a flea-killing collar on the dog, but the scope of the collar is limited, and you can kill only the fleas near the collar.

 4. Use the flea spray correctly according to the instructions in the manual, and try to use it in a well-ventilated place to avoid splashing into the dog's eyes.

 5. you can use the flea remover. It has the function of insecticide. Be careful not to use it on sensitive parts of dogs.


 Five taboos for dog bathing

1. Pay attention to the water temperature. Dogs have no sweat glands, and their bathing will not cool them down. Especially when it is hot, you must pay attention when taking a dog bath. Could you not wash them with cold water? The temperature should be normal. It is better to be close to the dog's temperature. After taking a dog bath, you should blow dry them immediately to prevent them from catching a cold. Please don't wait for them to dry naturally.

2. Just after the exercise. Dogs need to go out for exercise every day. At this time, they will breathe faster because of exercise. Don't take a bath just after exercise. Bathing at this time is very bad. It is easy to cause the insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, which harms health. It is better to wash after half an hour.

3. Select a good shower gel. It is also very important to choose a bath gel. The first thing is to choose one with better quality, and then do not use one with mint because it is not good for dogs' health, and some people may be sensitive to skin diseases. Moreover, people should never use it for them, choose one with good quality.

4. Don't bathe too often. Pet owners of dogs should all know that they can't bathe their dogs regularly, and it's not allowed in hot weather. They have no sweat glands, and bathing can't solve the cooling effect. Frequent washing may cause itching. If they are afraid of hot dogs, they can properly blow the air conditioner instead of blowing directly at the air outlet. Just add water in time.

5. After eating the food. If dogs have just eaten food, you must not bathe them. It is easy to digest and will be bad. The skin blood vessels will expand at this time, and severe cases may cause fainting. It would be best if you chose an appropriate time to take a dog bath.


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