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What are corner shoe racks?

A corner shoe rack generally refers to the storage rack used by people to place and store new shoes for easy management and access. The corner shoe rack has many types, and its location and storage mode is flexible. Examples are bench shoe racks, hanging shoe racks and vertical shoe racks. The personality design of some shoe racks is a beautiful scene. There are a variety of shoe rack decorative lines, and the design inside is more spacious.

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What types of corner shoe racks are available?

1. Simple shoe rack

The simple iron shoe rack with a wide range of sales and use on the market is characterized by light material and convenient installation. It is worth mentioning that the price of simple household corner shoe racks is also very affordable. Its colour and material style is changeable and popular with the public.

2. Decorative shoe rack

The decorative effect of the decorative corner shoe rack mainly comes from its materials, so its materials are also diverse. The iron home depot shoe rack has long, thin lines and a simple style. If it is a wooden decorative shoe rack, its material has a certain decorative property, and you can slightly change the design according to the room style.

3. Fixed shoe rack

When the household products on the market can not achieve their ideals, some people will choose to customize their homes. Another situation is that you want to use home design to free up adequate living space, and DIY will come up with many ideas to solve problems. So is the corner shoe rack. If you think the size of the household shoe rack on the market is unsatisfactory, you can choose your design, such as fixing it on the back of your living room.

This way, it effectively saves space and adds a strong sense of design to the home.

4. Eco-friendly shoe rack

The environment-friendly household corner shoe rack is made of environment-friendly resin and other materials, which are easy to install and clean. Compared with the traditional plastic shoe rack, it is not only more changeable in shape (shoe rack size) but also durable in material, so you don't have to worry about the problem of bearing weight.

This kind of shoe rack has a fashionable and generous appearance, suitable for modern people's life tastes.

5. Creative shoe rack

Creative shoe rack nailed to the wall. This corner shoe rack, which looks very interesting and is nailed to the wall, can help you sort out the shoes littered all over the floor. Whether flip-flops or sneakers, you can easily hang them on them. Of course, you can also wear leather shoes. Boots may become a problem. Compared with ordinary cheap shoe racks and container store shoe racks, the decorative nature of this Footprint is undoubtedly a great advantage. When the shoe is taken down, it is completely a three-dimensional abstract decoration

6. Shoe rack for kicking

This corner shoe rack is different from the ordinary one. It's a little like a big toothbrush. Put your shoes on. You have to kick your shoes into the brush.

The idea of this shoe rack is very different. Unfortunately, it is not very beautiful for the array.

7. Roller shoe rack

The idea of putting shoes on such a roller is great! It not only saves space but also is very convenient. Especially those women who have many shoes can easily find shoes matching their clothes by gently turning the roller, saving the trouble of rummaging through the closet.

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What material is good for the corner shoe rack?

1. The full name of the ecological board is the ecological board impregnated plastic film paper facing wood-based panel, which is made by soaking the paper with different colours or textures in the ecological board resin adhesive, drying it to a certain degree of curing, paving it on the surface of chipboard, medium density fiberboard or hard fiberboard, and hot pressing. The advantages of this plate are flat surface, not easy to deform due to the same double-sided expansion coefficient, bright colour, relatively wear-resistant surface, corrosion resistance, and economical price.

2. Density board, also known as a fiberboard, is a manufactured board made of wood fibre or other plant fibres and applied with urea-formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesives. The different quotas can be divided into the high-density board, medium-density board and low-density board. The surface of the density board is smooth and flat, the material is fine and dense, the performance is stable, the edges are firm and durable, and the decorative property of the board surface is good. But the biggest disadvantage is that it is not moisture-proof and swells when it sees water.

3. If it is made of wood, it is generally made of large core boards. The advantage of this material is that the material will not be affected in a humid environment. The disadvantage is that it is easy to deform after a long time because the material inside the large core plate has many small holes. Especially in dry weather, it will shrink and become deformed once it shrinks.

How to clean and maintain the corner shoe rack?

Corner shoe rack cleaning

1. Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the dust stains on the surface of the shoe rack frequently

Avoid using ordinary water, wet and hard cloth to wipe the surface, mirror surface and glass. Do not contact with acid, alkali and grease, if conditions permit

you can wipe the board surface with high-purity industrial alcohol.

2. Do not use a hammer or other hard objects to strike the surface of the shoe rack, nor do you use a knife

Scratch and cut the board surface. If there is a local seam in the veneer

Repair when necessary, otherwise the cracks will widen and even appear crooked after a long time

Shape, resulting in complete damage.

3. Special cleaning shall be applied when removing stains on the shoe rack's mirror or glass surface. Agent cleaning.


Corner shoe rack maintenance

1. Regularly maintain the shoe rack, and generally focus on one maintenance every quarter

After wiping the dust stains on the furniture surface with a soft cloth, polish the furniture

Evenly smear the furniture surface. Light wax can protect furniture paint film from moisture.

Wet, scratch and burn effects.

2. you can use a small amount of cotton cloth to smear stains that have been left for too long or are difficult to remove

Remove the gasoline or alcohol, and polish the appropriate amount with a piece of cotton cloth.

After the wax is applied, wipe the wax evenly with a piece of dry cloth to avoid wax retention.

Mark, and then deal with the damaged part of the paint layer.

3. The parts burnt by cigarettes, such as the surface paint layer of shoe rack with doors, can be used

After the fine water sandpaper is moistened with water, gently remove the stain and then wax it.

4. If the surface is scratched but not deep enough to the wood, you can use polish wax for local straightening

Connect polishing, and use sandpaper to polish the deep scratches.

5. If the damage is serious in the wood, polish it and repaint it

The surface is bright, durable and moisture-proof.

6. The metal handle of hardware fittings of furniture can also be coated with polishing wax

Wipe it to make it rotate flexibly, rust proof and oxygen resistant.

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What are the corner shoe rack styles?

 1. High low shoe rack

The high and low shoe racks seem to give people an atmosphere and even an overpowering feeling. The size of the shoe racks is large enough, and the height of the shoe racks is different. You can put your favourite household decorations on top of the shoe racks. Therefore, this shoe rack is very suitable for large suites.

 2. Simple shoe rack

The design of the simple rack for shoes is ingenious. The use of the overturned form greatly saves the production materials, and it is made of pure wood without adding any colour, which reduces the cost.

 3. Fashion vertical shoe rack

We know that the design of the fashion vertical corner shoe rack can be said to be popular. Due to the great social competition pressure, many people live in small apartments, so this shoe rack is very popular. The biggest advantage of the vertical corner shoe rack is that it can save ground space and increase storage space, which is a good choice.

 4. European style shoe rack

The classic design of its European-style shoe rack must be obvious to everyone at a glance. The classic European milky white is a highlight. The simple rectangular design greatly improves the storage space. The sliding door of the corner shoe rack uses the shutter design, which is beautiful and allows the shoes to ventilate to the maximum extent, which is beneficial to people's health.

 5. Chinese shoe rack

We know the Chinese corner shoe rack is made of solid wood, and the combination of concave surfaces makes it look three-dimensional. This corner shoe rack is still in the form of an ancient sliding door, which is very suitable for Chinese furniture and shows the natural beauty of Chinese furniture.

How to place corner shoe racks?

 1. The corner shoe rack should not be placed too high

The height of the shoe rack cabinet should not be too high. From a scientific point of view, the shoe rack is too high, and bacteria are easy to rise to the top. When people open the shoe rack, they may breathe air with bacteria.

 2. you should place the shoe rack against the door

You should place the shoe rack close to the door in the direction of the living room, so it is convenient to change shoes when entering the door. You shall not place it in the middle or in other places far away from the gate.

 3. The shoes should be placed head up

The shoes are placed in the shoe storage rack. If the toe cap is facing down, placing and taking the shoes will be inconvenient. Moreover, when people walk high, their shoes follow their steps closely in a geomantic omen. With the toe up, there is a moral of rising step by step.

 4. There are not many layers in the corner shoe rack

According to the traditional geomantic omen, the structure of the shoe rack should not exceed five layers because five elements form five elements. It will destroy the five layers of geomantic omen if it exceeds five layers. At the same time, shoes are the root of the site. Too many levels may lead to high ambitions, detrimental to the owner's career development.

 5. Shoes should be hidden and not exposed

It is impolite for dirty shoes to be exposed to the guests. Moreover, shoes often contact with feet, and their ventilation is poor, so they may have a peculiar smell. Therefore, it is necessary to hide shoes.

What does the shoe rack do?

The main purpose of the shoe rack is to display idle shoes. With the social progress and improvement of human living standards at any time, the shoe rack has evolved from the early wooden shoe rack to the current shoe rack with various styles and materials. However, with the increase in shoe style and number, the area of the shoe rack is becoming tenser and tenser. The design and production of shoe racks are also a subject of decoration.

There are many functions of shoe racks. In addition to the basic storage of shoes, rain gear and small items, some corner shoe racks have sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, drying and dehumidification functions. The existence of shoe racks provides a shelter for muddy shoes, but the role of shoe racks in daily life is far more than just a place for shoes. Their

existence will add a bit of haziness to our living quarters and protect our privacy.

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