How to choose a coffee table


Why is coffee so popular?

1. Diverse tastes, in line with contemporary psychology

Nowadays, people like to "seek novelty and change" and naturally receptivity to new things. At the same time, to promote sales, coffee merchants have constantly been developing coffee products with different flavors and forms and various coffee tables. For example, Boho coffee table and Coffee table gold are trendy, satisfying young people's curiosity and further making coffee more and more popular.

2. refreshing effect is remarkable

Contemporary people are under tremendous pressure from work and life. They have to fulfill KPIs at work and take care of many things in life, leading to many people's lack of sleep. Therefore, coffee has become a white-collar "just need." Coffee is becoming increasingly popular among young people because it helps them stay awake and active.

3. light food fitness, sports essential

Body management, fitness, and healthy light eating are popular lifestyle trends. The extended drink requirement is low sugar, highlighting black coffee's advantages. In particular, black coffee for sports and fat-burning and promoting drinks have received a warm welcome.

4. rich in nutrition, good for health

Scientific studies have proven that coffee is good for you. In addition to caffeine boosting metabolism, coffee has been shown to slow aging and protect the liver, among other benefits. Given these health factors, the popularity of coffee will only grow.


storage coffee table


What is a coffee table? 

The coffee table is an ordinary table, but it is relatively simple. Generally, it can only be used for four people to sit around. The table top is relatively small, just a few cups of coffee and a dessert plate. Most coffee tables are made of medium-density fiberboard, a few are made of particleboard, and some are made of steel wood structure and solid wood with semi-medium density board and semi-steel pipe. There are also many choices in color. For example, coffee table gold is trendy.


What types of coffee tables are there?


1. Material

Wooden coffee table

The material and style of the coffee table are the most exciting part because they are free to choose from. Several materials are emerging, such as wooden tables, more enthusiastic and traditional, acrylic or glass, more modern and modern air, metal detail tables, and even retro models. Decorators widely use wooden coffee tables because they bring comfort to the environment and uniquely decorate the space. The wooden coffee table model is suitable for your area if you plan to offer more exquisite suggestions in the room. You can find various styles of wooden coffee tables, such as the Boho coffee table.


acrylic coffee table


Glass coffee table

The glass coffee table is very modern furniture, which optimizes the limited space of the guest room. This kind of glass furniture is transparent and can be made of different materials, such as wood and aluminum. The glass coffee table can be placed in the living room, hall, and waiting room, but it is vital that you can put out some colorful decorative elements.

 Mirrored coffee table

The Mirror coffee table is one of the mainstream trends in living room decoration. It also has the ideal choice for limited space because it optimizes the spacious environment Sense. You can combine the mirror coffee table with other light-colored furniture. You can use different materials such as wood, marble, and aluminum to find this kind of furniture. You can also choose colors like a black, white and gold coffee table.


2. Color

Many coffee tables are magnificent and straightforward, such as black coffee tables, coffee table gold, and white coffee table. In contrast, some coffee tables are lively and lovely, such as pink and cream coffee tables.


3. Style

 the industrial style evokes the purposeful appearance and feel of factory tools, using the rougher and more robust metal and wood structure. Most coffee table gold is industrial style.

 Irregular splicing double open coffee table, the combined coffee table can be placed separately or used in combination. The modeling design is fashionable, elegant, and simple, and the color is round and full, retaining the log's unique warm touch and simple connotation. With the original ecological beauty closer to nature, it gives pure visual enjoyment to life and improves the sense of home quality.

 Boho coffee table, with its intense colors and complex design, will bring people a strong visual impact and a summer atmosphere. The Boho coffee table is not limited to one style of decoration and some retro pieces but also has a modern sense.

round coffee tables


What are the buying skills of the coffee table? 


The coffee table has many functions. It can place books, magazines, drinks, food, and even play games. Usually, the coffee table will be placed in the center of the living room. Adults will unconsciously put their feet on it, and children will use it as a drawing board. To maintain the integrity of the living room, you might as well choose a coffee table that suits your home style.

Before buying, you should carefully measure the size of the living room and the size of the surrounding furniture to ensure the size of the required coffee table. If your living room is large, you need a large coffee table. In addition, a bench can be placed at one end of the coffee table, and two small stools can be placed at the other to fill the gap. Coffee table gold is trendy in the choice of color.

For families with children or who often entertain guests, a coffee table with edges is the best choice to prevent food, snacks, red wine, coffee, etc., from scattering on the carpet. The height of the coffee table should also be consistent with the size of the surrounding sofa cushion. The height of the coffee table should not be higher than the pillows. Otherwise, it is not convenient to hold and put cups. Usually, the size of the coffee table is 60cm.

The cloth coffee table will lead people's attention to the surrounding furniture, making the living room fashionable and comfortable. Of course, when choosing this kind of coffee table, we should pay attention to the choice of cloth. Waterproof and antifouling outdoor materials will be more suitable. Linen and fabrics with high rayon or viscose fiber will be avoided to ensure that the coffee table can be cleaned once it is polluted by red wine or coffee.

For the living room with seats all around, the round coffee table is the best choice, regardless of primary and secondary, to ensure that it can be touched in any direction.

If you like retro style, you can choose the Boho coffee table, which can create a solid retro feeling. You must check the pulley to prevent scratching the floor or carpet when buying.

What style does the coffee shop have?


1. Light Chinese style or light European style

Pure Chinese style or pure European style has high requirements for the size and floor height of the house, and the cost is also very high. The more popular method is to appropriately add some Chinese and European decorative symbols in the decoration design and then add some Chinese (such as Chinese painting) and European (such as oil painting) accessories.


2. Western industrial style

With minimalism and the pursuit of individuality as the main characteristics, it highlights the achievements of modern science and technology, and industry, such as Use coffee table gold, the use of a large number of distinctive glass products, the use of different metal products, the use of personalized panel furniture and characteristic electrical appliances, the emphasis on the publicity of personality, the close coordination between furniture layout and space, and the idea of discarding redundant and cumbersome additional decoration.


3. Modern style

For simplicity and practicality, it creates a comfortable and free living space for urban people living in a fast-paced life without too many complex shapes. There is no cumbersome decoration, nor does it require absolute personality, nor does it pursue luxury and high-end. The decoration is never complicated, and there will not be too much investment. Instead, we pay more attention to the furniture, jewelry, and color matching selection.


4. Bohemian-style coffee shops are often decorated with simple and straight solid lines.

Some coffee shops will also use panel coffee tables with western industrial design colors combined with Boho coffee gold. The Boho coffee table is trendy in this style of coffee shop. The use of straight-line decoration in space not only reflects the living requirements of modern people who pursue simple life but also meets the Bohemian style home, which pursues an introverted and simple design style, making the Bohemian decoration style more practical and modern.


coffee table with storage

How to clean the coffee table?


1. Using pure cotton knitwear as a rag for cleaning and dust removal is best. Wiping stains with alcohol, gasoline, and other solvents are forbidden. Colorless furniture wax polish can be used. It can be applied thinly and wiped dry with a cotton cloth to reduce dust and enhance luster.


2. When the pure white coffee table turns yellow for a long time, you can gently wipe it with a bit of toothpaste dipped in undiluted white spun yarn knitted cotton emery cloth, then remove the toothpaste residue with a wet cloth, and then wipe it dry with a dry cloth. Yellowing can be significantly improved.


3. Occasionally, there are slight scratches on the surface of the coffee table, and the paint film falls off. It can be slightly repaired with a colored pen according to the color of the coffee table and then coated with a thin layer of colorless transparent nail polish. If the coffee table is not wiped off in time after dripping, it will leave water marks after drying. Cover the watermarks with a slightly thick wet cloth and gently press with a heated electric iron to eliminate the watermarks.

How to decorate the coffee table?


coffee table decor


1. Add flowers to get popular colors-Beautiful flower arrangement can improve the environment and help make your coffee table more delicate.


2. Combine different Candles -although fresh lilies will add a lot of fragrance, candles can enhance the room's aroma. Our favorite candle also serves as a beautiful decorative element.


3. Choose a tray with sharp contrast - because the table we use is rectangular, we like to use a circular tray to offset the idea of all angles. The mirror is also very suitable for providing the illusion of space and color.


4. Mix colorful bowls - using cute decorative bowls to clean up debris or displaying cute candy will help clean up and tidy up your space. They also added exciting patterns to the beautiful tray. The Boho coffee table is very suitable for decoration in this way.


5. Use books to create levels - if you collect any decorations, Haute Couture, or art magazines, your coffee table is a great way to show them. For example, guests who want books or magazines to sort out can be arranged on the coffee table gold, making the coffee table look perfect.

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