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What is a boucle chair

The name "bouclé" comes from the French word curly or circular. Boucle chairs are usually made of wool but can also be made of silk, linen, and cotton.

Boucle is a high-quality imitation lambskin-like cotton grain not affected by the sun. It is strongly recommended if you have a high-rise french window at home.

Its thick appearance and uneven structure are its characteristics - the fabric is easy to touch and has a thick, soft appearance, which is extremely soft and has a drooping feeling, and can beautify any style. Come closer and look at its complex structure and color-mixing tone. Step back two more steps and feel the charm of its light and shadow interaction.


Boucle is a circular woven fabric, which is easy to touch, has a thick, soft appearance, is extremely soft, and has a drooping feeling, and can make any sofa more beautiful. This material can let you relax all day when creating a fashionable and relaxed environment.


boucle barrel chair


Why is boucle so popular


Retro is the first feeling the boucle chair brings, and then is the magnificence reflected in its light luster.

Boucle gives us a relaxed, quiet, and comfortable feeling. Ultra-low reflectivity, diffuse reflection effect, and soft tone create a more pleasant and livable atmosphere.

The lush and rich fabric feels like a real terry. The modern silhouette is magnified generously, and it feels slightly retro and completely high-end. With the current iteration of modern interior design, bouclé soft furnishings feel right at home. The cozy fabric most often comes in easy neutral shades of white—from ivory, pearl, to cream—and they're as alluring as they are adaptable. Bouclé can cater to various spaces, personal aesthetics, and price points. Add a touch of the irresistibly cozy texture in the comfort of your own home.

The boucle series delivers a silky warmth and smoothness and is easy to handle.


This kind of "grandma's curtain cloth" has become a new fashion again, which is reincarnation.


For example, use a high saturation solid color to light up the space on the soft base color of Morandi color, and use a boucle material to neutralize this dramatic conflict.


Are boucle chairs comfortable


The most impressive advantage of the boucle chair lies in its ultra-fine, gentle touch, fullness and smoothness of flannelette, thick texture, soft feel, soft luster, wear resistance and durability, good warmth retention, elasticity, and wrinkle resistance. From corduroy in the past to suede in the present, the boucle chair has changed its identity characteristics to an elaborate, elegant, and fashionable appearance. Choosing a boucle chair includes a fashionable appearance, antifouling, and other advantages, but it is easy to generate static electricity.


Is boucle hard to keep clean?

The biggest feature of the entire boucle chair surface is that it is easy to deposit dust on the pile, and it isn't easy to clean it completely when it is hidden inside. Although the boucle chair is not very resistant to dirt, it is not difficult to clean. To obtain the best maintenance effect, we recommend that you regularly use the pad nozzle and low suction option to dust the cloth because dust will aggravate the wear of the product.


How to clean the dirty boucle chair ?

First of all, you need to wear gloves and soak the towel in the water of the special detergent for the boucle chair; Next, wring the towel until it is slightly wet, spread it on the boucle chair, and gently pat it with a stick; Finally, move the boucle chair to the sun, gently pat it with a stick, and then dry it for a while. Of course, in the cleaning process, brushes should be forbidden from cleaning the boucle chair.


Here are some cleaning methods and techniques

 1. Stick beating method:

 First of all, you need to move the boucle chair to the sun and then gently tap the surface of the boucle chair with a stick so that you will remove most of the dust on the boucle chair, and the boucle chair will become much cleaner.

 2. Vacuum cleaner method

 Regularly clean the boucle chair with a vacuum cleaner, which can effectively clean the boucle chair.

 3. Spray antifouling agent

 When the boucle chair is replaced with a new boucle chair cover seat, you can spray a layer of fabric antifouling agent on the surface of the boucle chair cover to reduce the dust on the boucle chair.

 4. Wet towel wiping method:

 Of course, if the boucle chair at home is too large to move, it is recommended to wipe the surface of the boucle chair with a wrung towel so that the towel can also absorb the dust.

 5. Tape adhesion method:

 In addition, you can also use transparent adhesive to stick the dust on the boucle chair. Of course, this method aims at the boucle chair with a large amount of dust locally, and it will be relatively troublesome compared with the previous methods.


How to choose the right chair?

white boucle accent chair


The chair is very practical and can appear in every room. Its main function is to facilitate people to rest, so its comfort is the standard to measure a chair's quality. For example, boucle accent chairs, boucle fabric chairs, and boucle side chairs are popular.

 Most people choose double chairs, most of which are more comfortable. These chairs can be used in the bedroom, lie down, hang clothes, be used for one thing, be placed in the living room, and use different colors to create a good mood for leisure. When selecting a double chair, there are two factors to consider: function and material. Functionally, the double chair can meet the needs of two or three people, depending on the number of family members in the room.

Common materials are cloth and leather. The cloth is easy to clean and change, and you can change the surface with the season; The leather chair can be noble but unsuitable for summer.


The use of space by the single chair is more variable than that of large multi-person chairs and sofas. The single chair has different functional uses in space due to its different loopback shapes. If it is used properly, it can reflect the personality of the owner, and if it is not used properly, it will be self-defeating; High back single chair, suitable for home use, can convey a relaxed and relaxed home atmosphere; The seats with a streamlined shape, strong color contrast, and strong visual beauty are very suitable for single nobles or studios; Leisure chairs, reclining chairs and rocking chairs with strong personal style are suitable for placing in the corner of the space or balcony as a mood conversion station.

Whether the seat is comfortable depends on the size of the human body. There are differences between people and individuals. So, whether you feel comfortable or not, you can only know after a try. The main points are as follows:

Comfort of chair

1. Seat height: It should equal the length of the lower leg. After sitting down, the lower leg will sag naturally, and the sole will fall to the ground. Too high, the lower leg is hanging, and the lower part of the thigh is pressed too much for too long; The seat surface is too low, you can not place the thighs on the seat surface, and the weight of the body is concentrated on the hips, which will be uncomfortable for a long time.

 2. Seat depth: The seat surface depth should equal the thigh length of a chair, mainly for sitting. After sitting down, the knee joint bend should be just to the edge of the chair. The seat surface is too deep, and you can not touch the waist and back; The seat surface is too shallow, and there is not enough support for the thigh, which is uncomfortable.

 3. Material of chair surface and back: both should be "flexible outside and rigid inside" - the support should be strong enough, but the surface has a certain thickness of the elastic layer. The outer material in contact with the human body should be breathable, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and not easy to generate static electricity with the human body or clothing.

 4. Seat back: It is better to support the waist, back, and neck in whole or part. The longer you sit in a chair, the better it will support you. Because the dining chair is only used during meals, the neck can be ignored, and the boucle office chair is best cared for.

 5. Handrails: It is better to select the ones with adjustable height.


What kinds of boucle chairs


boucle nursing chair


"Chair" is a kind of furniture for daily life, a kind of seat with a backrest and armrest. Modern chairs pursue beauty and fashion. Some chairs are no longer only used as seats. With the combination of technology, human life is more convenient. For example, boucle dining chairs, boucle swivel chairs, boucle desk chair.

The chair is not only used for people to rest, but also for hanging clothes, bags and other things in addition to providing seats. Chairs are indispensable furniture for human sitting activities. According to different practical properties, chairs include various forms, and can form many different forms due to different structures. There are many kinds of boucle chairs to choose from on the market.

Briefly introduce several

Boucle Coffee chair

 The back of the chair is designed as a silhouette of a coffee cup, and you can use the handle part of the cup to hang clothes, bags, and other things. Three colors, black, white, and brown, are suitable for placing in coffee shops. It has many colors, for example, cream boucle chair, white boucle chair and black boucle chair, green boucle chair

Boucle dining chair

The boucle dining chair is a kind of dining utensil that is widely used. For example, white boucle dining chair, black boucle dining chair。 The height is 720 mm-760 mm, and the table and chair are the instruments used in daily human life and social activities with functions of sitting, leaning, eating, etc. The number of people eating at each table can be divided into table and chair for two, table and chair for four, table and chair for six, table and chair for eight, and table and chair for ten.

Boucle Armchair

 The general name of the armchair is the boucle armchair, except for the circle chair and cross chair. The Boucle chair's style and decoration are simple and complex. It is often combined with a tea table to form a set, and four chairs and two tables are placed on both sides of the hall's bright room for a symmetrical display.

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