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What is a desk?

The desk is a kind of commonly used furniture mostly made of wood. There is a plane above and a pillar below. You can put things, do things, eat, write and work on them. It is the furniture fixed by plates, legs and other supports. To meet the needs of the public, the types of tables are diverse. Standing desks can be divided into many categories as required, such as office desks, dining tables, school desks, computer desks, bookshelf desks, etc.


What is the function of a bookshelf desk?

The bookshelf desk is our important partner, and the modern household desk is an indispensable office environment. At home, because the space in the study is often limited, you should select the desk to facilitate work and practical functions and be suitable for the size of the room, creating a free and comfortable working environment,

Improve work efficiency

A comfortable and well-designed bookshelf desk is a great inspiration to an experienced person because, on such a bookshelf desk, he can work or engage in other activities freely and will not be impatient because of the improper design of the bookshelf desk, which also has a great function to improve work efficiency.


Comprehensive archiving function

If there is no well-planned drawer, you can only place documents and common stationery on the bookshelf desk, which will cause visual discomfort and reduce your efficiency. If you can systematically place documents under your plan, you will not be lost in a pile of file folders.


Promotion of informatization

The well-designed modern desk is one of the most useful office furniture for information engineering besides the screen. Because good wiring space can clean the bookshelf desk and keep it "wireless, " it will also have enough expansion in the future. People don't have to be distracted by the telephone lines they are pulling around; they can focus on their work instead.


How to carry out bookshelf desk maintenance?

1. When cleaning and maintaining the bookshelf desk, check whether the rag is clean enough. After wiping off the dust on the desk surface, be sure to turn it over to the other side for cleaning or use a clean rag.

 2. To keep the bookshelf desk as bright as new, spray cleaning and maintenance agents on the desk's surface regularly. When spraying, it is better to shake well first and then hold the spray bottle straight to keep the angle so that you can completely release the liquid in the bottle without losing pressure.

 Then spray gently at a distance of 15cm from the desktop. Before spraying the cleaning and maintenance agent, you must thoroughly clean the bookshelf desk.

3. Wood desk has the advantage of retaining the beautiful texture of natural logs. Wood is alive and can breathe constantly. Therefore, you should place the wooden desk in an appropriate temperature and humidity environment. Avoid placing chemicals, drinks and overheated objects on its surface to avoid damaging the wood.

 When there are stains on the bookshelf desk surface, you can use the diluted neutral detergent to mix with warm water to wipe it once, and then use clean water to wipe it several times. After the dirt and water on the desk surface are wiped off, you can apply wood wax oil and polish it properly.

 4. The cleaning and maintenance methods for bookshelf desks made of different materials are different. In particular, you should not place the wooden desk in a place where the sun can directly shine, but also in an excessively humid environment.

 In normal use, if hard objects scratch the surface, they should be treated promptly to avoid water infiltration into the wood, which will cause deep damage and affect normal use—keeping the bookshelf desk as new as possible needs to be cleaned and maintained reasonably.


Desk and shelf features?

The combination of desk and bookshelf integrates the functions of desk and bookshelf. With various styles, it can decorate the home, make it cleaner, save space, and have a powerful storage function. Being loved and favoured by many consumers, desks and bookshelves have the advantages of simplicity, fashion and practicality.

There are roughly two types of desk and shelf combinations, one is the combination connected, and the other is that desk and shelf are not directly connected but are matched by combination.

The combination of desk and bookshelf has a simple and fashionable appearance, a strong sense of design, and novel and rich styles. Whether in the study or anywhere in the home, it will add a sense of beauty to the whole space, allowing people to learn and work in a pleasant atmosphere.


The combination of desks and bookshelves is a very practical piece of furniture for people who often work at home. The desk and the bookshelf functions are centralized, so you can find books at your fingertips to save time; Simple design can save a lot of space.


Various materials are combined, such as wood-based panels, solid wood, steel, etc., and hardware accessories. You can make the desk and bookshelf into products of various structures by combining different materials.


How to choose an office desk?

 When purchasing a table, because the colour changes slightly, only the desktop colour will change slightly, so consider

 There are few concerns about decoration and collocation, but there are still several important principles that you must take into account:


 1. Various industries


What is the business objective of a company? It is the first item that must be considered. If most employees in the company do similar work, they can purchase desks with similar functions. For example, desks in transactional companies need not be too complex. Advertising companies will provide desks with different purposes for employees in different positions because of the complexity of their business, such as drawing departments, which may need larger desks, Not a better table.


 2. Storage function


The storage function of the table is personalized, so it is more necessary to consider the personal work needs of the employee. For example, for an employee who needs to store more information, you can consider letting him have two drawers on the right (two large) instead of three on the right (two small and one large), which will help his work a lot. In addition, if you buy a desk with a higher foot, you will reduce the storage space, so you should not be careless when purchasing.


 3. Line configuration function 

In addition to the space for placing information products, a best desk should also have enough space, including horizontal and vertical line storage space, to avoid exposed lines. To avoid material leakage due to magnetic field interference, you should also note that you must isolate the high-voltage power supply and information lines.


 4. Detail design


The front edge of the table should be in a smooth bevel design or a quarter circle design to avoid the disadvantage that the traditional right angle design will compress the blood vessels of the elbow. The table design has reached the point of extension of thinking. Employees do not have to sit at the table. Many jobs, such as full-time query, and drawing, need to stand. Of course, a higher desktop is required. In addition, the material is no longer limited to steel. Adding various materials, such as reinforced glass, leather, wood and aluminium alloy, makes the desk more changeable and lively.


How to choose the right bookshelf desk?


I don't know if you have ever had this experience. When you were young and did your homework on the sofa, your family would urge you to sit in front of your kid's desks and do your homework properly. When you grow up, although no one will urge you like this again, most people will face the computer and sit at a desk when working. Whether studying or working, we can't do without a bookshelf desk from childhood to adulthood. Therefore, the selection of desks has become particularly important.


Choose the height of the desk.


According to ergonomic standards, the height from the desktop to the ground is about 75cm. Then adjust according to the user's height and the chair's height.

It is most comfortable to control the distance between the common desktop and the sitting surface of the small desk and desk chair within the range of 28 to 32 cm.


If there is a drawer under the desk, the height of the drawer should not exceed 13cm. Otherwise, it is easy to hit the leg when getting up. When choosing a table, you should also consider the activity area of the legs under the table. Generally speaking, ensure that the clear height under the table is not less than 580cm so that people can stretch their legs freely.


Shop the width of the desktop

The width of the book desktop will directly affect the efficiency of work. If the desktop space is too large, there will be a lot of spare space. If the desktop space is too small, it will affect the placement of books.


Shop the material of the bookshelf desk

The desk with the drawer top of the book contacts the inside of the arm. Different materials will give people different feelings. It is natural to choose different materials according to different habits. Common desks are made of these materials:



The glass desk is very beautiful and will give you a sense of high-end fashion. And the glass desk has fire resistance, dirt resistance, wear resistance, etc., which is suitable for modern families and offices. However, when it is hot in summer, the glass desk is easy to stick to the arm, which is not suitable for the movement of the arm.


solid wood

Wood has the characteristics of high density, good toughness and high strength. You cannot say that it is warm in winter and cool in summer, but it is mild and comfortable. The solid wood desk is durable, not easy to deform, smooth in texture, soft in colour, and feels a natural freshness in high-tech modern cities. However, solid wood needs to be placed in an environment with appropriate temperature and humidity because solid wood is a constantly breathing organism.

Choose the size of your bookshelf desk.

When choosing a desk, the most important thing to consider is whether you can put the desk in the space you need. The office need not say more. For small units, there is often no such thing as a study. That can consider the partition bookshelf desk. This kind of bookshelf desk not only does not occupy a place but also can play the role of storage and office.

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