The Good Decorative Choice Are Boho TV Cabinets

What does Boho TV stand look like

Everyone's preferences are different, resulting in various home decoration styles. It would help if you matched different decoration styles with different furniture choices. Therefore, TV stands also have different styles. Nowadays, people are not only limited to owning houses and cars but more often decorate houses and cars, which are also manifestations of economic development.

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Boho TV stand is very popular with everyone. This kind of TV cabinet is moderate in price, good-looking and practical, so it is widely praised. This style is also very environmentally friendly and can play a role in protecting the environment.

There are many kinds of industrial design entertainment centre tv stands.

For example, the Boho TV stand usually retains some nomadic characteristics. In furniture decoration, the Boho style is characterized by bold colours, hard straight lines, and simple furniture space decoration. That means Boho TV stands are generally decorated with luminous hands and are all decorated with rough and heavy materials.

The first feature is natural materials. Advocating nature is also a characteristic of the Bohemian style. Almost all materials are logs, cotton, linen, cloth, rattan, animal fur, etc. these materials come from nature and rarely use artificial materials such as iron, glass and metal processed by human beings. Boho tv stands are usually tv wooden stands.

The log is the base material, such as peach, oak, beech, etc., which belongs to green environmental protection products. In processing, the colour and texture of logs are generally kept to the maximum extent to add the natural flavour of home life. The solid wood TV cabinet is more carved in the external shape design.

It can use the traditional wood carving technology to carve out various patterns as decoration, which is very beautiful. Moreover, most solid wood TV cabinets give people a simple and elegant visual experience, which is very suitable for some Chinese or classical-style home spaces.

A second feature: Light hard and heavy soft. The biggest feature of this style is a large number of soft decorations, almost no decorative hard decoration, and the walls of the tv stand are large white walls. At most, you can paint them with a colour. For example, the wireframe wall often appears in the American style, or the French gypsum ceiling with complex carving will not appear in this style. So the white tv stand with fireplace is common in the boho style.

A third feature is the large number of green plants. Green plants will be used to create a lush natural atmosphere to show unlimited love for nature. At the same time, the fresh feeling of green plants can also neutralize the noise caused by a large number of patterns. The bohemian style adds a national flavour to make the colour more colourful.

It will make the space look free and natural, but this style has visual enjoyment and spiritual washing. Bohemian style and Bobo are at least close relatives, and both emphasize human artistic temperament, rebellion and freedom. However, Bohemia, which originated from the nature of the nomadic people, the bold and unrestrained Gypsies, and contained moderate decadent culture and certain "anti-social" nature, is the expression of personality.

So the boho tv stands are usually wide tv stand . Put green plants in the room, especially on the boho TV stand. It can effectively reduce electron radiation, which is beneficial to the body and helps purify the air. Often looking at green plants can also relax the eyes and relieve fatigue.

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And then, you can freely combine the furniture. For example, the 3 + 2 + 1 SUITE SOFA does not exist in the Bohemian style. It is difficult for you to find two identical pieces of furniture in the Bohemian style. All furniture and decoration combinations in the home should pursue frankness and act at will. The boho tv stand can also be a flat screen tv stand or low profile tv stand. You can choose any kind as long as you like. Even you can use the dresser as a tv stand because the boho style is something free and random.

The styles and materials of tv stand for sale online may be cheap or expensive, and boho TV stands are generally not very expensive. Unlike some large-scale furniture, this kind of TV stand is relatively small. Choosing a suitable decoration style can make the whole room more beautiful. And Some TV trays with stands can better fix the TV and make it more solid. This TV stand is not easy to damage and is very practical.

Boho TV stands and boho-style clothing are similar. In the rebellious 1960s, "Bohemia" was a powerful weapon for hippies to challenge the middle class, and its behaviour was characterized by pure handcraft against industrial production. Today, "Bohemia" has become a symbol, representing vagrancy, freedom, bohemianism, decadence... In the field of clothing, it is a style that retains certain nomadic characteristics.

It is eye-catching with bright hand decoration and rough and heavy fabrics, especially jewellery, mainly twined beads and tassel necklaces. The matching makeup replaces the Baroque and Byzantine beauty and stresses the worn and beautiful, dark and romantic, poor and fashionable faces.

Bohemian style clothing is characterized by eclectic. Bohemians walk around the world, and their clothing combines the characteristics of multi regions and multi Nationalities: the wavy and pleated skirts in Russia, the pearl embroidery and sequins in India, and the dangerous and beading in Morocco. All kinds of abundant colours, the most varied decorative means, and other handmade delicacies are unified in the expressive and wandering.

The main characteristics of the Bohemian style are the visual impact and mysterious atmosphere brought by Tassels and graffiti. This kind of dress style, called "petty bourgeois sentiment with a certain economic foundation", greatly impacts the simple style. However, the Bohemian style is not a way of dressing that can be armed with tassels, lace knots, cotton and linen folds. It advocates freedom and individuality and regards no principle as a principle. Bohemia's essence is to make a fashion of one stone, one wood, one bead and one cloth.

On the fashion stage, the typical characteristics of Bohemian style are layers of lace, loose blouses without collar and shoulders, large prints, handmade lace and string knots, leather tassels, disordered bead string decoration, and wavy hair; The use of colour is to use colour contrast to achieve the effect, such as sapphire blue and golden brown, medium grey and pink.

The proportion is not balanced; The tailoring is Gothic and complex, emphasizing neckline and waist design. Not only on the catwalk, but the Bohemian style has also been widely accepted by the public in recent years, such as the tassels on the girls' long waistbands, the hand-painted knitted hollow-out or tulle fabrics, the off-shoulder loose top, and the layered pleated skirt.

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Boho tv stand style decoration design is famous for its luxury and individuality. It pays more attention to simplicity and freedom. This style embodies simplicity, leisure, green plants, rattan dining chairs, hollow decoration, elegance and comfort. Most wooden furniture retains the wood's natural grain and is painted with glossy paint. The curtain fabric is mainly natural flowers, stripes, or pure white yarn. The style is simple, natural and fresh.

Boho tv stand is all about the ethereal feeling as if there is no human being. Many celebrities and celebrities are also loyal fans of the boho style, such as Johnny Depp, Jessica Alba and Katie Krum. The sophistication of the boho TV stand style is not as regular and exquisite as the products on other industrial lines, but it reveals a bold and pure nature. They are extracted from nature, often more vibrant and vigorous. They have strong vitality in simplicity and are very suitable for use in the home design of young people.

A Boho TV stand or floor cabinet is a kind of furniture produced by people who are no longer satisfied with TV sets' simple and random placement. It can play a very good decorative effect and improve the home decoration quality. The types and styles of boho tv stands and floor cabinets are also various, both classical and modern. You can buy suitable TV cabinets and floor cabinets for various types of decoration.

At the same time, please pay attention to whether the brand is well-known and whether it is regular when buying TV cabinets. Only in this way can you buy TV cabinets with good materials. Don't blindly choose according to the price and appearance. You need to consider the room size, design style and other factors. To avoid unnecessary trouble during use. The interior of the boho TV stand or the back of the TV cabinet can easily generate dead corners and dust.

Therefore, it is necessary to clean it regularly and wipe it with a clean cloth; Dilute with olive oil and water, and then wipe with a cloth to make the wooden TV cabinet smooth and shiny; The action of opening and closing the door panel or drawer should not be too rude, especially the glass TV cabinet. If it is not used properly, it will cause unexpected injury. The specific measures are as follows:

1. Maintenance at ordinary times: wipe the accumulated dust with wet cotton that has been wrung dry, and dry it with a soft, soft cotton cloth. Light wax to increase brightness.

2. Methods to remove stains: remove the stains with warm tea water and apply a small amount of polish wax.

3.Prevent hard objects from scratching: do not let sharp objects collide with the TV cabinet. Once it is damaged, you cannot change it to its original state.

4. Prevent wet environment: indoor flooding in summer, and keep a 0.5-1 cm gap on the wall.

What is the function of the boho tv stand?

The first is the storage function.

Placing many items in daily life will make the home feel scattered and disordered, so a boho TV stand with a strong storage function is particularly important. This TV cabinet is generally equipped with multiple drawers and multi-layer partitions, which can "ambush" countless sundries from home appliances to optical discs.

This kind of TV cabinet with simple lines can easily store TV, audio, DVD and books together, playing a great role in space storage. The wide cabinet door covers up the scattered items, eliminating other design details of the TV wall.

Second, the powerful TV cabinet has gradually replaced the large-area background wall. The boho TV stand also carries the single function of the electrical appliance and emphasizes the design sense. First, determine the TV cabinet according to the size of the space, and then decorate the background wall according to its style and size.

In this way, the overall style of the living room can be more harmonious, and you can avoid the abrupt appearance of the TV cabinet. The purchase of the combined decorative cabinet with TV cabinet and background wall means that many troubles in designing the background wall are saved, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

The third is the role of the display.

The display rack is the best stage for decoration. The display rack connected with the boho TV stand can make the display items clear at a glance and also serve as the theme wall. Displaying shelves of different materials will bring us different visual effects. As long as they are skillfully matched, this wall will become the focus of the space. To avoid visual confusion, you can also choose some TV display cabinets combined with drawers or cabinet doors and display shelves.

So every soul who loves freedom and travel will be impressed by the Boho TV stand style. The colour of profusion, hand makes unique, mix build love. Every Boho TV stands household ornament makes a person fascinated. Family decoration can start from the big picture or the small. As long as you work hard, I think a boho tv stand is a good option, and it is simple, generous and fashionable, which can be said to be the best decoration choice.

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