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With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, people's pursuit of beauty is becoming increasingly important. This can be seen in the family decoration. The TV stand is one of the most important decorations.

The blue TV stand I want to introduce today belongs to the emerging trend style. The colour is also very natural and pleasing to the eye. It must be the one that families will choose after shopping. Up to now, TV stands have low stand types, independent types, combined types and other styles. Even the styles are various.

Our blue TV stand has a simple modern style, minimalist style, simple European style, new Chinese style, Mediterranean style, rustic style and so on. Next, I will introduce our blue TV stand in detail.

80 inch tv stand

Types of Blue TV Stand


1.Low cabinet TV stand:

The low cabinet TV stand is the most common blue TV stand. According to the length of the TV wall and the style of the room, there are many styles to choose from. A flat panel LCD TV makes the cabinet style more abundant. We can place the TV on the wall or on the desktop, which is very flexible. If your house is small, you can choose our narrow TV stand to match your living room. It is a good choice to match it reasonably and not obtrusively.

2. Independent TV stand:

The independent blue TV stand is suitable for the living room at home. The layout is not very regular, and watching TV is only one's hobby. Then the independent TV unit is a good choice. It can be placed in any corner, with light shape, space-saving and more convenient use.

Whether you want to choose a living room tv stand, bedroom, or outdoor, you can use this independent cell TV stand, which applies to any house type anywhere. In addition, the independent TV stand can facilitate you to choose the size of the TV stand. It can be a TV stand 55 in or a TV stand 55 inch TV according to your household type and others.

3. Combined TV stand:

The combined TV stand of our blue TV stand can diversify the TV display and meet the demand of watching TV at home anytime and anywhere. The combined TV stand can store everything elegantly: from books, toys, handicrafts, CDs and DVDs in an orderly manner to collecting dishes and displaying widescreen TVs; it has extremely powerful functions so as to add beauty and interest to the TV cabinet and express the interests and hobbies of the owner.

In addition, the combination type has another advantage: it can be matched with a TV corner stand, mount the TV stand and stand for TV trays or other combinations you need according to your needs.

4. Board-mounted TV stand:

 Our blue TV stand's board-mounted TV stand is similar to the combined TV stand. The difference is that the board-mounted TV stand is designed with a plate structure. The board-mounted TV stand is more practical and durable than other types of TV stands. It is mainly because of the separation of shelves that the whole will be more fashionable and decorative, which is more popular with modern families.

blue tv stand

Blue TV Stand Style Introduction

The first thing I want to introduce is the simple modern style of our blue TV stand. Simplicity is not simple, but it advocates simplicity in decoration. The characteristic of the simple style is to simplify the design elements, colours, lighting and raw materials to the minimum, but it requires high-quality colours and materials.

Therefore, the simple space design is usually very implicit and can often achieve the effect of using less to win more and simple to win more. It is a higher level of creative realm, with simple and smooth lines and strong colour contrast. It emphasizes the integrity of function, structure and form in design.

For example, our mirrored TV stand of blue TV stand can give people a simple but not simple visual impact. Simplicity is not equal to simplicity. It is an extension of design and ideas after careful consideration and innovation. It is not a simple "stacking" and plain "placement". It is not like the "straightforward" understanding of some designers.

For example, the bedside background design is simple enough to have only a ten-character pendant, but it condenses the designer's ingenuity, which is both beautiful and practical. And simplicity is not a lack of design elements, it is a higher level of the creative realm. Use the least design language to express the deepest design connotation.

It is the highest realm of design art to delete the complicated and simplify, eliminate the false and retain the true, and combine the space, people and things reasonably and delicately with the high degree of colour and the extreme simplicity of the shape on the premise of meeting the functional needs, and depict the most abundant and moving space effects with the most concise brush strokes.

The second is the minimalist style of our blue TV stand, which is simple and advanced, gorgeous and low-key. Minimalism is a kind of life attitude. It pursues simplicity to the extreme. As an interior design style, it pursues simplicity and neatness in a sense and is more elegant in taste and thought.

The minimalist style will not be too prominent in shape, making the space more clean and tidy visually, reducing the complexity of similar classical styles, and can perfectly use materials to foil the atmosphere of the space, making the overall space more fashionable and atmospheric, vividly showing the simple beauty of lines, and adding natural warmth to the space. The minimalist style not only meets the functional requirements but also keeps the visual simplicity and flatness as much as possible.

However, the black, white and grey asexual colours of the minimalist style may give people a feeling of boredom and lack of focus in space. If you want the space to be dynamic and lively, you can choose our blue TV stand as an embellishment colour to bring different feelings to the space. We can select this minimalist style from the Low profile TV stand of our blue TV stand meets your minimalist style requirements.

The third is the simple European style. Jane Europe is an improved classical European style, giving people an accurate impression. The design stresses symmetry, and the shape is round or square. It abandons the overly complex texture and decoration and simplifies the lines. Its design style is an improved classical European style. The rich artistic heritage of European culture, the open and innovative design ideas and their noble appearance have always been loved and pursued by people.

The simple European style designed by the designers of our blue TV stand is from simple to complicated, from the whole to the part. It is carefully carved and inlaid with flowers and gold, giving people an accurate impression.

On the one hand, it retains the general style of materials and colours and still can strongly feel the traditional historical traces and rich cultural heritage. At the same time, it abandons the overly complex texture and decoration and simplifies the lines.

Jane Europe is also the evolution of modern style, and its style is somewhat mixed. It is this characteristic that more and more people have loved. This modern TV stand with the fireplace product of our blue TV stand has a unique beauty by appropriately simplifying it while retaining the European style.

The fourth is the new Chinese style. Our blue TV stand's new Chinese style furniture style is mainly made of wood. It pursues the artistic conception it creates, which is stable, simple, simple, elegant, rich in cultural connotation, and can reflect the owner's high aesthetic interest and social status.

The new Chinese style mainly includes two basic contents: one is the interpretation of the cultural significance of traditional Chinese style in the current era; The second is the contemporary design based on the full understanding of contemporary Chinese culture.

The new Chinese style of blue TV stand designed by our designers is not a stack of pure traditional elements, but a combination of modern elements and traditional elements through the understanding of traditional culture, so as to create things full of traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people, so that we can properly reflect traditional art in today's society.

The fifth is the Mediterranean style, which is the most suitable one for our blue TV stand products. For the Mediterranean style, white and blue are the two main colours. Based on the relaxed and comfortable life experience on the beach, there are few flashy and rigid decorations in the indoor home design, and the living space makes people feel leisurely and contented.

The beauty of the Mediterranean style includes the bright colours of "sea" and "sky", the white walls that seem to be washed by water, the fragrance of lavender, rose, and jasmine, the blooming flower fields along the road, the ancient buildings with a long history, and the strong national colours that are interwoven with earthy yellow and reddish brown.

Spain's blue coast and white sand beach, Greece's white villages glitter in the blue sea and blue sky, the golden yellow of sunflower fields in southern Italy under the sun, the blue and purple aroma of lavender in southern France, and the rich colour combination of red-brown and earthy yellow of natural landscapes such as deserts and rocks unique to North Africa. It is based on the bright colours of nature. The foundation of the Mediterranean style is bright, bold, colourful, simple, national and distinctive.

It does not need too much skill to reproduce the Mediterranean style, but to keep simple ideas, capture light, draw on nature, and boldly and freely use colours and styles. Like other style schools, the Mediterranean style has its unique aesthetic characteristics. In terms of colour selection, it generally selects soft colours close to nature. In combination design, it pays attention to space matching, makes full use of every inch of space, and reveals the ancient civilization.

The last one I want to introduce is the rustic style of our blue TV stand series. The rural style is a popular decoration style, and its main purpose is to show the rural flavour through decoration. The pastoral style advocates a return to nature, and the indoor greening is also relatively rich. It is mainly expressed by cloth art, flower basket, iron art and other elements.

It is a kind of beauty that pursues no pretentious, primitive and simple nature. The simplicity of the rustic style is one of the most favoured characteristics of many decorators who choose this style because, in the noisy city, people want to get close to nature and pursue a simple life, so the rural life came into being! Most people who like the pastoral style are low-key; who knows that life is hard won! The reason why the rural style is called the rural style is that the theme of the rural style is close to nature and shows the atmosphere of the simple life. The biggest characteristic of the pastoral style is: simple, cordial and realistic.

In today's society, due to the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for design are not only satisfied in comfort, but also pay more attention to aesthetics. People appreciate more, need more novel, unique, creative, can give a person with fresh furniture products. This is the end of the introduction of the blue TV stand style.

The above is the style of the blue TV stand I introduced to you. I believe you will have a deeper understanding of the style of the blue TV stand after reading my introduction. The blue TV stand has a variety of styles. You must carefully select and compare them to find a TV cabinet suitable for your home. In addition, the selection of TV cabinets must match the overall decoration style.

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