The black round side table can you keep in your living room


 What furniture can you keep in your living room?

Living room furniture is generally divided into main furniture and secondary furniture. The main furniture is generally divided into three types: sofa, coffee table and TV cabinet; The secondary furniture generally includes bucket cabinets, bookshelves, floor lamps, side tables, etc. for example, black round side table are trendy. If the living room porch is integrated, there are porch cabinets and shoe cabinets. In addition, there are some special.

Furniture to meet the needs of entertainment or decorative style, such as mahjong table, flower rack, etc.

modern side tables

What is a table?

 The table is a commonly used piece of furniture mainly made of wood. There is a plane above and a pillar below. You can put things on it, do things, eat, write, work, etc. It is furniture fixed by slabs, legs and other supports.

To meet the needs of the public, there are various types of tables. Tables can be divided into many categories according to needs.

What are the types of tables?

1. Purpose


Desk refers to the desk equipped for work convenience in daily life, work and social activities.

The mahjong table

The Mahjong table is an essential theme in games and leisure activities, especially now that the automatic mahjong table has become a high-end entertainment product and a supporting project for hotels. It is generally divided into ordinary mahjong tables and electric mahjong tables.

Dining table

The original meaning of the dining table refers to the table, especially for eating. The material can be divided into solid wood dining tables, steel wood dining tables, marble dining tables, marble tea tables, jade dining tables, jade tea tables, marble dining tables, etc.


Study desk

Learning table is a new, scientific, human and practical learning aid suitable for children from 3 to 18 years old to teenagers. It can be used for lifting and adjusting table tilt.

Computer desk

A computer desk is a kind of desk used to put computers. It is a significant office and daily necessity. Modern computer desks have various styles, materials and designs. With the progress of society and science and technology, the style design of computer desks is also changing with each passing day.

Side table side 

the table is generally connected with the main table and serves the main table. It can be divided into a wooden side table, acrylic side table, glass side table according to material, black round side table, white side table, and gold side table according to colour and shape. Among them, the black round side table is trendy.


2. Table material

Solid wood dining table

The solid wood dining table is made of solid wood as the primary material. Now the solid wood dining table has mahogany, light wood, and mahogany colour. Young people can choose light colour sofas, and Chinese style and older families can choose darker colours.

Marble table

The marble table top is simple and fashionable, suitable for simple home decoration. Now the marble table is equipped with leather seats, which can perfectly combine softness and hardness. Marble feels cold, rigid and elastic. When we use marble tabletops, we can choose tablecloths for decoration, prolonging the service life and avoiding bumps.

Rattan table

The rattan table is natural and plain, without carving. If you pursue natural leisure, it will be a good choice. It is more suitable for rustic style decoration, but not for European and American rural areas. Of course, the current rattan dining table can also be integrated with other elements, such as tempered glass. Placing a piece of tempered glass on the surface of the rattan dining table is crystal clear, which increases the brightness and prolongs the service life of the rattan dining table.

unique side tables

What are the styles of the side table?

1. Modern style

Like this simple side table height design, the reserved position between the chair and the table is also one of the ways to measure the height. In terms of design, you can choose a simple table with modern style and elegance, for example, a black round side table to match the overall design of the room

2. Simple style

The simple side table design can also use solid wood design. The solid wood with one colour has no other decoration and can only see the cleaning lines on the surface. The choice of plate materials is environmentally friendly and healthy. For example, the black round side table is also a simple style. The line design is simple, and the colour touch is perfect. This is also the reason why many candidates choose solid wood.

3. Chinese style

Those who like Chinese-style furniture can design a Chinese table with a strong aftertaste. The deep feeling of solid wood is matched with the classical style of the room and then rendered the Chinese classical style, making the whole space full of the flavour of ancient literati.

4. American style

The brown-tone American table design, with natural book charm, creates a rich scholarly atmosphere, which does not occupy a lot of space, and is suitable for placing in the room. This colour and style are suitable for those who like American home furnishings.

5. Pastoral style

The pastoral style desk design is relatively fresh and natural. The desktop is clean and tidy, and most of them are white and nude. Many books can be placed. It is convenient to hold them at work and study. This idyllic desk is placed in the room, which is fashionable and warm.

 metal side tables

What are the suggestions for purchasing a side table?

1. Security

When choosing a side table, its security is essential and the first thing we should consider. For example, the lines used in the round side table should be smooth and smooth. Not only that, its surface treatment should be very delicate. You can shake the side table with your hand when you buy it. If you feel some looseness, such furniture must not be desirable.

2. Height

The size of the side table should be combined with the user's height, age and body shape. Generally, a single side table size is 75cm*130cm on the surface, and its height is less than 75cm. The size of the side table is related to the size of the whole room space, not the bigger, the better.

3. Use

Different side tables have different purposes. Although the table can be used generally, choosing a professional table is convenient for professional things. For example, using a side table as a learning table is not only uncomfortable but also irresponsible for children growing up and developing.

4. Color

 some tables have simple and elegant colours. This type of table is more versatile, such as a black round side table. Some tables are lively and cute, such as the cream side table.


How to clean and maintain the side table?

1. Keep your desk away from water, which may be corrosive gases and liquids. During daily operation, try to prevent the side table from contacting moisture and corrosive objects. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the desk's surface to rot and damage the integrity of the side table. Moreover, suppose water is inadvertently dumped on the desktop during regular operation. In that case, it should be wiped immediately with a dry cloth to prevent water from remaining on the desktop and corroding desktop.

2. Pay attention to regularly checking the table to prevent it from being used after it is damaged. If the table is damaged, such as the screws are loose and fall off, it will continue to be used if it is not found in time, which will aggravate its damage and, in severe cases, collapse the whole table. Therefore, check your desk regularly and protect it.

3. Be sure to wipe the table with a clean cloth. If you wipe the table with an unclean cloth, simply wiping the dust outside will damage the table's bright surface. For example, the black round side table is easier to clean because its colour is dark, while the white side table is not. Therefore, when cleaning the side table, you must pay attention to cleaning with a clean cloth and do not reuse the side of the dirty cloth repeatedly. After cleaning or scrubbing with a rag, it should be scrubbed with the other side or replaced with a clean rag. In addition, when scrubbing the side table, it is best to use towels, cotton cloth, cotton cloth and other fabrics with good water absorption to clean the side table. Coarse cloth, thread cloth or cloth with stitches, buttons, etc.


Does a bedroom need a side table?

The bedroom needs a side table 1. Most side tables can be folded, which can not only meet the storage and storage functions but also do not occupy space 2 The modern side table has a sense of design and can decorate the bedroom. For example, the black round side table is both beautiful and practical.

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