The Charm of the Black Fireplace


What is the fireplace?

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The fireplace is a fire heating equipment built against the wall indoors. The fireplace has a decorative function and considerable practical value and is highly popular in northern Europe. The culture of different countries can be divided into Finnish style, Russian style, American style fireplace, British style fireplace, French style fireplace, Spanish style, and so on. The basic structure of a fireplace includes a fireplace frame, fireplace core, and flue. The fireplace frame plays a decorative role. The black fireplace core plays a practical role, and the flue is used for exhaust.

The fireplace frame can be classified into marble fireplace frame, wooden fireplace frame, imitation marble fireplace frame (resin), and stacked fireplace frame according to different materials. The fireplace core is classified into electric fireplace, real fire fireplace (carbon burning, wood burning), and gas fireplace (natural gas) according to different fuels. The real fire fireplace needs architectural design support and a chimney and furnace. The furnace can be cast iron fireplace core or refractory brick. If there is no chimney, it can also be replaced by cast iron pipe with a diameter of not less than 12cm and an inner diameter of not less than 11cm.


Because its fuel is renewable, it is still widely used in the West after modernization and improvement, especially in the higher education class advocating environmental protection. The fireplace is divided into open type and closed type, and the latter is more efficient—for examplecorner fireplace,black fireplace, and stone fireplace.


The charm of the black fireplace

The black fireplace is also closely related to various festivals. On Halloween, the most important ceremony is to light the fire. As many small stones as the surrounding people are placed in the black fireplace. If a stone is moved the next morning, the owner will die this year. On Christmas morning, the children should first run to the fireplace to find the gift Santa Claus gave them. On Friday in Dorset, hanging a piece of toast in the fireplace is said to ensure a bumper harvest in the coming year.


The fireplace is somewhat mysterious because it is connected to the chimney. The chimney is a channel connecting the external world and the internal world. When the furnace door is closed in summer, people will also wonder what is hidden in it because it forms a very convenient storage cellar after the door is closed. When many children paint houses, we can be surprised to find that in these naive pictures, all houses are painted with chimneys, and the mysterious area below the chimneys is the fireplace. It can be seen that in children's subconscious mind, fire and fireplace are a kind of close factor.


Electric fireplace


The electric fireplace is based on the European classical fireplace production technology and the modern acoustooptic principle, which has greatly improved the design of the traditional fireplace, and created green environmental protection and more burning simulation wood combustion effect without losing elegance. The development of electric fireplaces has become the mainstream of simulation fireplaces.


Classification of electric fireplace


A decorative electric fireplace comprises a frame and a simulated fireplace core. The decorative fireplace frame and simulated furnace core can be used separately or combined. The simulated furnace core uses an energy-saving LED lamp (power consumption of about 5W) and optical principle to produce the lifelike flame. Give people an experience of a real fireplace. Modern retro decorative fireplace frames give people European luxury and a warm, modern family experience.


Heating decorative fireplace This wall fireplace is based on the decorative corner electric fireplace, plus a fireplace heater. Cold weather can warm people. The principal of the heater is composed of high temperature resistant electric wire and an electric fan. Its function is to blow warm air outward. You can adjust the flame size and brightness of the decorative furnace core. The heating power is also adjustable. Decorative furnace core and heater can work independently or simultaneously.




As a household electric heating appliance, an electric fireplace is clean, safe, reliable, easy to load and unload, and does not need fuel. Compared with wood fireplace and gas-fired fireplaces, electric fireplaces will not have the hard to prevent soot, strange smell, and noise generated by flame burning; The lowes electric fireplace can bring an elegant viewing effect without real fire. Enjoy the warmth and comfort brought by the electric fireplace safely and conveniently. Touch the switch, and you will instantly display the magic flame effect. Convenient installation and the gorgeous flame will bring you a beautiful mood in your home decoration.


How to clean the fireplace?

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Check the product manual and clean it according to the requirements in the manual. Consider and decide the cleaning method to be adopted. After the black fireplace is completely cooled, spray a special glass cleaner or soapy water on the inside of the glass and wipe it with a soft cloth or paper towel. Clean the glass thoroughly with clean water. Finally, dry the glass thoroughly with a dry rag.

You can also dip it in little ash and wipe it. The furnace ash is a very soft wiping agent with strong decontamination ability and will not scratch the glass. Clean the glass thoroughly with clean water. Finally, dry the glass thoroughly with a dry rag. The fire is burning. The insufficient combustion of wood leaves most of the black or dark attachments on the glass. Strong fire combustion can make the glass clean and transparent for a long time and help keep the chimney clean and dry. If there are stubborn attachments, use a scraper to remove them, but be careful to scratch the glass.


In the daily use of the black fireplace, try to place the wood at the rear of the furnace, keep the wood away from the furnace door glass, and prevent the wood from collapsing in the process of combustion and touching the furnace door glass, leaving smoke traces at the contact point.


Furnace cleaning


Wait until the black fireplace is completely cooled (at least 2 hours after the last charcoal is extinguished); Put one on the hearth.


You can use a piece of cloth or cardboard to catch dust and protect the hearth from being scratched; Open the door of the black fireplace and put the ashes into a special metal bucket with a shovel. The bucket must have a tight lid. The covered bucket should be placed on the non-combustible ground, away from flammable, and waiting for final treatment; (Generally speaking, the ash collection box is installed at the bottom of the wood stove, and it is convenient to dump the ash by pulling out the ash collection box). If the ash is buried in the soil or scattered on the spot, it should be allowed to cool completely in the covered container before proceeding. After confirming that the ash is completely extinguished, you can use the special dust collector to clean the remaining ash in the furnace.


What are the key points of fireplace installation?

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Generally, you should determine the installation of a black fireplace according to the house's structure. For the modern fireplace, there are generally two types. One is a simple steel fireplace, which is generally produced in batches by the factory; The other is the traditional European-style brick fireplace, which is handmade by professional and technical workers.


The brick and stone fireplace conforms to the orthodox European style. It has characteristics in appearance and advantages that the cast iron furnace does not have: extremely high internal combustion temperature and safe external wall temperature. A reasonably designed black fireplace construction is relatively complex, so it needs professional and technical personnel to implement it.


When installing a new black fireplace, you need to determine the best installation location according to the internal conditions of the house. The more suitable installation location is the living room. In European culture, the black fireplace is the core of the traditional living room. Its installation position generally has three forms: one is in the middle of the partition wall, and The other is at the foot of the external and internal walls. There must be another fireplace close to the partition wall in the back room of the two types, which share the same flue; The third is to set independently in the prominent position of the hall, and the upper and lower black fireplaces are generally aligned. According to the safety regulations, the black fireplace needs to achieve closed combustion; that is, it has an air inlet and exhaust channel to eliminate indoor pollution.


The installation requirements for cast iron fireplaces are different for each product model. Carefully check the position that needs to be changed before deciding on the product model; you will get twice the result with half the effort. Generally, the simplest installation is to install a smokeless fireplace. It only needs to connect the smoke pipe to the machine through the wall or floor. The chimney of the black fireplace with a smoke exhaust pipe can pass through the external wall and exhaust the exhaust gas to the outside, so the selection of the fireplace location should consider that the chimney of the black fireplace can easily lead to the outside.


The construction of a wood-burning fireplace has special requirements for the installation position and requires a straight chimney. The smoke pipe extends out of the roof and has enough distance from the surrounding buildings, so you should discuss the feasibility with the dealer before the final purchase and installation. You should also consider the storage of fuel. It is best to place the wood-burning fireplace inserts near the garage and attic, where the wood is stored.


Installation matters

1. The black fireplace installed in the room with the most activities can achieve maximum thermal efficiency. If the indoor floor height is high, use the fan to spread the heat slowly to the activity area.

2. To match with the fully automatic tv stand fireplace, you should install the electric socket and wire connection box beside its installation position before the final installation.

3. If it is a duplex residence, if you can place the black fireplace on the turning platform of the stairs, the heat can be directly transmitted to the upper room or the lower room to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

4. The floor where the black fireplace is placed also needs thermal insulation treatment. The requirements vary according to different products. The open wood-burning fireplace needs a wide base to carry sparks and ashes. The problem of flame adjustment should also be considered when setting glass furnace doors.

5. Choose a suitable base. You can ask your dealer to help you. Ceramic, marble, and masonry products are good choices. There will be a series of colors and materials to choose from for different styles of stoves to meet your needs—alcohol fireplace.

6. All black fireplace designs and construction need professional knowledge to ensure safety and efficiency.

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