3-Tier Shoe Rack - What Are the Matching Skills


A shoe rack generally refers to the storage rack used by people to place and store new shoes for easy management and access. 

What collocation skills does the 3-tier shoe rack have?

The 3 -tier shoe rack should be consistent with the style of the living room. The style of selecting shoe racks should be consistent with the home's overall style. Generally speaking, wooden shoe racks are more focused on natural and simple pastoral style, while metal and plastic 3-tier shoe racks are more focused on modern style. The 3-tier shoe rack should be the same colour as the living room. The colour of the shoe rack should be in harmony with the home's overall colour. The colour of the wooden frame is generally light, the colour of the metal frame is dark, and the colour of the plastic frame has a variety of choices. And choose according to the number of shoes.

There are many sizes of 3-tier shoe racks, and friends with many shoes can choose a slightly larger shoe rack, while friends with fewer shoes can choose a smaller shoe rack. Select according to different materials. Because you cannot place plastic and wooden shoe racks in direct sunlight, they are prone to ageing and cracking. Therefore, if the shoe rack is placed in outdoor areas such as the balcony, it is recommended to choose a metal 3-tier shoe rack for longer service life. If it is indoors, you can choose a plastic shoe rack or a wooden shoe rack. Check out the practicality of the 3-tier shoe rack. According to the demand, choose a shoe rack of the appropriate size to achieve the maximum utilization rate of the shoe rack, and avoid space waste caused by large lattices and small storage objects. See the load-bearing capacity of the 3-tier shoe rack.

stackable shoe rack

Check whether the 3-tier shoe rack laminates are deformed by stacking heavy objects. If the laminate is uneven, it indicates a quality problem. Also, check the stability of the shelf. Push it by hand to see if the cabinet is easy to shake. If it is easy to shake, it indicates that the structural design of the shoe rack is unreasonable, and it is easy to have potential safety hazards after purchase. Generally, metal 3-tier shoe racks are more stable than wood and bamboo 3-tier ones. If you want to store heavy or expensive things, it is recommended to buy metal shoe racks.

The plain colour porch has 3-tier shoe racks. The elevated design of the porch shoe rack allows shoes to find a good place below. This porch shoe rack design is convenient and practical. A bunch of bright fake flowers well decorated the monotony of the porch shoe rack. The dark porch shoe rack is well matched with the decoration style. Put a little decorative bouquet on the porch shoe rack, and the whole picture becomes quite artistic. The black porch shoe rack has a fashionable cool feeling, while the addition of log colour has a natural sense and texture of natural elements. This porch 3-tier shoe rack looks simple in design, but it is quite meaningful.

The 3-tier shoe rack is placed at the entrance and exit of the hallway, and a full-body mirror or half-body mirror is installed to make it convenient to tidy up before going out, and a clean appearance can also leave a good impression on others. The hook is combined with the aluminium shoe cabinet in the hallway. After coming home from the weather, you can hang your coat in the hallway, and you can also hang your key bag, which is not easy to lose but also looks neat. Secondly, it is extremely inconvenient for many people to stand and change shoes, especially when there are elderly, children, and other people wearing complex shoes, the stool in the shoe changing area becomes a necessity.

Buying a good-looking shoe-changing stool is both practical and decorative. If you think the shoe-changing stool takes up too much space, you can combine the seat with the aluminium cabinet to save space and make it cleaner. The beautiful shoe rack itself is beautiful scenery in the home. As the first place to see when entering the door, adding a little decoration will give you a sense of delicacy, make the home more colourful and beautiful, and reflect the owner's taste.

modern shoe rack

How do you match the coat and shoe rack?

If it is only used as a shoe rack against the wall, you can make it as high as you want. Of course, storage is the most important. If it is also used as a porch cabinet, decorations should be placed on the countertop of the cabinet, which is generally between 1300 and 900 high. It is not good to look high or low. If it is also used as a shoe stool, it is generally below 500, so it is most convenient to wear shoes while sitting. The 3-tier shoe rack is usually 360 deep. If it is a flap door, you can adjust the rack's depth according to the flap's different hardware.

Now the new fashion shoe rack can "hang up" the shoes to save space and make high class, clean and beautiful. Now let's focus on the shoe rack for the wall and the shoe rack on the door.

The design of the shoe rack on the door is a part of the space above the entrance door, which can be used as a locker. Usually, the space between the entrance door and the roof is used as a cabinet. Generally, the indoor floor height is about 2.6-2.8 meters, and the door height is about 2.1 meters, which can be used to build a 40-70 cm high cabinet. Another way is to make a cabinet on the interior door of the entrance door and make the interior door into a thin storage shoe rack to place shoes. The best thing is to make a 3-tier shoe rack. 2 tier shoe racks are not enough.4-tier shoe racks are too high for some families. The specific practice is that the interior door of the entrance door is made into a locker with a thickness of at least 15 cm. The thickness is determined according to the thickness of the door pocket inside the entrance door. The thicker the door pocket is, the more storage space is. The door pocket should be fixed firmly, considering the load bearing. The door hinge is a load-bearing hinge. The disadvantage is that the door is thick, so when it is opened and closed, it takes up the space of the door opening or the space beside the door. If the door opening space is occupied, it will affect the entry and exit of large items in the home and the convenience of entry and exit.

Especially for the narrow entrance door, the width of the cabinet is less than 90 cm, and the cabinet occupies more than 10 cm. The remaining 70 cm is inconvenient to enter and exit. The first method is feasible, but the actual use is not very convenient. The height is high, and the shoes are placed on the top of the head. The geomancy is not good. The second method is also feasible, but many disadvantages affect the convenience of entering the home. It should be determined according to the site conditions. In terms of convenience in practical use, these two methods are rare.

The 3-tier shoe rack hanging on the wall is small, practical, beautiful, convenient and does not take up space. It is highly practical. It is easy to store shoes at the entrance of the porch or in the bathroom. It is convenient to store a pair of shoes. It can be equipped with a provincial three-dimensional shoe rack, which is more practical and convenient. Hang it on the wall, and make a 3-tier shoe rack on the wall. Like a closet, it is waist-high for adults. It is easy to put it up. It is installed at the door, and it is not easy to dirty the floor. It prevents the 3-tier shoe rack from getting damp due to dragging the floor and other reasons.

shoe rack store

Some people choose open spaces shoe racks to match their rooms. In this kind of open space, 3-tier shoe rack is small in size, and many working families have small living areas, especially some old-style unit houses. These families might as well choose the open spaces 3-tier shoe rack. Although its volume is only 1/2 of that of the traditional shoe cabinet, the clever slide rod design increases the capacity of the shoe cabinet. Or the door of the shoe cabinet can be designed as a sliding door, and the thickness of the shoe cabinet should not be too large, so it is appropriate to store 10 pairs of shoes. With multiple functions, the shoe cabinet should not only play the role of "shelter". The appearance of some shoe cabinets is made of mirror veneer, which is convenient for dressing before going out; The shoe cabinet with a small stool is convenient for the family to put on and take off shoes without taking up space; The porch shoe cabinet can not only put shoes but also put umbrellas, keys and other intimate functions.

A closed shoe rack not only isolates dust, is beautiful and generous, and can also cover the indecency of exposed shoes. If it is placed on the porch, it can not only be collected but also has the function of isolation. If there are not many people, the top partition can also place other objects. It is better to distinguish the interior of the 3-tier shoe rack by family members, which can be divided into male, female, child and other areas. You can also use it to distinguish between common and less common areas and set the internal partition according to the size of the shoes. You can use the shoe cabinet hanging on the wall for smaller houses. The large house can be equipped with double doors, storey height and fully functional shoe cabinets, and separately equipped with shoe stools and accessories. You can choose a higher shoe cabinet if the house is more than 2.7 meters high. The closed 3-tier shoes rack better uses a shutter door to prevent odour. In addition, each compartment in the cabinet should not be nailed down, and multiple heights should be reserved, free and flexible.

Of course, some people choose to use coats and shoe racks,shoe rack with covers and other types to match their homes. We all know that the integrated coat hanger and 3-tier shoe rack design bring great convenience. For example, the two sides can be used as the wardrobe if it is designed in the cloakroom. It is divided into two layers, which can double the clothes' capacity so that you can display the whole family's clothes on the hanger, and the shoe rack is in the middle of the hangers on both sides. The integrated structure of the coat hanger and shoe hanger is relatively simple. The top layer is designed flatly, the middle layer is the coat hanger, the lower layer is the shoe hanger, and a drawer is added between the shoe hanger and the coat hanger, which is simple and layered.

What is the role of the shoe rack?

Its main use is to display idle shoes, at any time the progress of society and the improvement of human living standards, from the early wooden shoe frame evolved into the shoe frame of various styles. Shoe rack not only has store content function still has a lot of other functions,

A 3-tier shoe rack is a common piece of furniture used to place shoes. Consumers love 3-tier shoe racks because of their good storage function and practicality. People can choose the best shoe rack in daily life according to the above skills.

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