• Furniture Restoration—repair your furniture

    Furniture Restoration—repair your furniture

    What is furniture restoration?  Furniture restoration is mainly aimed at repairing and handling some damage to the furniture structure or topcoat. These repairs include damage to various parts of furniture classified as solid wood furniture restoration, outdoor hardware furniture restoration, panel furniture restoration, soft furniture restoration, antique furniture restoration, bamboo woven furniture restoration, metal furniture restoration, and steel wood furniture restoration.  Some tips for...
  • Today's young people are under tremendous pressure to work | NACHES

    Today's young people are under tremendous pressure to work

    With the rapid development of society, young people's requirements for material life are getting higher and higher. Still, young people have just entered the culture, and the pressure they can bear is not what ordinary people can take. The stress at work is something that many people can't imagine. The office has almost become the most critical area of their day. Therefore, a comfortable...
  • How to choose the right dining chair | NACHES

    How to choose the right dining chair

      The dining area is the most used place for eating, relaxing, studying, doing housework and so on. Because of this, it is particularly important to choose a dining chair that can keep you in a good mood without feeling bored. Here is a brief introduction of how to choose a suitable dining chair. Pay attention to the actual use of the dining chair. The...
  • How to keep your velvet furniture fresh as a new one | NACHES

    How to keep your velvet furniture fresh as a new one

    Three ways to clean a velvet chair as a new one. Go and check our blog!
  • Best Boucle Chair for you

    Best Boucle Chair for you

    What is a boucle chair? The name "bouclé" comes from the French word curly or circular. Boucle chairs are usually made of wool but can also be made of silk, linen, and cotton. Boucle is a high-quality imitation lambskin-like cotton grain not affected by the sun. It is strongly recommended if you have a high-rise french window at home. Its thick appearance and uneven...
  • The Charm of the Black Fireplace | NACHES

    The Charm of the Black Fireplace

      What is the fireplace?   The fireplace is a fire heating equipment built against the wall indoors. The fireplace has a decorative function and considerable practical value and is highly popular in northern Europe. The culture of different countries can be divided into Finnish style, Russian style, American style fireplace, British style fireplace, French style fireplace, Spanish style, and so on. The basic...
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