• The Charm of the Black Fireplace | NACHES

    The Charm of the Black Fireplace

      What is the fireplace?   The fireplace is a fire heating equipment built against the wall indoors. The fireplace has a decorative function and considerable practical value and is highly popular in northern Europe. The culture of different countries can be divided into Finnish style, Russian style, American style fireplace, British style fireplace, French style fireplace, Spanish style, and so on. The basic...
  • Modern Bar Cabinet-- Suit Your Preferences | NACHES

    Modern Bar Cabinet-- Suit Your Preferences

      What is the bar cabinet?   The bar cabinet is the working area where businesses provide drinks and other services to customers. The bar cabinet is the core part of the bar, originally originating from places with the word "bar," such as bars and Internet cafes, representing these places' general service desk (cashier). It is also used to refer to the general service...
  • Floor beds release your stress | NACHES

    Floor beds release your stress

      What is a bed?   Beds are generally used in bedrooms, dormitories, wards, hotels, and other places and are necessary for daily human sleep. Some are equipped with timed bed warming, weight recording monitoring, bed sheet fixation, sleep monitoring, etc., and the design tends to be intelligent. In the old days, wood was usually used as a material, which was solid and practical....
  • Best bookshelf desk for you | NACHES

    Best bookshelf desk for you

    What is a desk? The desk is a kind of commonly used furniture mostly made of wood. There is a plane above and a pillar below. You can put things, do things, eat, write and work on them. It is the furniture fixed by plates, legs and other supports. To meet the needs of the public, the types of tables are diverse. Standing desks...
  • Rattan Daybed-- Relieve Your Exhaustion | NACHES

    Rattan Daybed-- Relieve Your Exhaustion

      What is a daybed sofa? A sofa bed is a piece of furniture that can be used as a sofa and a bed. Modern living room layout advocates simplicity. Multifunctional furniture has become a popular choice, and sofa bed is one of them. In a small family room, a sofa bed is necessary to meet the needs of occasional visitors. For example, a...
  • Velvet Sectional Sofa—relax Yourself | NACHES

    Velvet Sectional Sofa—relax Yourself

    What is a sectional sofa? A modern sectional sofa is a multi-seat chair with cushions. The armchair with spring or thick foam plastic is a kind of soft furniture with armrests on both sides. For example, Velvet sectional sofas, reclining sectional sofas, and sleeper sectional sofas. What's the classification of the sofa? 1. Chinese sofa It emphasizes that it is warm in winter and cool...
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